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Stand Structure and Spatial Patterns of Trees in Mixed Hyrcanian Beech Forest, Iran

Author(s): H. Habashi | S.M. Hosseiniand | R. Rahmani | J. Mohammadi
State and silvicultural problems of beech forests in Northeast Serbia

Author(s): Krstić Milun | Medarević Milan | Stojanović Ljubivoje | Banković Staniša
Tree development and productivity of beech coppice stands in the Crni Vrh region

Author(s): Pantić Damjan | Krstić Milun | Danilović Milorad | Matović Bratislav | Marković Nenad
Assortment structure in beech coppice stands in Boljevac region

Author(s): Danilović Milorad | Pantić Damjan

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