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Atrial natriuretic peptide and feeding activity patterns in rats

Author(s): Oliveira M.H.A. | Antunes-Rodrigues J. | Gutkowska J. | Leal A.M.O. | Elias L.L.K. | Moreira A.C.
Neurohypophyseal hormones and atrial natriuretic peptide in the control of body fluid homeostasis

Author(s): L L K Elias | M Castro | M M Valença | S M McCann | José Antunes-Rodrigues
Characteristics of acute congestive heart failure with normal ejection fraction and less elevated B-type natriuretic peptide

Author(s): Shimamoto Ken | Koike Natsuha | Mizuochi Kiyoko | Honma Miho | Kasai Yufuko | Sakai Akiko | Fujita Etsuko | Kawana Masatoshi

Author(s): Mugdim Bajric | Fahir Barakovic | Nusret Sinanovic | Denis Mrsic
Atrial natriuretic peptide secretion during development of the rat supraoptic nucleus

Author(s): E Farina Lipari | D Lipari | F Dieli | B Valentino
Natriuretic peptide and diastolic heart failure in the elderly

Author(s): Antonia Macarie | Ştefan C. Vesa
Does plasma ANP participate in natriuresis induced by a-MSH?

Author(s): Picanço-Diniz D.L.W. | Ribeiro-Oliveira G. | Favaretto A.L.V. | Gutkowska J. | McCann S.M. | Antunes-Rodrigues J.
N-terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide And Atrial Fibrillation

Author(s): Jayachandran Thejus | Johnson Francis
A splice variant of the guanylyl cyclase-A receptor interferes with atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) signaling

Author(s): Hartmann Michael | Völker Katharina | Gaßner Birgit | Schröter Juliane | Dankworth Beatrice | Müller Thomas | Nikolaev Viacheslav | Kuhn Michaela
Acute Experimental Hyperthyroidism Does Not Affect Basal and Volume-Induced Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Secretion in Healthy Subjects

Author(s): Gregory Giamouzis | Dimitrios Pappas | Nikolaos Simeonidis | Evangelos Stathogiannis | Filippos Triposkiadis | George N. Koukoulis
Plasma brain natriuretic peptide as a surrogate marker for cardioembolic stroke

Author(s): Yukiiri Kazushi | Hosomi Naohisa | Naya Takayuki | Takahashi Tsutomu | Ohkita Hiroyuki | Mukai Mao | Masugata Hisashi | Murao Koji | Ueno Masaki | Nakamura Takehiro | Dobashi Hiroaki | Miki Takanori | Kuroda Yasuhiro | Kohno Masakazu
Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in Young and Elderly Children with Mild Gastroenteritis

Author(s): A. Klar | E. Haver | D. Lichtstein | H. Hurvitz | T. Foah-Shauli
Modulation of lung inflammation by vessel dilator in a mouse model of allergic asthma

Author(s): Wang Xiaoqin | Xu Weidong | Kong Xiaoyuan | Chen Dongqing | Hellermann Gary | Ahlert Terry | Giaimo Joseph | Cormier Stephania | Li Xu | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Subhra | Mohapatra Shyam
Predicting Successful Pulmonary Vein Isolation In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation By Brain Natriuretic Peptide Plasma Levels

Author(s): Dong-In Shin | Thomas Deneke | Eduard Gorr | Helge Anders | Kathrin Buenz | Marcus Paesler | Marc Horlitz
The secretions of oviduct epithelial cells increase the equine in vitro fertilization rate: are osteopontin, atrial natriuretic peptide A and oviductin involved?

Author(s): Mugnier Sylvie | Kervella Morgane | Douet Cécile | Canepa Sylvie | Pascal Géraldine | Deleuze Stefan | Duchamp Guy | Monget Philippe | Goudet Ghylène
Relationship between B-type natriuretic peptide levels and echocardiographic indices of left ventricular filling pressures in post-cardiac surgery patients

Author(s): Salustri Alessandro | Cerquetani Elena | Piccoli Mara | Pastena Guglielmo | Posteraro Alfredo | Amici Elisabetta | La Carrubba Salvatore | Bakir Sherif | Al Mahmeed Wael
Oxytocin: Old Hormone, New Drug

Author(s): Jolanta Gutkowska | Marek Jankowski
Contrast induced nephropathy in urology

Author(s): Thomson Viji | Narayanan Kumar | Singh J
Level of natriuretic peptide Determines outcome in atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Qi-xian Zeng | Ming-fen Wei | Wei Zhang | Yun Zhang | Jing-quan Zhong
Clinical significance of N-Terminal Pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Helal Imed | Belhadj Raja | Mohseni Amira | Bazdeh Lilia | Drissa Habiba | ELyounsi Fethi | Abdallah Taieb | Abdelmoula Jaouida | Kheder Adel
Influence of co-existing atrial fibrillation on the efficacy of atorvastatin treatment in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy: a pilot study

Author(s): Bielecka-Dąbrowa Agata | Goch Jan Henryk | Rysz Jacek | Maciejewski Marek | Desai Ravi | Aronow Wilbert | Banach Maciej
The relationship between B-type natriuretic peptide levels and echocardiographic parameters in patients with heart failure admitted to the emergency department

Author(s): Evvah Karakılıç | Alper Kepez | Gülcan Abalı | Figen Coşkun | Mahir Kunt | Lale Tokgözoğlu
Comparison of B-type natriuretic peptide and left ventricular dysfunction in patients with constrictive pericarditis undergoing pericardiectomy

Author(s): Kapoor Poonam | Aggarwal Vikram | Chowdhury Ujjwal | Choudhury Minati | Singh Sarvesh | Kiran Usha
Bilirubin as a prognostic marker in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Takeda Yasuko | Takeda Yutaka | Tomimoto Shigehiro | Tani Tomomitsu | Narita Hitomi | Kimura Genjiro
Biomarkers in acute myocardial infarction

Author(s): Chan Daniel | Ng Leong
Plasma renin activity and pro-B-type natriuretic peptide levels in different atrial fibrillation types

Author(s): Abdullah Doğan | Ömer Gedikli | Mehmet Özaydın | Gürkan Acar
The effect of atrial pacing on left ventricular diastolic function and BNP levels in patients with DDD pacemaker

Author(s): Zeynep Apalı | Serdar Bayata | Murat Yeşil | Erdinç Arıkan | Nursen Postacı
Effect of Professional Exercises on Brain Natriuretic Peptide

Author(s): MA Babaee Beigi | A Aslani | H Sheikhani Shahin | F Daryanoosh
Radiocontrast - induced nephropathy

Author(s): Đurđević-Mirković Tatjana | Čurić Slobodan | Vodopivec Slavenka | Mitić Igor | Božić Dušan 1 | Petrović Lada | Ilić Tatjana
Increased renal sodium absorption by inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis during fasting in healthy man. A possible role of the epithelial sodium channels

Author(s): Lauridsen Thomas | Vase Henrik | Starklint Jørn | Graffe Carolina | Bech Jesper | Nielsen Søren | Pedersen Erling
Central nitrergic system regulation of neuroendocrine secretion, fluid intake and blood pressure induced by angiotensin-II

Author(s): Reis Wagner | Saad Wilson | Camargo Luiz | Elias Lucila | Antunes-Rodrigues José
Lung carcinoma with paraneoplastic hyponatremia and hypercalcemia

Author(s): Vukić Vera | Jovanović Dragana | Škodrić-Trifunović Vesna
Plasmid-encoded NP73-102 modulates atrial natriuretic peptide receptor signaling and plays a critical role in inducing tolerogenic dendritic cells

Author(s): Zhang Weidong | Cao Xueqin | Chen Dongqing | Wang Jia-wang | Yang Hong | Wang Wenshi | Mohapatra Subhra | Hellermann Gary | Kong Xiaoyuan | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Early diagnosis of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in diabetic patients: a possible role for natriuretic peptides

Author(s): Romano Silvio | Di Mauro Michele | Fratini Simona | Guarracini Leonello | Guarracini Fabrizio | Poccia Gianfranco | Penco Maria
Atrial natriuretic peptide signal pathway upregulated in stomach of streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

Author(s): Zhang-Xun Qiu, Bing Mei, Yi-Song Wu, Xu Huang, Zuo-Yu Wang, Yan-Fei Han, Hong-Li Lu, Young-Chul Kim, Wen-Xie Xu
Increased N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide level predicts atrial fibrillation after surgery for esophageal carcinoma

Author(s): Jiang-Long Hou, Ke Gao, Mei Li, Jian-Yang Ma, Ying-Kang Shi, Yun Wang, Yong-Fan Zhao
Neuroendocrine regulation of salt and water metabolism

Author(s): McCann S.M. | Franci C.R. | Favaretto A.L.V. | Gutkowska J. | Antunes-Rodrigues J.
Antihypertensive effects of angiotensin-(1-7)

Author(s): Chappell M.C. | Iyer S.N. | Diz D.I. | Ferrario C.M.
A liver metalloendopeptidase which degrades the circulating hypotensive peptide hormones bradykinin and atrial natriuretic peptide

Author(s): Carvalho K.M. | Nava R.A. | França M.S.F. | Medeiros M.A.S. | Camarão G.C. | Juliano L.
Oxytocin is a cardiovascular hormone

Author(s): Gutkowska J. | Jankowski M. | Mukaddam-Daher S. | McCann S.M.
Role of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in the control of the response to stress and infection

Author(s): McCann S.M. | Antunes-Rodrigues J. | Franci C.R. | Anselmo-Franci J.A. | Karanth S. | Rettori V.
Nitrergic modulation of vasopressin, oxytocin and atrial natriuretic peptide secretion in response to sodium intake and hypertonic blood volume expansion

Author(s): Ventura R.R. | Gomes D.A. | Reis W.L. | Elias L.L.K. | Castro M. | Valença M.M. | Carnio E.C. | Rettori V. | McCann S.M. | Antunes-Rodrigues J.
Neuroendocrine control of body fluid homeostasis

Author(s): McCann S.M. | Gutkowska J. | Antunes-Rodrigues J.
Single-chamber Versus Dual-chamber Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators: Do We Need Physiologic Pacing in The Course?

Author(s): Marco Budeus | Thomas Buck | Heinrich Wieneke | Raimund Erbel | Stefan Sack
The signaling helix: a common functional theme in diverse signaling proteins

Author(s): Anantharaman Vivek | Balaji S | Aravind L
Neutral endopeptidase inhibitor suppresses the early phase of atrial electrical remodeling in a canine rapid atrial pacing model

Author(s): Ryuta Imaki | Shinichi Niwano | Hiroe Niwano | Daisuke Satoh | Toru Yoshida | Yoshihiko Masaki | Tohru Izumi
Multiplicity of cerebrospinal fluid functions: New challenges in health and disease

Author(s): Johanson Conrad | Duncan John | Klinge Petra | Brinker Thomas | Stopa Edward | Silverberg Gerald
Atrial natriuretic peptide and three-dimensional echocardiography after transcatheter closure of atrial septal defect

Author(s): Ding Jingdong | Ma Genshan | Huang Yaoyao | Zhang Xiaoli | Liu Biao | Lu Fengxiang
ANP (Atrial Natriuretic Peptide) presence in the heart of a tunicate, Ciona intestinalis.

Author(s): Luana Lipari | Aldo Gerbino | Diego Lipari | Elvira Vittoria Farina
The relationship between severity of mitral valvular stenosis and the level of serum brain natriuretic peptide

Author(s): Emine Bilen | Mustafa Kurt | İbrahim Halil Tanboğa | Hüseyin Ayhan | Mehmet Fatih Karakaş | Hasan Kaya | Engin Bozkurt
New Markers in Prognosis of Severe Community - Acquired Pneumonia

Author(s): Desa Nastasijević Borovac | Tatjana Pejčić | Tatjana Rađenović Petković | Vidosava Đorđević | Ivanka Đorđević | Ivana Stanković | Milan Rančić
Early and late effects of the DPP-4 inhibitor vildagliptin in a rat model of post-myocardial infarction heart failure

Author(s): Yin Meimei | Silljé Herman | Meissner Maxi | van Gilst Wiek | de Boer Rudolf
High frequency of diastolic dysfunction in a population-based cohort of elderly women - but poor association with the symptom dyspnea

Author(s): Germing Alfried | Gotzmann Michael | Schikowski Tamara | Vierkötter Andrea | Ranft Ulrich | Krämer Ursula | Mügge Andreas
BNP ist ANP, Endothelin und Noradrenalin als Prognoseindikator bei chronisch herzinsuffizienten Patienten überlegen

Author(s): Zugck C | Gerhards A | Haass M | Katz N | Kell R | Krüger C | Schellberg D
Methods for the development and assessment of atrial fibrillation and heart failure dog models

Author(s): Jon F Urban | Renee L Gerhart | Jason R Krzeszak | Corey R Leet | Linnea R Lentz | Carolyn B McClay
Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A as a Novel Target for Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Wang Xiaoqin | Raulji Payal | Mohapatra Shyam | Patel Ronil | Hellermann Gary | Kong Xiaoyuan | Vera Pedro | Meyer-Siegler Katherine | Coppola Domenico | Mohapatra Subhra
Renal Actions of Neutral Endopeptidase Inhibition in Rats with Chronic Heart Failure

Author(s): Amr M. Abbas | Ayman Z. Elsamanoudy | Adel Zalata

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