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Bacterial Biosensors for Measuring Availability of Environmental Pollutants

Author(s): Robin Tecon | Jan Roelof van der Meer
Diagnosis of GM-1 gangliodosis in Cuba Comportamiento de la GM-1 gangliosidosis en Cuba.

Author(s): Caridad Menéndez Saínz | Sergio González García | Claudina Zaldívar Muñoz | Alina González-Quevedo Monteagudo
Study of β-Galactosidase Enzyme Activity Produced by Lactobacilli in Milk and Cheese

Author(s): J. Nowroozi | N. Rahbar Roshandel | E. Gheytanchi
Distribution of CPP-Protein Complexes in Freshly Resected Human Tissue Material

Author(s): Külliki Saar | Helgi Saar | Mats Hansen | Ülo Langel | Margus Pooga
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Rat Epicardial Versus Epididymal Adipose Tissue

Author(s): Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad | Soura Mardpour | Marzieh Ebrahimi
Persistent increase in cardiac troponin I in Fabry disease: a case report

Author(s): Tanislav Christian | Feustel Andreas | Franzen Wolfgang | Wüsten Oliver | Schneider Christian | Reichenberger Frank | Rolfs Arndt | Sieweke Nicole
Fabry′s disease: An ultrastructural study of nerve biopsy

Author(s): Gayathri N | Yasha T | Kanjalkar Makarand | Agarwal Santosh | Chandrashekar Sagar B | Santosh Vani | Shankar S
Synthesis of lipophilic 1-deoxygalactonojirimycin derivatives as D-galactosidase inhibitors

Author(s): Georg Schitter | Elisabeth Scheucher | Andreas J. Steiner | Arnold E. Stütz | Martin Thonhofer | Chris A. Tarling | Stephen G. Withers | Jacqueline Wicki | Katrin Fantur | Eduard Paschke | Don J. Mahuran | Brigitte A. Rigat | Michael Tropak | Tanja M. Wrodnigg
Co-existence of Phenylketonuria and Fabry disease on a 3 year-old boy: case report

Author(s): Concolino Daniela | Rapsomaniki Maria | Disabella Eliana | Sestito Simona | Pascale Maria | Moricca Maria | Bonapace Giuseppe | Arbustini Elisea | Strisciuglio Pietro
Characterization of a heat resistant ß-glucosidase as a new reporter in cells and mice

Author(s): McCutcheon Susan | Jones Ken | Cumming Sarah | Kemp Richard | Ireland-Zecchini Heather | Saunders John | Houghton Carol | Howard Louise | Winton Douglas
Process Optimization for ß-D-Galactosidase Production Using Yeast Culture

Author(s): R. Panesar | P.S. Panesar | R.S. Singh | J.F. Kennedy | M.B. Bera
Enzymatic Mechanisms Related to Antimicrobial Activity of Rutaceae Extracts

Author(s): C. Adelantado | C. Shiva | L. Arosemena | P. Costa-Batllori | M.A. Calvo
GM1 gangliosidosis: Case report

Author(s): Obradović Slobodan | Laban Olivera | Igrutinović Zoran | Vuletić Biljana | Vujić Ana | Đinđić Jasmina

Author(s): E. A. GANDRA | J. A. SILVA | M. R. P. MACEDO | M. R. ARAÚJO | M. M. MATA | W. P. SILVA
An in vivo reporter of BMP signaling in organogenesis reveals targets in the developing kidney

Author(s): Blank Ulrika | Seto Marianne | Adams Derek | Wojchowski Don | Karolak Michele | Oxburgh Leif
Afferent activity to necklace glomeruli is dependent on external stimuli

Author(s): Cockerham Renee | Margolis Frank | Munger Steven
Birth weight and characteristics of endothelial and smooth muscle cell cultures from human umbilical cord vessels

Author(s): Martín de Llano José Javier | Fuertes Graciela | Torró Isabel | García Vicent Consuelo | Fayos José Luis | Lurbe Empar
Analysis and Simulation of Batch Affinity Processes Applied to Separation of Biomolecules

Author(s): Armando Lucero Acuña | Armando Tejeda Mansir | Patricia Guerrero Germán | Rosa Ma. Montesinos
D266Y - a new alpha galactosidase A gene mutation detected in a Hungarian family with Fabry disease - Experimental and theoretical investigation

Author(s): Balazs JOJART | Bela VISKOLCZ | Imre G. CSIZMADIA | Aranka LASZLO | Eva SALLAY | Emoke ENDREFFY | Tamas CONSTANTIN | Gyorgy FEKETE | Markus RIES
siRNA inhibition of telomerase enhances the anti-cancer effect of doxorubicin in breast cancer cells

Author(s): Dong Xuejun | Liu Anding | Zer Cindy | Feng Jianguo | Zhen Zhuan | Yang Mingfeng | Zhong Li
Oncolytic vaccinia therapy of squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Yu Zhenkun | Li Sen | Brader Peter | Chen Nanhai | Yu Yong | Zhang Qian | Szalay Aladar | Fong Yuman | Wong Richard
MyD88 and TRIF mediate the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) induced corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) expression in JEG3 choriocarcinoma cell line

Author(s): Uh Andy | Simmons Charles | Bresee Catherine | Khoury Nasif | Gombart Adrian | Nicholson Richard | Kocak Hande | Equils Ozlem
The sonic hedgehog signaling pathway is reactivated in human renal cell carcinoma and plays orchestral role in tumor growth

Author(s): Dormoy Valérian | Danilin Sabrina | Lindner Véronique | Thomas Lionel | Rothhut Sylvie | Coquard Catherine | Helwig Jean-Jacques | Jacqmin Didier | Lang Hervé | Massfelder Thierry
Glycosidases during chick embryo lung development and their colocalization with proteoglycans and growth factors

Author(s): G Stabellini | M Calvitti | T Baroni | L Marinucci | C Calastrini | P Carinci | E Becchetti
Immobilization of ?-galactosidase from Aspergillus Oryzae on Macroporous PloyGMA Newly Prepared

Author(s): Sufang Sun | Lingyun Dong | Xiaobing Xu | Shigang Shen
Frequency of Fabry disease in male and female haemodialysis patients in Spain

Author(s): Gaspar Paulo | Herrera Julio | Rodrigues Daniel | Cerezo Sebastián | Delgado Rodrigo | Andrade Carlos | Forascepi Ramón | Macias Juan | del Pino Maria | Prados Maria | de Alegria Pilar | Torres Gerardo | Vidau Pedro | Sá-Miranda Maria
Dynamics of muscle fibre growth during postnatal mouse development

Author(s): White Robert | Biérinx Anne-Sophie | Gnocchi Viola | Zammit Peter
Hfq affects mRNA levels independently of degradation

Author(s): Le Derout Jacques | Boni Irina | Régnier Philippe | Hajnsdorf Eliane
Effective in vivo and ex vivo gene transfer to intestinal mucosa by VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviral vectors

Author(s): Matsumoto Hiroshi | Kimura Takahiro | Haga Kazunori | Kasahara Noriyuki | Anton Peter | McGowan Ian
Isolation of a Mutant of Kluyveromyces marxianus Resistant to Glucose Repression

Author(s): Moeini Hassan | Vallian Sadeq | Nahvi Iraj | Behzadipour Niloofur
Postharvest Biochemistry of the Plantain (Musa paradisiacal L.)

Author(s): B.O. Agoreyo | K.D. Golden | H.N. Asemota | A.U. Osagie
Reference values for lysosomal enzymes activities using dried blood spots samples - a Brazilian experience

Author(s): Müller Karen | Rodrigues Mayra | Pereira Vanessa | Martins Ana | D'Almeida Vânia
Evolution of xyloglucan-related genes in green plants

Author(s): Del Bem Luiz | Vincentz Michel
Effect of divalent metal ions on the activity and stability of β-galactosidase isolated from Kluyveromyces lactis

Author(s): Paulo Roberto Adalberto | Antonio Carlos Massabni | Eleonora Cano Carmona | Antônio José Goulart | Daniela Parreira Marques | Rubens Monti
Safety and efficacy of enzyme replacement therapy in the nephropathy of Fabry disease

Author(s): Fernando C Fervenza | Roser Torra | David G Warnock
a-galactosidase activity and carbohydrate mobilization in seeds of Dalbergia nigra (Vell.) Allemão ex Benth. - Fabaceae (Brazilian rosewood) during germination

Author(s): Lanna Clicia Carrijo | Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e Borges | Claudia Aparecida Pontes | Mariana Rocha Lopes | Arno Brune
Tamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein Enhances PMN Phagocytosis by Binding to Cell Surface-Expressed Lactoferrin and Cathepsin G That Activates MAP Kinase Pathway

Author(s): Syue-Cian Siao | Ko-Jen Li | Song-Chou Hsieh | Cheng-Han Wu | Ming-Chi Lu | Chang-Youh Tsai | Chia-Li Yu
Pseudomonas aeruginosa β-lactamase induction requires two permeases, AmpG and AmpP

Author(s): Kong Kok-Fai | Aguila Alian | Schneper Lisa | Mathee Kalai
Prediction of the responsiveness to pharmacological chaperones: lysosomal human alpha-galactosidase, a case of study

Author(s): Andreotti Giuseppina | Guarracino Mario | Cammisa Marco | Correra Antonella | Cubellis Maria
Fabry disease

Author(s): Germain Dominique
Oridonin induces apoptosis and senescence in colorectal cancer cells by increasing histone hyperacetylation and regulation of p16, p21, p27 and c-myc

Author(s): Gao Feng-Hou | Hu Xiao-Hui | Li Wei | Liu Hua | Zhang Yan-Jie | Guo Zhu-Ying | Xu Mang-Hua | Wang Shi-Ting | Jiang Bin | Liu Feng | Zhao Ying-Zheng | Fang Yong | Chen Fang-Yuan | Wu Ying-Li
Altering α-dystroglycan receptor affinity of LCMV pseudotyped lentivirus yields unique cell and tissue tropism

Author(s): Dylla Douglas | Xie Litao | Michele Daniel | Kunz Stefan | McCray Paul
A transferable heterogeneous two-hybrid system in Escherichia coli based on polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesis regulatory protein PhaR

Author(s): Wang Zhi-Hui | Ma Ping | Chen Jiong | Zhang Jing | Chen Chong-Bo | Chen Guo-Qiang
Anopheles gambiae heat shock protein cognate 70B impedes o'nyong-nyong virus replication

Author(s): Sim Cheolho | Hong Young | Tsetsarkin Konstantin | Vanlandingham Dana | Higgs Stephen | Collins Frank
Lymphatic vessel density and function in experimental bladder cancer

Author(s): Saban Marcia | Towner Rheal | Smith Nataliya | Abbott Andrew | Neeman Michal | Davis Carole | Simpson Cindy | Maier Julie | Mémet Sylvie | Wu Xue-Ru | Saban Ricardo
MyoD- and nerve-dependent maintenance of MyoD expression in mature muscle fibres acts through the DRR/PRR element

Author(s): Chargé Sophie | Brack Andrew | Bayol Stéphanie | Hughes Simon
Ability of Lactobacillus fermentum to overcome host α-galactosidase deficiency, as evidenced by reduction of hydrogen excretion in rats consuming soya α-galacto-oligosaccharides

Author(s): LeBlanc Jean | Ledue-Clier Florence | Bensaada Martine | de Giori Graciela | Guerekobaya Theodora | Sesma Fernando | Juillard Vincent | Rabot Sylvie | Piard Jean-Christophe
Enkephalin-encoding herpes simplex virus-1 decreases inflammation and hotplate sensitivity in a chronic pancreatitis model

Author(s): Yang Hong | McNearney Terry | Chu Rong | Lu Ying | Ren Yong | Yeomans David | Wilson Steven | Westlund Karin
Nanomaterials Enhanced Gene Expression in Yeast Cells

Author(s): Su-Fang Chien | Shi-Hui Chen | Chhiu-Tsu Lin
CFTR and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in lung development

Author(s): Cohen J Craig | Larson Janet | Killeen Erin | Love Damon | Takemaru Ken-Ichi
Lysosomal exoglycosidases in serum and urine of patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Author(s): Sławomir Dariusz Szajda | Napoleon Waszkiewicz | Anna Stypułkowska | Jacek Dadan | Krzysztof Zwierz

Author(s): Shruthy VV | Pavithra M | Gowri S | Ghosh Asit R
Evaluation of Rovabio Max in Normal and Reduced-Nutrient Corn-Soybean Meal and Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Diets for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | F.Z. Liu | A. Hancock | C. Coto | C. Lu | A. Karimi | F. Yan | P.W. Waldroup
Microarray Analysis of the Transcriptome for Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Author(s): Jihyun HWANG | Youngmi CHOI | Jumsoon KANG | Suntae KIM | Myeongcheoul CHO | Lucica MIHALTE | Younghoon PARK
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
Genetic screening of Fabry patients with EcoTILLING and HRM technology

Author(s): Bono Caterina | Nuzzo Domenico | Albeggiani Giuseppe | Zizzo Carmela | Francofonte Daniele | Iemolo Francesco | Sanzaro Enzo | Duro Giovanni
Co-production of GroELS discriminates between intrinsic and thermally-induced recombinant protein aggregation during substrate quality control

Author(s): Platas Gemma | Rodríguez-Carmona Escarlata | García-Fruitós Elena | Cano-Garrido Olivia | Villaverde Antonio
Heterologous protein display on the cell surface of lactic acid bacteria mediated by the s-layer protein

Author(s): Hu Shumin | Kong Jian | Sun Zhilan | Han Lanlan | Kong Wentao | Yang Pu
Therapy of Fabry disease with pharmacological chaperones: from in silico predictions to in vitro tests

Author(s): Andreotti Giuseppina | Citro Valentina | De Crescenzo Agostina | Orlando Pierangelo | Cammisa Marco | Correra Antonella | Cubellis Maria Vittoria
p21WAF1 and hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced premature senescence of H9c2 cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Dan Wang | Yu-Zhen Zhang | Bing Yang | Feng-Xiang Zhang | Ming-Yong Cao | Cheng Wang | Ming-Long Chen
In vitro evaluation of mutagenicity and cytotoxicity of four root canal sealers

Author(s): Zarrabian M. | Ostad SN. | Abbasi M. | Mohseni M
Fabry disease

Author(s): Afshar Ramezanpour | Abdolamir Feizi | Ramin Mohammadi
Effect of divalent metal ions on the activity and stability of β-galactosidase isolated from Kluyveromyces lactis


Author(s): E. A. GANDRA | J. A. SILVA | M. R. P. MACEDO | M. R. ARAÊJO | M. M. MATA | W. P. SILVA
Quantitative transcript analysis of the inducible expression system pSIP: comparison of the overexpression of Lactobacillus spp. β-galactosidases in Lactobacillus plantarum

Author(s): Nguyen Tien-Thanh | Nguyen Thu-Ha | Maischberger Thomas | Schmelzer Philipp | Mathiesen Geir | Eijsink Vincent | Haltrich Dietmar | Peterbauer Clemens
Depletion of drug-surviving glioma cells by a second phase treatment with low concentration of salinomycin

Author(s): Zahid M. Delwar | Dimitrios Avramidis | Åke Siden | Mabel Cruz | Juan Sebastian Yakisich
Quantitative digital in situ senescence-associated β-galactosidase assay

Author(s): Shlush Liran | Itzkovitz Shalev | Cohen Ariel | Rutenberg Aviad | Berkovitz Ron | Yehezkel Shiran | Shahar Hofit | Selig Sara | Skorecki Karl
Epithelial cell senescence impairs repair process and exacerbates inflammation after airway injury

Author(s): Zhou Fang | Onizawa Shigemitsu | Nagai Atsushi | Aoshiba Kazutetsu
Protein expression dynamics during Escherichia Coli glucose-lactose diauxie

Author(s): Mostovenko Ekaterina | Deelder André | Palmblad Magnus
Genetically Modified Strains of Xanthomonas campestris Higher Xanthan Producer and Capable to Utilize Whey

Author(s): S.M.A. Ghazal | W.S. Elsayed | U.M. Badr | H.M. Gebreel | K.M.A. Khalil
Assessment of Site Specific Mutational Effect on Transcription Initiation at Escherichia coli Promoter

Author(s): S. Kannan | M. Krishnan | S. Sundarraj | C. Meenambigai | M. Vimaladevi
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