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Adipocytokines in Atherothrombosis: Focus on Platelets and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Author(s): Giovanni Anfossi | Isabella Russo | Gabriella Doronzo | Alice Pomero | Mariella Trovati
Management of peripheral arterial disease in the elderly: focus on cilostazol

Author(s): Travis M Falconer | John W Eikelboom | Graeme J Hankey | Paul E Norman
Mechanisms of atherothrombosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Filippo Luca Fimognari | Simone Scarlata | Maria Elisabetta Conte | Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi
Clopidogrel resistance

Author(s): Yeşim Güray | Ümit Güray | Şule Korkmaz
Homocysteine And Stroke

Author(s): Nagaraja D | Christopher Ritha
Novel antiplatelet agents in the prevention of cardiovascular complications – focus on ticagrelor

Author(s): Margaret M Marczewski | Marek Postula | Dariusz Kosior
Is there a relationship between factor V Leiden and type 2 diabetes?

Author(s): Lodigiani Corrado | Ferrazzi Paola | Di Micco Pierpaolo | Librè Luca | Genovese Stefano | Quaglia Ilaria | Rota Lidia
Reduction of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 and Interleukin-8 Levels by Ticlopidine in TNF-α Stimulated Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Author(s): Chaur-Jong Hu | Yueh-Lun Lee | Neng-Yao Shih | Yi-Yuan Yang | Suparat Charoenfuprasert | Yu-Shan Dai | Su-Mei Chang | Yu-Hui Tsai | How Tseng | Chia-Yu Liu | Sy-Jye Leu
Independent, Non-traditional Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Events and Atherothrombosis in Chronic Kidney Disease and in Hemodialysis-dependent Patients

Author(s): Mona Ezzat Madkour | Iman William Bekheet | Nagwa Abdel-Ghaffar | Emam Waked | Khaled Younes
Antiplatelet therapy in acute coronary syndromes: current agents and impact on patient outcomes

Author(s): Hussam M Tayeb | Adam J Nelson | Scott R Willoughby | et al
Antiplatelet drugs in cardiological practice: Established strategies and new developments

Author(s): Florian Krötz | Hae-Young Sohn | Volker Klauss
Intima-media thickness evolution after treatment with infliximab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Pierpaolo Di Micco | Paola Ferrazzi | Luca Librè | et al.
An update on cardiovascular risk of metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Rosenbaum Paulo | Ferreira Sandra R.G.
Blood coagulation and the risk of atherothrombosis: a complex relationship

Author(s): Spronk Henri | van der Voort Danielle | ten Cate Hugo
Association of interleukin-1 gene cluster polymorphisms with ischemic stroke in a Chinese population

Author(s): Lai Jiangtao | Zhou Dongchen | Xia Shudong | Shang Yunpeng | Zhu Jianhua | Pan Jiaqi | Hua Baolai | Zhu Yicheng | Cui Liying
Association between mean platelet volume and coronary artery calcification in patients without overt cardiovascular disease: an observational study

Author(s): Levent Korkmaz | Ayça Ata Korkmaz | Ali Rıza Akyüz | Mustafa Tarık Ağaç | Zeydin Acar | Abdulkadir Kırış | Selim Kul | Muslihittin Emre Erkuş | Şükrü Çelik
Time-resolved in silico modeling of fine-tuned cAMP signaling in platelets: feedback loops, titrated phosphorylations and pharmacological modulation

Author(s): Wangorsch Gaby | Butt Elke | Mark Regina | Hubertus Katharina | Geiger Jörg | Dandekar Thomas | Dittrich Marcus
Das "Reduction of Atherothrombosis for Continued Health-(REACH-) Register": Basisdaten der österreichischen Population

Author(s): Wascher TC | Aichner F | Sourij H | Topakian R | Huber K | Kvas E | für die österreichische REACH-Studiengruppe
The antithrombotic effects of onion filtrates in rats and mice

Author(s): Kanae Hyodo | Izumi Horii | Masaru Nishino | John C Giddings | Junichiro Yamamoto
High-density lipoproteins: a novel therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease

Author(s): TS Mohamed Saleem | PV Sandhya Rani | K Gauthaman
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