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The Vote of the Mexican Immigrants. An Analysis of the Results of the 2006 Presidential Election, to the light of political behavior theories

Author(s): Dr. Andrés Valdez Zepeda | Mgt. Delia A. Huerta Franco | Mgt. Arturo Aguilar Aldrete | Mgt. Octavio Adolfo Pérez Preciado
Investigación internacional en marketing turístico: análisis de contenido sobre temas y metodologías

Author(s): Bigné Alcañiz, J. Enrique | Andreu Simó, Luisa | Sánchez García, Isabel | Alvarado Herrera, Alejandro

Author(s): M. Nawaz Tahir | Orhan Atakol | Muhammad Ilyas Tariq
Modelling Cell Cycle using Different Levels of Representation

Author(s): Thomas Anung Basuki | Antonio Cerone | Rafael V. Carvalho
Investigation of Structural and Physical Properties of Pt/Pb(Zr 0.4 Ti 0.6 )O3/ITO Capacitors Fabricated on Glass Substrate

Author(s): ZHOU Yang,CHENG Chun-Sheng,ZHAO Jing-Wei,ZHENG Hong-Fang,ZHAO Qing-Xun,PENG Ying-Cai,LIU Bao-Ting
Effect of Short Steel Fibre Reinforcement on Laterized Concrete Columns

Author(s): Efe Ewaen Ikponmwosa | Musbau Ajibade Salau
Light-induced Freedericksz transition and optical multistability in nematic liquid crystals

Author(s): Miroshnichenko Andrey E. | Pinkevych Igor | Kivshar Yuri S.
Media and cultural identity

Author(s): Necla Mora
Review - Synthesis and superconducting properties of CaC6

Author(s): Nicolas Emery, Claire Herold, Jean-François Mareche and Philippe Lagrange
The behaviour of enterprises in relation to managers continuous training


Author(s): Sylvain Bernès | Guadalupe Hernández | Roberto Portillo | Sandra Cruz | René Gutiérrez
On Process Modelling Using Physical Oriented And Phenomena Based Principles

Author(s): Dorel Aiordachioaie | Rustem Popa | Mihai Culea
Perceived Assessement Style and Learning Motivation

Author(s): Elena Cocoradă | Marcela Rodica Luca | Mariela Pavalache-Ilie
Comportamente orientate spre scop între dezbatere si practica didactica

Author(s): Adrian Rosan, Lect. Dr. | Casian Popa, Lect.
Treatment Options in Kleptomania

Author(s): Okan Çalıyurt | Lut Tamam
Body Experience and Mirror Behaviour in Female Eating Disorders Patients and non Clinical Subjects

Author(s): Michel Probst | Guido Pieters | Davy Vancampfort | Johan Vanderlinden
Buffalo behavioural response to machine milking in early lactation

Author(s): Roberta Cavallina | Cristina Roncoroni | Maria Concetta Campagna | Michela Minero | Elisabetta Canali
Modeling Network Behaviour By Full-System Simulation

Author(s): Andres Ortiz | Julio Ortega | Antonio F. Diaz | Alberto Prieto
An Application Directed Adaptive Framework for Autonomic Software

Author(s): Bridget Meehan | Girijesh Prasad | T. M. McGinnity
Long term substitution treatment (maintenance treatment) of opioid dependent persons

Author(s): Busch, Martin | Haas, Sabine | Weigl, Marion | Wirl, Charlotte
Concepts of care for people with dementia

Author(s): Rieckmann, Nina | Schwarzbach, Christoph | Nocon, Marc | Roll, Stefanie | Vauth, Christoph | Willich, Stefan N. | Greiner, Wolfgang
The effect of electrospun fibre alignment on the behaviour of rat periodontal ligament cells

Author(s): S Shang | F Yang | X Cheng | XF Walboomers | JA Jansen
A Practice of Social Medicine

Author(s): Sidney Kark | Emily Kark
Defining and measuring environmental consciousness

Author(s): Jiménez Sánchez, Manuel | Lafuente, Regina
Systematic development of a self-regulation weight-management intervention for overweight adults

Author(s): van Genugten Lenneke | van Empelen Pepijn | Flink Ilse | Oenema Anke
Shame proneness, guilt proneness and psychopathology

Author(s): Fatma Gül Cirhinlioğlu | Gülden Güvenç
Service Oriented Application in Agent Based Virtual Knowledge Community

Author(s): Latef Oladimeji Yusuf | Olusegun Folorunso | Akinwale, Adio Taofeek | Adejumobi, I. A.

Author(s): L. O. Yusuf | O. Folorunso | A. T. Akinwale | A. I. Adejumobi
A conceptual framework for interprofessional shared decision making in home care: Protocol for a feasibility study

Author(s): Légaré France | Stacey Dawn | Brière Nathalie | Desroches Sophie | Dumont Serge | Fraser Kimberley | Murray Mary-Anne | Sales Anne | Aubé Denise
Analyzing Throughput of TCP in IEEE 802.11 Based Ad-hoc Networks

Review of different TCP Variants in Adhoc networks

Author(s): Mandakini Tayade, | Varsha Sharma,
An Adaptive Service Choreography approach based on Ontology-Driven Policy Refinement

Author(s): Farhad Mardukhi | Naser NematBaksh | Kamran Zamanifar
Six rapid assessments of alcohol and other substance use in populations displaced by conflict

Author(s): Ezard Nadine | Oppenheimer Edna | Burton Ann | Schilperoord Marian | Macdonald David | Adelekan Moruf | Sakarati Abandokoth | van Ommeren Mark
The legal status of Uncertainty

Author(s): M. Altamura | L. Ferraris | D. Miozzo | L. Musso | F. Siccardi
Robust multi-objective calibration strategies – chances for improving flood forecasting

Author(s): T. Krauße | J. Cullmann | P. Saile | G. H. Schmitz
Client satisfaction and quality of health care in rural Bangladesh

Author(s): Aldana Jorge Mendoza | Piechulek Helga | Al-Sabir Ahmed
Association among the study area and the knowledge and practices regarding the transmition

Author(s): Vera Lina María | López Nahyr | Ariza Nelsy Dayana | Díaz Luz Mary | Flórez Yaneth | Franco Sahira Gimena | Isaza Socorro | Marciales Diana Patricia | Rueda Juliana | Torres Laura Juliana
Shifts in doctor-patient communication between 1986 and 2002: a study of videotaped General Practice consultations with hypertension patients

Author(s): Bensing Jozien | Tromp Fred | van Dulmen Sandra | van den Brink-Muinen Atie | Verheul William | Schellevis François
Femoral tunnel placement in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: rationale of the two incision technique

Author(s): Garofalo Raffaele | Moretti Biagio | Kombot Cyril | Moretti Lorenzo | Mouhsine Elyazid
A data integration approach for cell cycle analysis oriented to model simulation in systems biology

Author(s): Alfieri Roberta | Merelli Ivan | Mosca Ettore | Milanesi Luciano
Regionalisation of the mouse visceral endoderm as the blastocyst transforms into the egg cylinder

Author(s): Perea-Gomez Aitana | Meilhac Sigolène | Piotrowska-Nitsche Karolina | Gray Dionne | Collignon Jérôme | Zernicka-Goetz Magdalena
Effects of gastrointestinal tissue structure on computed dipole vectors

Author(s): Austin Travis | Li Liren | Pullan Andrew | Cheng Leo
Tool-related Cognition in New Caledonian Crows

Author(s): Lucas A. Bluff | Alex A. S. Weir | Christian Rutz | Joanna H. Wimpenny | Alex Kacelnik
Upside-down swimming behaviour of free-ranging narwhals

Author(s): Dietz Rune | Shapiro Ari | Bakhtiari Mehdi | Orr Jack | Tyack Peter | Richard Pierre | Eskesen Ida | Marshall Greg
A Wise Fool’s Anecdotal Cycle in Malta: A Reappraisal

Author(s): Ġorġ (George) Mifsud-Chircop
Protocol to assess covering products for roofing slates

Author(s): Cárdenes, V. | García-Guinea, J. | Monterroso, C. | De la Horra, R.
Solution based approaches for the morphology control of BaTiO3 particulates

Author(s): Florentina Maxim | Paula Ferreira | Paula M. Vilarinho | Ian Reaney | Anne Aimable | Paul Bowen
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Students' profile as autonomous learners in an Internet-based EAP course

Author(s): Antonia Soler Cervera | Carmen Rueda Ramos | Elisabet Arnó Macià
The Importance of the Trainer`s Gaze in Horse Training

Author(s): Simona Normando | Iris Perini | Flaviana Gottardo
Therapy of unspecific tinnitus without organic cause

Author(s): Frank, Wilhelm | Konta, Brigitte | Seiler, Gerda
Concepts of care for people with dementia

Author(s): Rieckmann, Nina | Schwarzbach, Christoph | Nocon, Marc | Roll, Stefanie | Vauth, Christoph | Willich, Stefan N. | Greiner, Wolfgang
Business Process Based Database Recovery and Experimental Results

Author(s): Pinaki Mitra | Girish Sundaram | Arun Kumar Tripathi
Is there a danger for myopia in anti-doping education? Comparative analysis of substance use and misuse in Olympic racket sports calls for a broader approach

Author(s): Kondric Miran | Sekulic Damir | Petroczi Andrea | Ostojic Ljerka | Rodek Jelena | Ostojic Zdenko
Exact linearization of an induction machine with rotoric flux orientation

Author(s): Bentaallah Abderrahim | Meroufel Abdelkader | Bendaoud Abdelber | Massoum Ahmed | Fellah Karim Mohamed
Channels as Objects in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming

Author(s): Joana Campos | Vasco T. Vasconcelos
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
A CSP Account of Event-B Refinement

Author(s): Steve Schneider | Helen Treharne | Heike Wehrheim
Marketing Research Merely Reflects The Needs And Wants of Consumers

Author(s): Theodossiou George | Kourti Chrisa

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