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Chronic fluoxetine treatment increases daytime melatonin synthesis in the rodent

Author(s): Gillian W Reierson | Claudio A Mastronardi | Julio Licinio | et al
Clinical utility of varenicline for smokers with medical and psychiatric comorbidity

Author(s): Jon O Ebbert | Kirk D Wyatt | Ali Zirakzadeh | et al
Childhood-Onset Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Author(s): Dursun Karaman | Ibrahim Durukan | Murat Erdem
Tourette Syndrome: Not Just a Tic Disorder

Author(s): Huei-Shyong Wang
Anxiety and mood disorder in young males with mitral valve prolapse

Author(s): For-Wey Lung | Chih-Tao Cheng | Wei-To Chang | Bih-Ching Shu
Impact of cholinesterase inhibitors on behavioral and psychological symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Noll Campbell | Amir Ayub | Malaz A Boustani | Chris Fox | Martin Farlow | et al
Attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder and reward deficiency syndrome

Author(s): Kenneth Blum | Amanda Lih-Chuan Chen | Eric R Braverman | David E Comings | Thomas JH Chen | et al
Aripiprazole in the treatment of Huntington’s disease: a case series

Author(s): Andrea Ciammola | Jenny Sassone | Clarissa Colciago | Niccolò E Mencacci | Barbara Poletti | et al
Excited delirium: Consideration of selected medical and psychiatric issues

Author(s): Edith Samuel | Robert B Williams | Richard B Ferrell
Combination therapy or monotherapy for the depressed type of schizoaffective disorder

Author(s): Lubomira Izáková | Ivan Andre | Angelos Halaris
Once-daily medications for the pharmacological management of ADHD in adults

Author(s): Oleg v Tcheremissine | Lori M Lieving
Duloxetine for the management of fibromyalgia syndrome

Author(s): Beth A Scholz | Cara L Hammonds | Chad S Boomershine
Prevalence and risk factors for unrecognized obstructive lung disease among urban drug users

Author(s): M Bradley Drummond | Gregory D Kirk | Jacquie Astemborski | et al
Frontotemporal dementia: a case presentation

Author(s): Nesim Kuğu | Orhan Doğan | Önder Kavakcı | İbrahim Terlemez
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for dyspepsia: Εxploratory study of factors influencing patient compliance in Greece

Author(s): Oikonomidou Eirini | Anastasiou Foteini | Pilpilidis Ioannis | Kouroumalis Elias | Lionis Christos
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents (DBT-A): a clinical Trial for Patients with suicidal and self-injurious Behavior and Borderline Symptoms with a one-year Follow-up

Author(s): Fleischhaker Christian | Böhme Renate | Sixt Barbara | Brück Christiane | Schneider Csilla | Schulz Eberhard
Relationship of tooth loss to mild memory impairment and cognitive impairment: findings from the fujiwara-kyo study

Author(s): Okamoto Nozomi | Morikawa Masayuki | Okamoto Kensuke | Habu Noboru | Iwamoto Junko | Tomioka Kimiko | Saeki Keigo | Yanagi Motokazu | Amano Nobuko | Kurumatani Norio
Plasma neuropeptide Y: a biomarker for symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome

Author(s): Fletcher Mary | Rosenthal Martin | Antoni Michael | Ironson Gail | Zeng Xiao | Barnes Zachary | Harvey Jeanna | Hurwitz Barry | Levis Silvina | Broderick Gordon | Klimas Nancy
The fitness for the Ageing Brain Study II (FABS II): protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of physical activity on cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Cyarto Elizabeth | Cox Kay | Almeida Osvaldo | Flicker Leon | Ames David | Byrne Gerard | Hill Keith | Beer Christopher | LoGiudice Dina | Appadurai Kana | Irish Muireann | Renehan Emma | Lautenschlager Nicola
The COMTval158met polymorphism is associated with symptom relief during exposure-based cognitive-behavioral treatment in panic disorder

Author(s): Lonsdorf Tina | Rück Christian | Bergström Jan | Andersson Gerhard | Öhman Arne | Lindefors Nils | Schalling Martin
Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Adolescents with Tourette Syndrome

Author(s): Hsueh-Ling Chang | Hsin-Yi Liang | Hwei-Shioun Wang | Chian-Shan Li | Nai-Chi Ko | Yuan-Pei Hsu
Analysis of test anxiety in medical students

Author(s): Latas Milan | Pantić Marina | Obradović Danilo
Clinical characteristics and risk behavior as a function of HIV status among heroin users enrolled in methadone treatment in northern Taiwan

Author(s): Lee Tony | Shen Hsi-Che | Wu Wei-Hsin | Huang Chun-Wei | Yen Muh-Yong | Wang Bo-En | Chuang Peing | Shih Chien-Yu | Chou Ying-Chun | Liu Yi-Lien
Feasibility and acceptability of a multiple risk factor intervention: The Step Up randomized pilot trial

Author(s): McClure Jennifer | Catz Sheryl | Ludman Evette | Richards Julie | Riggs Karin | Grothaus Lou
Lack of a synergistic effect of a non-viral ALS gene therapy based on BDNF and a TTC fusion molecule

Author(s): Calvo Ana | Moreno-Igoa María | Mancuso Renzo | Manzano Raquel | Oliván Sara | Muñoz María | Penas Clara | Zaragoza Pilar | Navarro Xavier | Osta Rosario
Cognitive behavioral therapy of socially phobic children focusing on cognition: a randomised wait-list control study

Author(s): Melfsen Siebke | Kühnemund Martina | Schwieger Judith | Warnke Andreas | Stadler Christina | Poustka Fritz | Stangier Ulrich
EEG complexity as a biomarker for autism spectrum disorder risk

Author(s): Bosl William | Tierney Adrienne | Tager-Flusberg Helen | Nelson Charles
Clinical features and multidisciplinary approaches to dementia care

Author(s): Gr | JHG | Caspar S | MacDonald SWS

Author(s): Adriana Soekandar Ginanjar

Author(s): Katarina Tomić1, | Goran Mihajlović2, | Natalija Jovanović Mihajlović3 | Slavica Đukić Dejanović2, and | Katarina Mihajlović4 | Goran Petrović2
The Effect of Parent Management Training for Parents of Preschoolers with ADHD

Author(s): A. Hajebi | M. Hakim Shoushtari | N. Khajeddin

Author(s): Middha Akanksha | Kataria Sahil | Sandhu Premjeet | Kapoor Bhawna
Allergy to dietary protein

Author(s): Carlos Lifschitz
Knowledge of Malaria and Implications for Control in an Endemic Urban Area of North Central Nigeria

Author(s): I.K. Olayemi | I.C.J. Omalu | S.O. Abolarinwa | O.M. Mustapha | V.A. Ayanwale | A.Z. Mohammed | I.M. Bello | V.I. Chukwuemeka

Author(s): Pathan Dilnawaz N | Ziyaurrahaman A.R | Bhise K.S.
Psychosocial group interventions on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): MM Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | Y Fakour | M Momtazbakhsh
Behavioral group therapy effect on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in children: A randomized clinical trial

Author(s): "J Mahmoudi-Gharaei | MR Mohammadi | M Bina | MT Yasami | Y Fakour | F Naderi "
Intracranial capillary hemangioma mimicking a dissociative disorder

Author(s): Santosh G. John | Unnikrishnan Pillai | Alexander Lacasse
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Intervenções Cognitivo-Comportamentais no Transtorno de Humor Bipolar

Author(s): Adriana da Matta | Denise Balem Yates | Paula Grazziotin Silveira | Lisiane Bizarro | Clarissa Marceli Trentini
The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy Based on Heimberg`s Model on the Decrease of Social Anxiety Symptoms

Author(s): Mahdiyeh Melyani | Mohammad Reza Shairi | Gholamhossein Ghaedi | Maryam Bakhtirari | Azadeh Tavali
Predictors of Obsessive-compulsive Symptoms in Students

Author(s): Abolfazl Mohammadi | Ladan Fata | Rokhsareh Yazdandoost
The efficacy of Group Cognitive-Remediation Therapy for Patients with Schizophrenia with Longitudinal Course

Author(s): Neda Ali beigi | Parvaneh Mohammadkhani | Robabeh Mazinani | Behrooz Dolatshahi
Marital quality and relationship satisfaction in war veterans and their wives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Miro Klaric | Tanja Franciskovic | Aleksandra Stevanovic | Bozo Petrov | Suzana Jonovska | Iva Nemcic Moro
Pregnancy is associated with psychiatric symptoms in a low-income countryside community of Brazil

Author(s): Dias FMV | Junior CSD | Franco GC | Teixeira AL | Ribeiro AM
Relationship between Parenting Style and Children’s Behavior Problems

Author(s): shahla alizadeh | Mansor B Abu Talib | Rohani Abdullah | Mariani Mansor
Impulse control disorder associated with dopaminergic therapy in Parkinson’s disease – a case report

Author(s): Martin Valis | Jiri Masopust | Ales Urban | Dita Kalnicka
Massively multiplayer online role-playing games: comparing characteristics of addict vs non-addict online recruited gamers in a French adult population

Author(s): Achab Sophia | Nicolier Magali | Mauny Frédéric | Monnin Julie | Trojak Benoit | Vandel Pierre | Sechter Daniel | Gorwood Philip | Haffen Emmanuel
Potential link between caffeine consumption and pediatric depression: A case-control study

Author(s): Benko Cássia | Farias Antonio | Farias Lucilene | Pereira Erico | Louzada Fernando | Cordeiro Mara
Use of folic acid and vitamin supplementation among adults with depression and anxiety: a cross-sectional, population-based survey

Author(s): Zhao Guixiang | Ford Earl | Li Chaoyang | Greenlund Kurt | Croft Janet | Balluz Lina
Comparative study on the effect of zopiclone and flurazepam

Author(s): R. Najam | A. Nasir | S. S. Khan
Internet-based prevention of posttraumatic stress symptoms in injured trauma patients: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Joanne Mouthaan | Marit Sijbrandij | Johannes B. Reitsma | Berthold P.R. Gersons | Miranda Olff
The effect of psychosocial supportive interventions on PTSD symptoms after Bam earthquake

Author(s): Y. Fakour | J. Mahmoudi-gharaei | MR. Mohammadi | M. Karimi | M. Azar | M. Momtaz-bakhsh
Supportive and cognitive behavioral group interventions on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): J Mahmoudi-Gharaei | MR. Mohammadi | M. Bina | MT. Yasami | Y. Fakour
Celiac disease in Iran

Author(s): Malekzadeh R | Shakeri R
Cardiovascular Effects of Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers

Author(s): Javad Maleki | Shahin Akhondzadeh
The Effect of Three Months Regular Aerobic Exercise on Premenstrual Syndrome

Author(s): Zinat Ghanbari | Farideh Dehghan Manshavi | Mina Jafarabadi

Author(s): N. Sheikh | A. Farhadi Nasab | M. Araghchian Kh. Mani Kashani
Group Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Supportive Art and Sport Interventions on Bam Earthquake Related Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Children: A Field Trial

Author(s): Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mohammad Taghi Yasami | Narges Joshaghani | Fatemeh Naderi
The Effects of a Short-term Cognitive Behavioral Group Intervention on Bam Earthquake Related PTSD Symptoms in Adolescents

Author(s): Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei Mahmoudi-Gharaei | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mohammad Taghi Yasami | Nargess Alirezaie | Fatemeh Naderi | Omid Moftakhari
Efficacy of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple-P) for a Group of Parents of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Author(s): Fatemeh Moharreri | Zahra Shahrivar | Mehdi Tehranidoost | Javad Mahmoudi Gharaei
Postpartum Depression and Role of Serum Trace Elements

Author(s): Sahabeh Etebary | Sara Nikseresht | Hamid Reza Sadeghipour | Mohammad Reza Zarrindast
Effect of play therapy on behavioral problems of mal-adjusted pre-school children

Author(s): Niloufar Jafari | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mehdi Khanbani | Saeedeh Farid | Parisa Chiti
Serotonin in Allergic Rhinitis: A Possible Role for Behavioural Symptoms

Author(s): Giorgio Ciprandi | Mara De Amici | Mariangela Tosca | Roberta Alesina | Gianluigi Marseglia | Dietmar Fuchs
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Nocturnal panic attack: is it an another subtype?

Author(s): Özlem Girit Çetinkaya | Kürşat Altınbaş | Derya İpekçioğlu | Sezgin Erdiman | Şeref Özer
The Effects of Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy on Binge Eating Disorder and in Women of Ahvaz Overeating Anonymous

Author(s): Farzaneh Hooman | Mahnaz Mehrabi zadeh Honarmand | Niloufar Khajeddin | Yadolla Zargar
Risperidone in the treatment of conduct disorder in preschool children without intellectual disability

Author(s): Ercan Eyup | Basay Burge | Basay Omer | Durak Sibel | Ozbaran Burcu
PHQ-8 Days: a measurement option for DSM-5 Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) severity

Author(s): Dhingra Satvinder | Kroenke Kurt | Zack Matthew | Strine Tara | Balluz Lina
Expression of human amyloid precursor protein in the skeletal muscles of Drosophila results in age- and activity-dependent muscle weakness

Author(s): Kim Chul | Srivastava Sapeckshita | Rice Marian | Godenschwege Tanja | Bentley Brooke | Ravi Saranya | Shao Shuang | Woodard Craig | Schwartz Lawrence
FTLD-TDP with motor neuron disease, visuospatial impairment and a progressive supranuclear palsy-like syndrome: broadening the clinical phenotype of TDP-43 proteinopathies. A report of three cases

Author(s): Rusina Robert | Kovacs Gabor | Fiala Jindřich | Hort Jakub | Ridzoň Petr | Holmerová Iva | Ströbel Thomas | Matěj Radoslav
The association of quality of life with potentially remediable disruptions of circadian sleep/activity rhythms in patients with advanced lung cancer

Author(s): Grutsch James | Ferrans Carol | Wood Patricia | Du-Quiton Jovelyn | Quiton Dinah | Reynolds Justin | Ansell Christine | Oh Eun | Daehler Mary | Levin Robert | Braun Donald | Gupta Digant | Lis Christopher | Hrushesky William
Behavioral mechanisms and morphological symptoms of zombie ants dying from fungal infection

Author(s): Hughes David | Andersen Sandra | Hywel-Jones Nigel | Himaman Winanda | Billen Johan | Boomsma Jacobus
FXTAS is rare among Portuguese patients with movement disorders: FMR1 premutations may be associated with a wider spectrum of phenotypes

Author(s): Seixas Ana | Vale José | Jorge Paula | Marques Isabel | Santos Rosário | Alonso Isabel | Fortuna Ana | Pinto-Basto Jorge | Coutinho Paula | Margolis Russell | Sequeiros Jorge | Silveira Isabel
A Population-based study of dementia in the oldest old: the Monzino 80-plus Study

Author(s): Lucca Ugo | Garrì Mariateresa | Recchia Angela | Logroscino Giancarlo | Tiraboschi Pietro | Franceschi Massimo | Bertinotti Chiara | Biotti Anna | Gargantini Elena | Maragna Marilena | Nobili Alessandro | Pasina Luca | Franchi Carlotta | Riva Emma | Tettamanti Mauro
Work-related pesticide poisoning among farmers in two villages of Southern China: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Zhang Xujun | Zhao Weiyan | Jing Ruiwei | Wheeler Krista | Smith Gary | Stallones Lorann | Xiang Huiyun
Compliant gluten-free children with celiac disease: an evaluation of psychological distress

Author(s): Mazzone Luigi | Reale Laura | Spina Massimo | Guarnera Manuela | Lionetti Elena | Martorana Serena | Mazzone Domenico
Depressive Cognitions May Affect Cingulate Neurochemistry in ADHD Patients

Author(s): Evgeniy Perlov | Alexandra Philipsen | Simon Maier | Martin Buechert | Bernd Hesslinger | Dieter Ebert | Ludger Tebartz van Elst
Association Between Symptom Profiles and Iron and Ferritine Serum Levels in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research Article

Author(s): Melih Nuri Karakurt | M. Koray Karabekiroğlu | Seher Akbaş | Birşen Bilgici | Mehtap Kılıç | Ahmet Şenses | Saliha Baykal | Ömer Böke
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Auditory Hallucinations

Author(s): Oya Mortan | Serap Tekinsav Sutcu
The Effective of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Changes of Depressive Symptoms Among Adult Thai HIV-Infected Patients

Author(s): Isareethika Jayasvasti | Narin Hiransuthikul | Nuttorn Pityaratstian | Vitool Lohsoonthorn | Buranee Kanchanatawan | Boonruang Triruangworawat
Endoscopic Adenoidectomy Secondary to Druginduced Trismus

Author(s): Mark Greenberg | Daniela Carvalho
Association of upper gastrointestinal symptoms with functional and clinical charateristics in elderly

Author(s): Alberto Pilotto | Stefania Maggi | Marianna Noale | Marilisa Franceschi | Giancarlo Parisi | Gaetano Crepaldi
Remembering and forgetting: directed forgetting effect in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Author(s): Konishi M | Shishikura K | Nakaaki S | Komatsu S | Mimura M


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