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Pathogenetic aspects of alcoholic encephalopathy treatment

Author(s): Shchetinin S.G. | Barylnik Yu.B. | Lim V.G.
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback: A new training approach for operator’s performance enhancement

Author(s): Auditya Purwandini Sutarto | Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab | Nora Mat Zin
Parasomnias: Diagnosis, Classification and Clinical Features

Author(s): Deniz Tuncel | Fatma Ozlem Orhan
Síndrome de Brugada. Brugada syndrome.

Author(s): Raúl Díaz-Padrón Camejo | Jesús Castro Hevia | Miguel A. Quiñones Pérez
Endothelin role in the orthostatic stress Papel da endotelina no estresse ortostático

Author(s): Luciana Cristina Fosco | Marli Cardoso Martins Pinge
Protocol for a randomized controlled study of Iyengar yoga for youth with irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Evans Subhadra | Cousins Laura | Tsao Jennie | Sternlieb Beth | Zeltzer Lonnie
Altered autonomic nervous system activity as a potential etiological factor of premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Author(s): Matsumoto Tamaki | Ushiroyama Takahisa | Kimura Tetsuya | Hayashi Tatsuya | Moritani Toshio
Anorexia Nervosa: A Unified Neurological Perspective

Author(s): Tasneem Fatema Hasan, Hunaid Hasan
Autonomic nervous system and lipid metabolism: findings in anxious-depressive spectrum and eating disorders

Author(s): Pistorio Elisabetta | Luca Maria | Luca Antonina | Messina Vincenzo | Calandra Carmela
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