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Anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects of Evodia rutaecarpa (Wuzhuyu) and its major bioactive components

Author(s): Liao Jyh-Fei | Chiou Wen-Fei | Shen Yuh-Chiang | Wang Guei-Jane | Chen Chieh-Fu
Inhibitory Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Pancreatic Lipase

Author(s): A. Gholamhoseinian | B. Shahouzehi | F. Sharifi-far
Are drugs necessary in obesity treatment?

Author(s): Ivković-Lazar Tatjana A. | Stokić Edita J. | Lepšanović Lazar
New and improved strategies for the treatment of gout

Author(s): Natalie Dubchak | Gerald F Falasca
Serum C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Target for Therapy or Trouble?

Author(s): Virginia B. Kraus | Joanne M. Jordan
Assessing Sub-saharian Erythrina for Efficacy: Traditional uses, Biological Activities and Phytochemistry

Author(s): Witabouna Mamidou Kone | Kakou-Ngazoa E. Solange | Mireille Dosso
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