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Temperature Treatment of Full-Fat Soybean on Starch Gelatinization and Egg Production

Author(s): R. Yanez Fabian | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | I.J. Ruiz Garcia
Effects of Processing on Seeds of Albizzia lebbeck: Proximate Analysis and Phytochemical Screening

Author(s): E.P. Anwa | J. Auta | S.A. Abdullahi | P.I. Bolorunduro
Immune Defence Factors In Human Milk

Author(s): Kumar Sanjeev | Nath L M | Reddiah V P
Cytokine activation is predictive of mortality in Zambian patients with AIDS-related diarrhoea

Author(s): Zulu Isaac | Hassan Ghaniah | Njobvu RN Lungowe | Dhaliwal Winnie | Sianongo Sandie | Kelly Paul
Factors associated with mortality in HIV-infected and uninfected patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Mugusi Ferdinand | Mehta Saurabh | Villamor Eduardo | Urassa Willy | Saathoff Elmar | Bosch Ronald | Fawzi Wafaie
Assessment of welfare in pigs

Author(s): Rosanna Scipioni | Giovanna Martelli | Luisa Antonella Volpelli
Alpha-tocopherol transfer protein disruption confers resistance to malarial infection in mice

Author(s): Herbas Maria | Ueta Yoshiko | Ichikawa Chie | Chiba Mayumi | Ishibashi Kana | Shichiri Mototada | Fukumoto Shinya | Yokoyama Naoaki | Takeya Motohiro | Xuan Xuenan | Arai Hiroyuki | Suzuki Hiroshi
Adansonia digitata L.: A review of traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology

Author(s): De Caluwé, Emmy | Halamová, Kateřina | Van Damme, Patrick
Tamarindus indica L.: A review of traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology

Author(s): De Caluwé, Emmy | Halamová, Kateřina | Van Damme, Patrick
Transcriptional responses in Honey Bee larvae infected with chalkbrood fungus

Author(s): Aronstein Katherine | Murray Keith | Saldivar Eduardo
Nutrigenomics Therapy of Hepatisis C Virus Induced-hepatosteatosis

Author(s): Liu Qing | Bengmark Stig | Qu Shen
Neuroprotective Herbs and Foods from Different Traditional Medicines and Diets

Author(s): Marcello Iriti | Sara Vitalini | Gelsomina Fico | Franco Faoro
Some Anti-Nutritional and Mineral Contents of Extra – Cotyledonous Deposit of Pride of Barbados (Caesalpina pulcherrima)

Author(s): T.P. Prohp | I.G. Ihimire | A.O. Madusha | H.O. Okpala | J.O. Erebor | C.A. Oyinbo
Nutritional Components of Some Non-Conventional Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Cameroon

Author(s): Richard Aba Ejoh | Djuikwo Viviane Nkonga | Gouado Inocent | Mbofung Carl Moses
Effect of Fermentation and Particle Size of Wheat Bran on the Antinutritional Factors and Bread Quality

Author(s): Eiman G. Hassan | Amir M. Awad Alkareem | Abdel Moniem I. Mustafa
Association of Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Serum Albumin in Patients on Hemodialysis

Author(s): Mojgan Jalalzadeh | Hamid Reza Saber | Jamshid Vafaeimanesh | Fatemeh Mirzamohammadi | Kianoosh Falaknazi
Cherry Antioxidants: From Farm to Table

Author(s): Gianna Ferretti | Tiziana Bacchetti | Alberto Belleggia | Davide Neri
Vitamins D, C, and E in the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus: modulation of inflammation and oxidative stress

Author(s): Bibiana Garcia-Bailo | Ahmed El-Sohemy | Pierre S Haddad | et al
Effect of Environmental Changes on Phytic Acid Content of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Author(s): Talat Mahmood | Tabassum Hameed | Nouman Rashid Siddiqui | Amir Mumtaz | Naeem Safdar | Tariq Masud
Effect of Processing on Energy Values, Nutrient and Anti-nutrient Components of Wild Cocoyam [Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott] Corm

Author(s): R. Olajide | A.O. Akinsoyinu | O.J. Babayemi | A.B. Omojola | A.O. Abu | K.D. Afolabi
Immunological consequences of intermittent preventive treatment against malaria in Senegalese preschool children

Author(s): Boulanger Denis | Sarr Jean | Fillol Florie | Sokhna Cheikh | Cisse Badara | Schacht Anne-Marie | Trape Jean-François | Riveau Gilles | Simondon François | Greenwood Brian | Remoué Franck
Some nutritional and anti-nutritional factors of ZP soya bean varieties

Author(s): Dragičević Vesna D. | Perić Vesna A. | Srebrić Mirjana B. | Žilić Slađana M. | Mladenović-Drinić Snežana D.
Improvement of lupin seed valorisation by the pig with the addition of alpha-galactosidase in the feed and the choice of a suited variety

Author(s): Froidmont E. | Wathelet B. | Beckers Y. | Romnée JM. | Dehareng F. | Wavreille J. | Schoeling O. | Decauwert V. | Bartiaux-Thill N.
Prevention of urological cancer

Author(s): Ansari M
A comparative study on the adverse effects of two anti-tuberculosis drugs regimen in initial two-month treatment period

Author(s): Begum Lutfun Nahar, A.K.M. Mosharrof Hossain, M. Monirul Islam and Dipti Rani Saha
Effects of Steam Conditioning and Extrusion Temperature on Some Anti-nutritional

Author(s): Purushotham | Radhakrishna, P.M | Sherigara, B.S
False positives for tannin sorghum in non-tannin sorghum using the bleach test

Author(s): J Awika | CM McDonough | LW Rooney | RD Waniska
Effect of HIV-1-related protein expression on cardiac and skeletal muscles from transgenic rats

Author(s): Otis Jeffrey | Ashikhmin Yaroslav | Brown Lou | Guidot David
Environmental determinants of total IgE among school children living in the rural Tropics: importance of geohelminth infections and effect of anthelmintic treatment

Author(s): Cooper Philip | Alexander Neal | Moncayo Ana-Lucia | Benitez Susana | Chico Martha | Vaca Maritza | Griffin George
Olive oil in clinical nutrition

Author(s): Mangas-Cruz, M. A. | Martínez-Brocca, M. | Ortiz-Leyba, C. | Garnacho-Montero, J. | Pereira Cunill, J. L. | García-Luna, Pedro Pablo
The Effect of Raw Soybean on Oxidative Status of Digestive Organs in Mice

Author(s): Chunmei Gu | Hongsheng Qu | Lingling Han | Xinxiu Song | Linlin Zhao | Wenfa Lu
Nutritional Status and School Achievements in a Rural Area of Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Author(s): Mohamed El Hioui | Fatima-Zahra Azzaoui | Ahmed Omar Touhami Ahami | Youssef Aboussaleh
Is there a danger for myopia in anti-doping education? Comparative analysis of substance use and misuse in Olympic racket sports calls for a broader approach

Author(s): Kondric Miran | Sekulic Damir | Petroczi Andrea | Ostojic Ljerka | Rodek Jelena | Ostojic Zdenko
Nutritive and Anti-nutritive Qualities of Mostly Preferred Edible Woody Plants in Selected Drylands of Iringa District, Tanzania

Author(s): Tairo Vendeline Emmanuel | Jesse T. Njoka | Lukhoba W. Catherine | Herbert V.M. Lyaruu
Comparative Determination of Antinutritional Factors in Groundnut Oil and Palm Oil

Author(s): H.M. Inuwa | V.O. Aina | Baba Gabi | I. Aimola | Amao Toyi
Chemical Analysis of Tacca leontopetaloides Peels

Author(s): S.T. Ubwa | B.A. Anhwange | J.T. Chia
Solid state fermentation of Jatropha curcas kernel cake with cocktail of fungi.

Author(s): Moshood Adewale Belewu, Olademeji Ahmed, Sherifat Omotayo Ibrahim.
Proximate, Minerals and Anti-nutritional Factors of Gardenia aqualla (Gauden dutse) Fruit Pulp

Author(s): A. Muhammad | S.M. Dangoggo | A.I. Tsafe | A.U. Itodo | F.A. Atiku
Studies on Scorpion (Androctonus australis): Nutritional and Anti-nutritional Factors

Author(s): F.O. Abulude | M.O. Ogunkoya | E.E. Esiet | B.O. Kayode | J.O. Oni

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