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Depression and anxiety as major determinants of neck pain: a cross-sectional study in general practice

Author(s): Blozik Eva | Laptinskaya Daria | Herrmann-Lingen Christoph | Schaefer Helene | Kochen Michael | Himmel Wolfgang | Scherer Martin
Características de ansiedad y depresión en estudiantes universitarios

Author(s): Diana María Agudelo Vélez | Claudia Patricia Casadiegos Garzón | Diana Lucía Sánchez Ortíz
Suicide risk in depression and bipolar disorder: Do impulsiveness-aggressiveness and pharmacotherapy predict suicidal intent?

Author(s): Maurizio Pompili | Marco Innamorati | Michele Raja | Ilaria Falcone | Giuseppe Ducci | et al
Attachment and Psychopathology

Author(s): Sermin Kesebir | Semine Ozdogan Kavzoglu | Mehmet Fatih Ustundag
Differing mental health practice among general practitioners, private psychiatrists and public psychiatrists

Author(s): Younès N | Hardy-Bayle MC | Falissard B | Kovess V | Chaillet MP | Gasquet I
Do defense mechanisms vary according to the psychiatric disorder?

Author(s): Blaya Carolina | Dornelles Marina | Blaya Rodrigo | Kipper Letícia | Heldt Elizeth | Isolan Luciano | Bond Michael | Manfro Gisele Gus
Autonomic nervous system and lipid metabolism: findings in anxious-depressive spectrum and eating disorders

Author(s): Pistorio Elisabetta | Luca Maria | Luca Antonina | Messina Vincenzo | Calandra Carmela
Effects of early life trauma are dependent on genetic predisposition: a rat study

Author(s): Sterley Toni-Lee | Howells Fleur | Russell Vivienne
Is the beck anxiety inventory a good tool to assess the severity of anxiety? A primary care study in The Netherlands study of depression and anxiety (NESDA)

Author(s): Muntingh Anna | van der Feltz-Cornelis Christina | van Marwijk Harm | Spinhoven Philip | Penninx Brenda | van Balkom Anton
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