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Metastatic Deposit In The Skull

Author(s): Kai-hung Fung
Metastatic Deposit In The Skull

Author(s): Kai-hung Fung

Author(s): Syed Mohd. Bakar
Optical Coherence Tomography for Artwork Diagnostics

Author(s): Piotr Targowski | Michalina Góra | Maciej Wojtkowski
Model system development and uncertainty for the provisionary management of extreme floods in large river basins

Author(s): K.-E. Lindenschmidt | K. Fleischbein | T. Petrow | S. Vorogushyn | S. Theobald | B. Merz
Internet Art and the Archive

Author(s): Karin Wagner
An inaudible dialogue

Author(s): O'Riley, Tim
Fully-Non-Contact Masking-Based Holography Inspection on Dimensionally Responsive Artwork Materials

Author(s): Vivi Tornari | Eirini Bernikola | Austin Nevin | Eleni Kouloumpi | Michalis Doulgeridis | Costas Fotakis
The Schopenhauer-Galaxy

Author(s): Beat Wyss
Digital Images Inpainting using Modified Convolution Based Method

Author(s): Mohiy M. Hadhoud | Kamel. A. Moustafa | Sameh. Z. Shenoda
Hosting the animal: the art of Kathy High

Author(s): Irina Aristarkhova
Characterization of Laser Cleaning of Artworks

Author(s): Jan Marczak | Andrzej Koss | Piotr Targowski | Michalina Góra | Marek Strzelec | Antoni Sarzyński | Wojciech Skrzeczanowski | Roman Ostrowski | Antoni Rycyk

Author(s): Maja Strgar Kurečić | Darko Agić | Lidija Mandić
Big Books: Constructing a Four Foot Springback

Author(s): Matthews, Charlene
Comparative Laser Spectroscopy Diagnostics for Ancient Metallic Artefacts Exposed to Environmental Pollution

Author(s): Łukasz Ciupiński | Elżbieta Fortuna-Zaleśna | Halina Garbacz | Andrzej Koss | Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski | Jan Marczak | Janusz Mróz | Tomasz Onyszczuk | Antoni Rycyk | Antoni Sarzyński | Wojciech Skrzeczanowski | Marek Strzelec | Anna Zatorska | Grażyna Z. Żukowska
Out of Our Heads! Four perspectives on the curation of an on-line exhibition of medically themed artwork by UK medical undergraduates

Author(s): Trevor Thompson | Danny van de Klee | Catherine Lamont-Robinson | Will Duffin
That Unforgettable Day--The Great Tokyo Air Raid through Drawings あの日を忘れない・描かれた東京大空襲

Author(s): Sumida Local Culture Resource Center (墨田郷土文化資料館) | Bret Fisk
Intelligent Quality Management Expert System Using PA-AKD in large Databases

Author(s): K. Naveen Kumar | K. Srikanth, | A. Harish | N. Ashok Kumar | J. Anitha
GFP Bunny: a coelhinha transgênica

Author(s): Eduardo Kac
Seventh Lagoon: The Ring of Water

Author(s): Helen Mayer Harrison | Newton Harrison
Spectroscopic Techniques Applied to the Study of Italian Painted Neolithic Potteries

Author(s): Lucia Angeli | Claudio Arias | Gabriele Cristoforetti | Cristina Fabbri | Stefano Legnaioli | Vincenzo Palleschi | Giovanna Radi | Azenio Salvetti | Elisabetta Tognoni
Characterization of Laser-Generated Microparticles by Means of a Dust Monitor and SEM Imaging

Author(s): Roland Wurster | Simone Pentzien | Andrea Conradi | Jörg Krüger
A Portable Micro-Fading Spectrometer for Versatile Lightfastness Testing

Author(s): Andrew Lerwill | Joyce H. Townsend | Haida Liang | Jacob Thomas | Stephen Hackney
Optical Coherence Tomography for Artwork Diagnostics

Author(s): Piotr Targowski | Michalina Góra | Maciej Wojtkowski
The Schopenhauer-Galaxy

Author(s): Beat Wyss
Space and time in artwork

Author(s): Lubov A. Barash
Stress Analysis in Glass Artwork

Author(s): João M. P. Coelho | Catarina Silva | Teresa Almeida
Attitude that Matters

Author(s): Tiina Purhonen
Rainer Ganahl's S/L.

Author(s): Františka+Tim Gilman
Attitude that Matters

Author(s): Tiina Purhonen
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