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A Pilot Project – From Illiteracy to Computer Literacy: Teaching and Learning Using Information Technology

Author(s): Mohamad Adnan Al-Alaoui | Mesrob I. Ohannessian | Ghinwa F. Choueiter | Christine Akl | T. Taline Avakian | Ismail Al-Kamal | Rony Ferzli
Information System of Assistant Technology in Bogotá

Author(s): Adriana María Ríos Rincón | Diana M. Ortiz Castañeda | Diana M. Patiño Osorio
The Influence of Social Presence on Acceptance of a Companion Robot by Older People

Author(s): Marcel Heerink | Krose Ben | Vanessa Evers | Bob Wielinga
Assistive Technologies

Author(s): Ion SMEUREANU | Narcisa ISAILA
Three Realizations and Comparison of Hardware for Piezoresistive Tactile Sensors

Author(s): Fernando Vidal-Verdú | Óscar Oballe-Peinado | José A. Sánchez-Durán | Julián Castellanos-Ramos | Rafael Navas-González
Assessing Electromyographic Interfaces

Author(s): Tiago João Vieira Guerreiro | Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge
Alternative Speech Communication System for Persons with Severe Speech Disorders

Author(s): Sid-Ahmed Selouani | Mohammed Sidi Yakoub | Douglas O'Shaughnessy
REFINE (Reducing Falls in In-patient Elderly) - a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Vass Catherine | Sahota Opinder | Drummond Avril | Kendrick Denise | Gladman John | Sach Tracey | Avis Mark | Grainge Matthew

Author(s): Zora JACHOVA | Lisbet GRUT | Cathrine VALSO EIDE | Geir TYRMI | Aleksandra KAROVSKA

Author(s): Miodrag L. STOSHLJEVIKJ | Fadilj N. EMINOVIKJ | Radmila M. NIKIKJ | Gordana I. ACHIKJ | Sanela R. PACIKJ
Multiple sclerosis and mobility-related assistive technology: Systematic review of literature

Author(s): Ana Souza, MS | Annmarie Kelleher, MS, OTR/L | Rosemarie Cooper, MPT | Rory A. Cooper, PhD | Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc | Diane M. Collins, PhD
Wheeled mobility: Factors influencing mobility and assistive technology in veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam war and OIF/OEF conflicts

Author(s): Justin Z. Laferrier, MSPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, ATP | Lynne V. McFarland, PhD | Michael L. Boninger, MD | Rory A. Cooper, PhD | Gayle E. Reiber, PhD, MPH
Evaluation of aluminum ultralight rigid wheelchairs versus other ultralight wheelchairs using ANSI/RESNA standards

Author(s): Hsin-yi Liu, MS | Jonathan Pearlman, PhD | Rosemarie Cooper, MPT | Eun-kyoung Hong, MS | Hongwu Wang, MS | Benjamin Salatin, BS | Rory A. Cooper, PhD
Comparative Study of Various Touchscreen Technologies

Author(s): Mudit Ratana Bhalla | Anand Vardhan Bhalla
Technology-Enabled and Universally Designed Assessment: Considering Access in Measuring the Achievement of Students with Disabilities—A Foundation for Research

Author(s): Patricia Almond | Phoebe Winter | Renée Cameto | Michael Russell | Edynn Sato | Jody Clarke-Midura | Chloe Torres | Geneva Haertel | Robert Dolan | Peter Beddow | Sheryl Lazarus
FEM used in improvement of quality of medical devices

Author(s): B. Ziębowicz | A. Ziębowicz | J. Szkodny
Medical utilization and cost outcomes for poststroke veterans who receive assistive technology devices from the Veterans Health Administration

Author(s): Sandra L. Hubbard Winkler, PhD, OTR/L | Samuel Wu, PhD | Diane C. Cowper Ripley, PhD | Shirley Groer, PhD | Helen Hoenig, MD5

Author(s): Mamatha M.N. | Dr S. Ramachandran, | Dr M.Chandrasekaran
Development of a Wearable Robot for Assisting Carpentry Workers

Author(s): Junpei Naito | Goro Obinata | Atsushi Nakayama | Kazunori Hase
An Assistive Computerized System with Tangible User Interfaces for Children with Moderate Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Author(s): Jihad Mohamad Aljaam | Ali Jaoua | Saleh AlHazbi | Ahmad Hasnah | Ali Karime | Abdelmutalib A. Elsaddik
A Large Area Tactile Sensor Patch Based on Commercial Force Sensors

Author(s): Fernando Vidal-Verdú | Maria Jose Barquero | Julián Castellanos-Ramos | Rafael Navas-González | Jose Antonio Sánchez | Javier Serón | Alfonso García-Cerezo
Exotendons for assistance of human locomotion

Author(s): van den Bogert Antonie
Smart portable rehabilitation devices

Author(s): Mavroidis Constantinos | Nikitczuk Jason | Weinberg Brian | Danaher Gil | Jensen Katherine | Pelletier Philip | Prugnarola Jennifer | Stuart Ryan | Arango Roberto | Leahey Matt | Pavone Robert | Provo Andrew | Yasevac Dan
A radial basis classifier for the automatic detection of aspiration in children with dysphagia

Author(s): Lee Joon | Blain Stefanie | Casas Mike | Kenny Dave | Berall Glenn | Chau Tom
Public telesurveillance service for frail elderly living at home, outcomes and cost evolution: a quasi experimental design with two follow-ups

Author(s): Vincent Claude | Reinharz Daniel | Deaudelin Isabelle | Garceau Mathieu | Talbot Lise
Image and Video Processing for Visually Handicapped People

Author(s): Thierry Pun | Patrick Roth | Guido Bologna | Konstantinos Moustakas | Dimitrios Tzovaras
DEIMOS – an Open Source Image Database

Author(s): M. Klima | K. Fliegel | P. Pata | S. Vitek | M. Blazek | P. Dostal | L. Krasula | T. Kratochvil | V. Ricny | M. Slanina | L. Polak
Exploring Accessibility Scenarios for 2020 in Relation with Future ICT Trends on Assistive Technology and Accessibility

Author(s): Christos Kouroupetroglou | Dimitris Tektonidis | Adamantios Koumpis | Ioannis Ignatiadis
Mainstreaming of Mobile Assistive Technology: Experts’ Thoughts and Opinions

Author(s): Christos Kouroupetroglou | Dimitris Tektonidis | Adamantios Koumpis | Ioannis Ignatiadis
Robust Stereo-Vision Based 3D Object Reconstruction for the Assistive Robot FRIEND

Image and Video Processing for Visually Handicapped People

Author(s): Pun Thierry | Roth Patrick | Bologna Guido | Moustakas Konstantinos | Tzovaras Dimitrios
Security Guidelines for the Development of Accessible Web Applications through the implementation of intelligent systems

Author(s): Edward Rolando Núñez Valdez | Oscar Sanjuán Martínez | Gloria García Fernández | Luis Joyanes Aguilar | Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle
Technology integration issues in a special education school in Turkey

Author(s): Umit Girgin | Adile Askim Kurt | Ferhan Odabasi
Empowering and Assisting Natural Empowering and Assisting Natural Human Mobility: The Simbiosis Walker

Author(s): Anselmo Frizera-Neto | Ramon Ceres | Eduardo Rocon | Jose Luis Pons
Maneuverability Strategy for Assistive Maneuverability Strategy for Assistive Vehicles Navigating within Confined Space

Author(s): Fernando Auat Cheein | Celso De la Cruz | Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho
“It does what it says on the tin!” Fostering consumer confidence in Assistive Technology (AT)

Author(s): Antonia Moran | Graham Armitage | Rob Wilson | Marie Hendry | David Silver | Maggie Winchcombe
Smart Cane-Assistive Cane for Visually-impaired People

Author(s): Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab | Amirul A Talib | Herdawatie A Kadir | Ayob Johari | A Noraziah | Roslina M Sidek | Ariffin A Mutalib
Performance testing of collision-avoidance system for power wheelchairs

Author(s): Edmund F. LoPresti, PhD | Vinod Sharma, PhD | Richard C. Simpson, PhD | L. Casimir Mostowy
Surface Electromyography-Based Facial Expression Recognition in Bi-Polar Configuration

Author(s): Mahyar Hamedi | Sh-Hussain Salleh | Tan T. Swee | Kamarulafizam

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