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Update on Secondary Stroke Prevention

Author(s): Howard S Kirshner
Modern role for clopidogrel in management of atrial fibrillation and stroke reduction

Author(s): Lars Maegdefessel | Junya Azuma | Philip S Tsao
Abciximab: a reappraisal of its use in coronary care

Author(s): Marco Valgimigli | Gianluca Campo | Matteo Tebaldi | Roberto Carletti | Chiara Arcozzi | et al
Clinical importance of aspirin and clopidogrel resistance

Author(s): Gergely Feher | Andrea Feher | Gabriella Pusch | Katalin Koltai | Antal Tibold | Beata Gasztonyi | Elod Papp | Laszlo Szapary | Gabor Kesmarky | Kalman Toth
Alternatives to clopidogrel for acute coronary syndromes: Prasugrel or ticagrelor?

Author(s): Giuseppe Biondi-Zoccai | Marzia Lotrionte | Fiorenzo Gaita
Blunt cerebrovascular injuries

Author(s): Cothren C. Clay | Moore Ernest E.
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in elective percutaneous coronary intervention

Author(s): ten Berg Jurriën | Plokker HW | Verheugt Freek
OTC analgesics and drug interactions: clinical implications

Author(s): Fendrick A Mark | Pan Deborah | Johnson Grace

Author(s): Shuai Mu | Miao Yang | Deng-Ke Liu | Chang-Xiao Liu
Antiplatelet agents and proton pump inhibitors – personalizing treatment

Author(s): Eugene Lin | Rajiv Padmanabhan | Majaz Moonis
Novel antiplatelet agents in the prevention of cardiovascular complications – focus on ticagrelor

Author(s): Margaret M Marczewski | Marek Postula | Dariusz Kosior
Current Concepts on Antiplatelet Therapy: Focus on the Novel Thienopyridine and Non-Thienopyridine Agents

Author(s): L. Testa | G. G. L. Biondi Zoccai | M. Valgimigli | R. A. Latini | S. Pizzocri | S. Lanotte | M. L. Laudisa | N. Brambilla | M. R. Ward | G. A. Figtree | F. Bedogni | R. Bhindi
Management Options in Chronic Stable Angina Pectoris: Focus on Ranolazine

Author(s): David S. Vadnais | Nanette K. Wenger
Antiplatelet drugs and the perioperative period: What every urologist needs to know

Author(s): Vasudeva Pawan | Goel Apul | Sengottayan Vengetesh | Sankhwar Satyanarayan | Dalela Divakar
Phytochemical Assay and Antiplatelet Activity of Fractions of Velvet Bean Seeds (Mucuna pruriens L.)

Evaluation of a BED-SIDE Platelet Function Assay : Performance and Clinical Utility.

Author(s): Lau Wei | Walker C | Obilby D | Wash Mark | Carville David | Guyer Kirk | Bates Eric
Soluble P-selection in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Author(s): H. Raslan | Hanaa Rasmy
Antiplatelet therapy in acute coronary syndromes: current agents and impact on patient outcomes

Author(s): Hussam M Tayeb | Adam J Nelson | Scott R Willoughby | et al
Clinicoradiological features of recurrent ischemic stroke: healthcare for poststroke patients

Author(s): Takehisa Hirayama | Yoshikazu Nakamura | Yasuhiro Yoshii | et al
Use of anticoagulants in elderly patients: practical recommendations

Author(s): Helia Robert-Ebadi | Grégoire Le Gal | Marc Righini
The impact of antiplatelet therapy on pelvic fracture outcomes

Author(s): Christy Jonathan | Stawicki S | Jarvis Amy | Evans David | Gerlach Anthony | Lindsey David | Rhoades Peggy | Whitmill Melissa | Steinberg Steven | Phieffer Laura | Cook Charles
Randomized clinical trial comparing percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale (PFO) using the Amplatzer PFO Occluder with medical treatment in patients with cryptogenic embolism (PC-Trial): rationale and design

Author(s): Khattab Ahmed | Windecker Stephan | Jüni Peter | Hildick-Smith David | Dudek Dariusz | Andersen Henning | Ibrahim Reda | Schuler Gerhard | Walton Antony | Wahl Andreas | Mattle Heinrich | Meier Bernhard
A randomised controlled trial to evaluate and optimize the use of antiplatelet agents in the perioperative management in patients undergoing general and abdominal surgery- the APAP trial (ISRCTN45810007)

Author(s): Antolovic Dalibor | Reissfelder Christoph | Rakow Anastasia | Contin Pietro | Rahbari Nuh | Büchler Markus | Weitz Jürgen | Koch Moritz
Increased blood product use among coronary artery bypass patients prescribed preoperative aspirin and clopidogrel

Author(s): Ray Joel | Deniz Stacy | Olivieri Anthony | Pollex Erika | Vermeulen Marian | Alexander Kurian | Cain David | Cybulsky Irene | Hamielec Cindy
The role of neuroimaging in acute stroke

Author(s): Dhamija Rajinder | Donnan Geoffrey
The Antiplatelet Journey Thus Far: Focus On New Oral P2Y12-Inhibitors

Author(s): Steen Dalby Kristensen | Erik Lerkevang Grove | Morten Würtz
Evolving role of platelet function testing in coronary artery interventions

Author(s): Sharma RK | Voelker DJ | Sharma R | Reddy HK | Dod H | Marsh JD
High-dose clopidogrel, prasugrel or ticagrelor: trying to unravel a skein into a ball

Author(s): Alessandro Aprile | Raffaella Marzullo | Giuseppe Biondi Zoccai | Maria Grazia Modena
Carotid Artery Stenting, Endarterectomy, or Medical Treatment Alone: The Debate Is Not Over

Author(s): Seyed Ebrahim Kassaian | Hamidreza Goodarzynejad
Percutaneous treatment in acute coronary syndromes

Author(s): Eduardo Alegría-Barrero | Raul Moreno
Characteristics and outcomes of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding after therapeutic endoscopy in the elderly

Author(s): Phunchai Charatcharoenwitthaya | Nonthalee Pausawasdi | Nuttiya Laosanguaneak | Jakkrapan Bubthamala | Tawesak Tanwandee | Somchai Leelakusolvong
Management of blunt extracranial traumatic cerebrovascular injury: a multidisciplinary survey of current practice

Author(s): Harrigan Mark | Weinberg Jordan | Peaks Ya-Sin | Taylor Steven | Cava Luis | Richman Joshua | Walters Beverly
Oral antiplatelet therapy in diabetes mellitus and the role of prasugrel: an overview

Author(s): Hillegass WB | Brott BC | Dobbs JC | Papapietro SE | Misra VK | Zoghbi GJ
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