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Gene expression patterns in human blood cells exposed to common flu-like viruses and arenavirus

Author(s): Zapata JC | Mayda M | Hammanieh R | Mani S | Djavani M | Das R | Lukashevich I | Moshkoff D | Carrion R | Jett M | Salvato M
Lassa fever in West African sub-region: an overview

Author(s): O. Ogbu | E. Ajuluchukwu | C.J. Uneke
Protein sequence database for pathogenic arenaviruses

Author(s): Bui Huynh-Hoa | Botten Jason | Fusseder Nicolas | Pasquetto Valerie | Mothe Bianca | Buchmeier Michael | Sette Alessandro
Polyfunctional CD4+ T cell responses to a set of pathogenic arenaviruses provide broad population coverage

Author(s): Kotturi Maya | Botten Jason | Maybeno Matt | Sidney John | Glenn Jean | Bui Huynh-Hoa | Oseroff Carla | Crotty Shane | Peters Bjoern | Grey Howard | Altmann Daniel | Buchmeier Michael | Sette Alessandro
Expression and Purification of Z Protein from Junín Virus

Author(s): S. E. Goñi | C. S. Borio | F. B. Romano | R. P. Rota | M. G. Pilloff | J. A. Iserte | M. A. Tortorici | B. I. Stephan | M. F. Bilen | P. D. Ghiringhelli | M. E. Lozano
Assessing changes in vascular permeability in a hamster model of viral hemorrhagic fever

Author(s): Gowen Brian | Julander Justin | London Nyall | Wong Min-Hui | Larson Deanna | Morrey John | Li Dean | Bray Mike
Inhibition of the Type I Interferon Antiviral Response During Arenavirus Infection

Author(s): Persephone Borrow | Luis Martínez-Sobrido | Juan Carlos de la Torre
Stampidine prevents mortality in an experimental mouse model of viral hemorrhagic fever caused by lassa virus

Author(s): Uckun Fatih | Petkevich Alexander | Vassilev Alexei | Tibbles Heather | Titov Leonid
Envelope Exchange for the Generation of Live-Attenuated Arenavirus Vaccines.

Author(s): Bergthaler | Gerber | Merkler | Horvath | de la Torre | Pinschewer
The Curious Case of Arenavirus Entry, and Its Inhibition

Author(s): Jack H. Nunberg | Joanne York
Fiebres hemorrágicas por Arenavirus en Latinoamérica

Author(s): Ella Soto | Salim Mattar

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