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Multiplication Operation on Fuzzy Numbers

Author(s): Shang Gao | Zaiyue Zhang | Cungen Cao
Heuristics and representational change in two-move matchstick arithmetic tasks

Author(s): Michael Öllinger | Gary Jones | Günther Knoblich
Development and content validity of the Brazilian Brief Neuropsychological Assessment Battery Neupsilin

Author(s): Rochele Paz Fonseca, Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles and Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente
A Bit-Serial Multiplier Architecture for Finite Fields Over Galois Fields

Author(s): Hero Modares | Yasser Salem | Rosli Salleh | Majid T. Shahgoli
Assessing Algebraic Solving Ability Of Form Four Students

Author(s): Lim Hooi Lian | Noraini Idris
Algorithm for XML Compression using DTD and Stack

Author(s): G. M. Tere | B. T. Jadhav
DNA Microarray Data Analysis: A Novel Biclustering Algorithm Approach

Author(s): Tchagang Alain B | Tewfik Ahmed H
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