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Clinical trial to assess the effect of physical exercise on endothelial function and insulin resistance in pregnant women

Author(s): Ramírez-Vélez Robinson | Aguilar Ana | Mosquera Mildrey | Garcia Ronald | Reyes Laura | López-Jaramillo Patricio
Power Minimization Algorithm in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Based on PSO

Author(s): Zeyad M. Alfawaer | Gui Wei Hua | Maan Younis Abdullah | I. Dioubate Mamady

Author(s): A.Arab Khazael, | M.Nasirzadeh
Automated group assignment in large phylogenetic trees using GRUNT: GRouping, Ungrouping, Naming Tool

Author(s): Dalevi Daniel | DeSantis Todd | Fredslund Jakob | Andersen Gary | Markowitz Victor | Hugenholtz Philip
Sonet Network Design Problems

Author(s): Marie Pelleau | Pascal Van Hentenryck | Charlotte Truchet
Robust Crane Control

Author(s): Marek Hičár | Juraj Ritók

Author(s): R. L. UJJWAL, | Dr C. S. RAI, | Prof. NUPUR PRAKASH
Area Optimisation for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays in SystemC Hardware Compilation

Author(s): Johan Ditmar | Steve McKeever | Alex Wilson
A case study for teaching information literacy skills

Author(s): Kingsley Karla | Kingsley Karl
A model to prioritize access to elective surgery on the basis of clinical urgency and waiting time

Author(s): Valente Roberto | Testi Angela | Tanfani Elena | Fato Marco | Porro Ivan | Santo Maurizio | Santori Gregorio | Torre Giancarlo | Ansaldo Gianluca
The Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatment Study II: rationale, design and methods

Author(s): Freeman Jennifer | Choate-Summers Molly | Garcia Abbe | Moore Phoebe | Sapyta Jeffrey | Khanna Muniya | March John | Foa Edna | Franklin Martin
Fair Adaptive Bandwidth and Subchannel Allocation in the WiMAX Uplink

Author(s): Antoni Morell | Gonzalo Seco-Granados | José López Vicario
Secure Collision-Free Frequency Hopping for OFDMA-Based Wireless Networks

Author(s): Leonard Lightfoot | Lei Zhang | Jian Ren | Tongtong Li
WHEDA study: Effectiveness of occupational therapy at home for older people with dementia and their caregivers - the design of a pragmatic randomised controlled trial evaluating a Dutch programme in seven German centres

Author(s): Voigt-Radloff Sebastian | Graff Maud | Leonhart Rainer | Schornstein Katrin | Vernooij-Dassen Myrra | Olde-Rikkert Marcel | Huell Michael
Effectiveness of focused structural massage and relaxation massage for chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Cherkin Daniel | Sherman Karen | Kahn Janet | Erro Janet | Deyo Richard | Haneuse Sebastien | Cook Andrea
An experimental loop design for the detection of constitutional chromosomal aberrations by array CGH

Author(s): Allemeersch Joke | Van Vooren Steven | Hannes Femke | De Moor Bart | Vermeesch Joris | Moreau Yves
Effectiveness of a training programme to improve hand hygiene compliance in primary healthcare

Author(s): Martín-Madrazo Carmen | Cañada-Dorado Asunción | Salinero- Fort Miguel | Abanades-Herranz Juan | Arnal-Selfa Rosa | García-Ferradal Inmaculada | Espejo-Matorral Flora | Santa-Pau Enrique | Soto-Diaz Sonia
Assessing a risk tailored intervention to prevent disabling low back pain - protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Schmidt Carsten | Chenot Jean-François | Pfingsten Michael | Fahland Ruth | Lindena Gabriele | Marnitz Ulf | Pfeifer Klaus | Kohlmann Thomas
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sheikh Muhammad Sajid | Zabih Ghassemlooy
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jianwei Huang | Wei Zhang | Ekram Hossain | Geoffrey Ye Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Athanasios V. Vasilakos | Neal N. Xiong | Laurence T. Yang | Chuan Lin | Lei Shu
Evaluation of a toolkit to improve cardiovascular disease screening and treatment for people with type 2 diabetes: protocol for a cluster-randomized pragmatic trial

Author(s): Shah Baiju | Bhattacharyya Onil | Yu Catherine | Mamdani Muhammad | Parsons Janet | Straus Sharon | Zwarenstein Merrick
PID Self-Tuning Controllers Used in Different Structures of the Control Loops

Author(s): Viorel DUGAN | Adrian DAN | Clara IONESCU | Mirela COTRUMB
Traffic Grooming in WDM Network Using ILP

Author(s): Partha Paul | Sitesh Shrivastava
Identification of population substructure among Jews using STR markers and dependence on reference populations included

Author(s): Listman Jennifer | Hasin Deborah | Kranzler Henry | Malison Robert | Mutirangura Apiwat | Sughondhabirom Atapol | Aharonovich Efrat | Spivak Baruch | Gelernter Joel
Cervical acid phosphatase: A new biomarker of cervical dysplasia

Author(s): Marković Olivera | Marković Nenad
Layout design of user interface components with multiple objectives

Author(s): Peer S.K. | Sharma Dinesh K. | Ravindranath K. | Naidu M.M.
A parametric visualization software for the assignment problem

Author(s): Papamanthou Charalampos | Paparrizos Konstantinos | Samaras Nikolaos
A study protocol to evaluate the relationship between outdoor air pollution and pregnancy outcomes

Author(s): Ribeiro Manuel | Pereira Maria | Soares Amílcar | Branquinho Cristina | Augusto Sofia | Llop Esteve | Fonseca Susana | Nave Joaquim | Tavares António | Dias Carlos | Silva Ana | Selemane Ismael | de Toro Joaquin | Santos Mário | Santos Fernanda
Cellulite and extracorporeal Shockwave therapy (CelluShock-2009) - a Randomized Trial

Author(s): Knobloch Karsten | Joest Beatrice | Vogt Peter
Design of an Action Selection Mechanism for Cooperative Soccer Robots Based on Fuzzy Decision Making Algorithm

Author(s): S. Hamidreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Alireza Mohades Kasaei | Mohsen Taheri
A report on the piloting of a novel computer-based medical case simulation for teaching and formative assessment of diagnostic laboratory testing

Author(s): Clarence D. Kreiter | Thomas Haugen | Timothy Leaven | Christopher Goerdt | Nancy Rosenthal | William C. McGaghie | Fred Dee
Model predictive control of a 3-DOF helicopter system using successive linearization

Author(s): Yujia Zhai | Mohamed Nounou | Hazem Nounou | Yasser Al-Hamidi
The rock art of palaeolithic style in the Portalón of Cueva Mayor in the Sierra de Atapuerca (Ibeas de Juarros, Burgos): palaeolithic or contemporary chronology?

Author(s): García, Marcos | Ortega, Ana Isabel | Martín, Miguel Ángel | Hortolà, Policarp | Zuluaga, María Cruz
An ontology-based nurse call management system (oNCS) with probabilistic priority assessment

Author(s): Ongenae Femke | Myny Dries | Dhaene Tom | Defloor Tom | Van Goubergen Dirk | Verhoeve Piet | Decruyenaere Johan | De Turck Filip
A Survey on Routing Protocols for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Changle Li | Hanxiao Zhang | Binbin Hao | Jiandong Li
Design and Implementation of High Performance AHB Arbiter for on chip Bus Architecture

A Review: Mathematical Modles for Cross Docking Planning

Author(s): Dwi Agustina | C.K.M.Lee | Rajesh Piplani
A Canadian Critical Care Trials Group project in collaboration with the international forum for acute care trialists - Collaborative H1N1 Adjuvant Treatment pilot trial (CHAT): study protocol and design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Burns Karen | Chant Clarence | Smith Orla | Cuthbertson Brian | Fowler Robert | Cook Deborah | Kruger Peter | Webb Steve | Alhashemi Jamal | Dominguez-Cherit Guillermo | Zala Carlos | Rubenfeld Gordon | Marshall John
Randomization in substance abuse clinical trials

Author(s): Hedden Sarra | Woolson Robert | Malcolm Robert
METANNOGEN: compiling features of biochemical reactions needed for the reconstruction of metabolic networks

Author(s): Gille Christoph | Hoffmann Sabrina | Holzhütter Hermann-Georg
An evaluation of LSU rDNA D1-D2 sequences for their use in species identification

Author(s): Sonnenberg Rainer | Nolte Arne | Tautz Diethard
Optimization of diagnostic imaging use in patients with acute abdominal pain (OPTIMA): Design and rationale

Author(s): Laméris Wytze | van Randen Adrienne | Dijkgraaf Marcel | Bossuyt Patrick | Stoker Jaap | Boermeester Marja
Chiropractic and exercise for seniors with low back pain or neck pain: the design of two randomized clinical trials

Author(s): Maiers Michele | Hartvigsen Jan | Schulz Craig | Schulz Karen | Evans Roni | Bronfort Gert
Network Delays and Link Capacities in Application-Specific Wormhole NoCs

Author(s): Zvika Guz | Isask'har Walter | Evgeny Bolotin | Israel Cidon | Ran Ginosar | Avinoam Kolodny
Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine increases plasma nitrate/nitrite in resistance trained men

Author(s): Bloomer Richard | Smith Webb | Fisher-Wellman Kelsey
Efficacy of acupuncture for chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Cherkin Daniel | Sherman Karen | Hogeboom Charissa | Erro Janet | Barlow William | Deyo Richard | Avins Andrew
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv2540c DNA sequence encodes a bifunctional chorismate synthase

Author(s): Ely Fernanda | Nunes José | Schroeder Evelyn | Frazzon Jeverson | Palma Mário | Santos Diógenes | Basso Luiz
Robust Control with Enlaeged Interval of Uncertain Parameters

Author(s): Marek Keresturi | Ladislav Zboray | Marek Hicar
Is There A Relationship Between the Functional Reach Test and Flexibility?

Author(s): Masanobu Uchiyama | Shinichi Demura | Sohee Shin
Encoding SystemC Models in Formal Synchronous Formalism

Author(s): Riadh Hocine | Hamoudi Kalla
Register-Transfer Synthesis of Pipelined Data Paths

Author(s): Nohbyung Park | Fadi J. Kurdahi
Pioneer: A New Tool for Coding of Multi-Level FiniteState Machines Based on Evolution Programming

Author(s): S. Muddappa | R. Z. Makki | Z. Michalewicz | S. Isukapalli
An Effective Solution to the LinearPlacement Problem

Author(s): Youssef Saab | Cheng-Hua Chen
Channel Density Minimization by Pin Permutation

Author(s): Yang Cai | D. F. Wong | Jason Cong
A Timing-Driven Partitioning System for Multiple FPGAs

Author(s): Kalapi Roy | Carl Sechen
Robust Control with Enlaeged Interval of Uncertain Parameters

Author(s): Marek Keresturi | Ladislav Zboray | Marek Hicar

Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Transactional Analysis, Existential, Cognitive, and Integrated Group Therapies on Improving Problem-Solving Skills

Author(s): Bahramali A. Ghanbari-e-Hashem-Abadi | Mustafa Bolghan-Abadi | Zahra Vafaei-e-Jahan | Raheleh Maddah-Shoorcheh | Elaheh Maddah-Shoorcheh
Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia comorbid with COPD is feasible with preliminary evidence of positive sleep and fatigue effects

Author(s): Kapella MC | Herdegen JJ | Perlis ML | Shaver JL | Larson JL | Law JA | Carley DW
The role of amputation as an outcome measure in cellular therapy for critical limb ischemia: implications for clinical trial design

Author(s): Benoit Eric | O'Donnell Thomas | Iafrati Mark | Asher Enrico | Bandyk Dennis | Hallett John | Lumsden Alan | Pearl Gregory | Roddy Sean | Vijayaraghavan Krishnaswami | Patel Amit
Randomized controlled trial of mailed Nicotine Replacement Therapy to Canadian smokers: study protocol

Author(s): Cunningham John | Leatherdale Scott | Selby Peter | Tyndale Rachel | Zawertailo Laurie | Kushnir Vladyslav
Fair Adaptive Bandwidth and Subchannel Allocation in the WiMAX Uplink

Author(s): Morell Antoni | Seco-Granados Gonzalo | Vicario JoséLópez
Microsatellite variability reveals high genetic diversity and low genetic differentiation in a critical giant panda population

Author(s): Jiandong YANG, Zhihe ZHANG, Fujun SHEN, Xuyu YANG, Liang ZHANG, Limin CHEN, Wenping ZHANG, Qing ZHU, Rong HOU
Channel Assignment Algorithms for MRMC Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Mohammad A Hoque | Xiaoyan Hong
Variable Structure Control on Active Suspension of 4 DOF Vehicle Model

Author(s): Chuanbo Ren | Cuicui Zhang | Lin Liu
Design and Evaluation of an Instructional Solar Energy Technologies Lab

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Addous | Christina B. Class
Population Health Metrics Research Consortium gold standard verbal autopsy validation study: design, implementation, and development of analysis datasets

Author(s): Murray Christopher | Lopez Alan | Black Robert | Ahuja Ramesh | Ali Said | Baqui Abdullah | Dandona Lalit | Dantzer Emily | Das Vinita | Dhingra Usha | Dutta Arup | Fawzi Wafaie | Flaxman Abraham | Gómez Sara | Hernández Bernardo | Joshi Rohina | Kalter Henry | Kumar Aarti | Kumar Vishwajeet | Lozano Rafael | Lucero Marilla | Mehta Saurabh | Neal Bruce | Ohno Summer | Prasad Rajendra | Praveen Devarsetty | Premji Zul | Ramírez-Villalobos Dolores | Remolador Hazel | Riley Ian | Romero Minerva | Said Mwanaidi | Sanvictores Diozele | Sazawal Sunil | Tallo Veronica
Ant Colony Based Approach for Solving FPGA routing

Author(s): Vinay Chopra | Amardeep Singh
The impact of the use of blogs on students' assignment engagement

Author(s): Cihan Cobanoglu | Katerina Berezina

Author(s): Zohra Slimane | Abdelhafid Abdelmalek | Mohamed Feham | Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed
A Fuzzy Clustering Based Approach for Mining Usage Profiles from Web Log Data

Author(s): Zahid Ansari | Mohammad Fazle Azeem | A. Vinaya Babu | Waseem Ahmed
A Review: Mathematical Modles for Cross Docking Planning

Author(s): Dwi Agustina | C.K.M.Lee | Rajesh Piplani
The Design of ADAT: A Tool for Assessing Automata-Based Assignments

Author(s): Zarina Shukur | Nurul F. Mohamed
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