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Environmental and Safety Concerns for Nuclear Power Generation in Ghana

Author(s): Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | Edward H. K. Akaho | Benjamin J. B. Nyarko | Isaac Ennison | Henry C. Odoi | Rex G. Abrefah | Robert B. M. Sogbadji | Sylvester A. Birikorang | Innocent J. K. Aboh | Kwaku A. Danso | Ekua Mensimah | Kwame Gyamfi
A methodological review of resilience measurement scales

Author(s): Windle Gill | Bennett Kate | Noyes Jane
Evaluating Web Sites Using COPRAS-GRA Combined With Grey Clustering

Satiety testing: Ready for the clinic?

Author(s): Michael P Jones
Improving the Development of Postgraduates’ Research and Supervision

Author(s): Affero Ismail | Norhasni Zainal Abiddin | Aminuddin Hassan
Developing an electronic health record (EHR) for methadone treatment recording and decision support

Author(s): Xiao Liang | Cousins Gráinne | Courtney Brenda | Hederman Lucy | Fahey Tom | Dimitrov Borislav
An introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analysis: A workshop report on promoting evidence based medical practice through capacity building in research synthesis

Author(s): Lawrence Mbuagbaw | Charles Shey Wiysonge | Dickson Shey Nsagha | Pierre Ongolo-Zogo | Tomas Pantoja
Bed Bugs: The Australian Response

Author(s): Stephen L. Doggett | Christopher J. Orton | David G. Lilly | Richard C. Russell
Lipoprotein(a) Is the Best Single Marker in Assessing Unstable Angina Pectoris

Author(s): Vidosava B. Djordjević | Vladan Ćosić | Ivana Stojanović | Slavica Kundalić | Lilika Zvezdanović | Marina Deljanin-Ilić | Predrag Vlahović | Lidija Popović
Reflecting upon Management Systems: Content analysis and synthesis

Author(s): Manuel F. Suárez-Bar | Juan Ramis-Pujol | Miguel Ángel Heras
The NGOs, social constructors in the domain of occupying the labor force. The case of „Ruhama” Foundation

Author(s): Floare CHIPEA | Florica STEFANESCU | Simona BODOGAI | Claudia OSVAT
The Social Movement of the Phuan in Thailand

Author(s): Niwat Thongwol | Jaruwan Tammawat | Prasopsuk Rittidej | Budsakorn Saenyabud
Treatment of cachexia in oncology

Author(s): Tazi E | Errihani H
Pathophysiology, treatment, and animal and cellular models of human ischemic stroke

Author(s): Woodruff Trent | Thundyil John | Tang Sung-Chun | Sobey Christopher | Taylor Stephen | Arumugam Thiruma
Establishing an EU-China consortium on traditional Chinese medicine research

Author(s): Uzuner Halil | Fan Tai-Ping | Dias Alberto | Guo De-an | El-Nezami Hani | Xu Qihe
A checklist for health research priority setting: nine common themes of good practice

Author(s): Viergever Roderik | Olifson Sylvie | Ghaffar Abdul | Terry Robert
A study of the perceived risks, benefits and barriers to the use of SDD in adult critical care units (The SuDDICU study)

Author(s): Cuthbertson BH | Francis J | Campbell MK | MacIntyre L | Seppelt I | Grimshaw J
Clinical Decision Making and Outcome in Routine Care for People with Severe Mental Illness (CEDAR): Study protocol

Author(s): Puschner Bernd | Steffen Sabine | Slade Mike | Kaliniecka Helena | Maj Mario | Fiorillo Andrea | Munk-Jørgensen Povl | Larsen Jens | Égerházi Anikó | Nemes Zoltan | Rössler Wulf | Kawohl Wolfram | Becker Thomas
International publications of Academic Emergency Medicine Departments in Turkey: 15th year analysis

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Aslihan YURUKTUMEN | Murat OZSARAC | Selahattin KIYAN | Ersin AKSAY
Evaluatie van relatievorming in de laagdrempelige verslavingszorg

Author(s): Esther Kuis | Anja Knoope | Anne Goossensen
Activating welfare recipients with health complaints: Reasons for failure of a cognitive training programme

Author(s): Inge Bramsen | Ineke Tomesen | Toon Voorham | Harald Miedema
Evidence-Based Dentistry: The Next Frontier in Translational and Trans-National Dental Practice

Author(s): Reem Ajaj | André Barkhordarian | Linda Phi | Amy Giroux | Francesco Chiappelli
A DIGE study on the effects of salbutamol on the rat muscle proteome - an exemplar of best practice for data sharing in proteomics

Author(s): Kenyani Jenna | Medina-Aunon J Alberto | Martinez-Bartolomé Salvador | Albar Juan-Pablo | Wastling Jonathan | Jones Andrew
The development of a network for community-based obesity prevention: the CO-OPS Collaboration

Author(s): Allender Steven | Nichols Melanie | Foulkes Chad | Reynolds Rebecca | Waters Elizabeth | King Lesley | Gill Tim | Armstrong Rebecca | Swinburn Boyd
Efficacy and safety of a multifactor intervention to improve therapeutic adherence in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): protocol for the ICEPOC study

Author(s): Barnestein-Fonseca Pilar | Leiva-Fernández José | Vidal-España Francisca | García-Ruiz Antonio | Prados-Torres Daniel | Leiva-Fernández Francisca
The Influence of Drip Fertigation on Water Use Effi ciency in Tomato Crop Production

Author(s): Vjekoslav Tanaskovik | Ordan Cukaliev | Davor Romić | Gabrijel Ondrašek
Impact of manikin based training in intern

Author(s): Dr Pramila Menon, | Dr Dharshane, | Dr Khedkar, | Dr Prakash Gambhir
Arquitecture in the Online Universe

Author(s): Javier Fernandez Garcia
Toc Approach for Supply Chain Performance Enhancement

Author(s): Brijesh Ainapur | Ritesh Singh | P.R.Vittal
Supporting multi-discipline undergraduate group projects

Author(s): Ella-Mae Hubbard | Keith Gregory
Em memória de Cecil Helman In Memory of Cecil Helman En memoria de Cecil Helman

Author(s): Francisco Jorge Arsego Quadros de Oliveira
Evidence-Based Radiology: A New Approach to the Practice of Radiology

Author(s): Kombiz Steadie Seifi | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolrasul Sedaghat | Mansoor Fatehi | Ahmad Tavakoli
Neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers – evidence-to-practice

Author(s): Ndip A | Ebah L | Mbako A

Author(s): Silvestri Antonella | Veltri Stefania
Method for the economic recovery of Sugar-palm (Tao) (Arenga westerhoutii Griff.) community forests

Author(s): Anucha Chantaraboon | Intawat Burikam | Savent Pampasit | Ratchada Pongsattayapipat
What do information reuse and automated processing require in engineering design? Semantic process

Author(s): Ossi Nykänen | Jaakko Salonen | Mikko Markkula | Pekka Ranta | Markus Rokala | Matti Helminen | Vänni Alarotu | Juha Nurmi | Tuija Palonen | Kari T Koskinen | Seppo Pohjolainen
Six Years of Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluating Online Discussion Forums

Author(s): Megan Avila | Kavitha Nallathambi | Catherine Richey | Lisa Mwaikambo
Reactive Stream Stabilization for Minimizing Transport of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from Agricultural Landscapes

Author(s): Ji-Hee Son | Chester C. Watson | David S. Biedenharn | Kenneth H. Carlson
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Standards of Care

Author(s): Andre Barkhordarian | Brett Hacker | Francesco Chiappelli
Problem współpracy w leczeniu chorych z zaburzeniami lękowymi

Author(s): Rafał Jaeschke | Marcin Siwek | Dominika Dudek
Identifying quality improvement intervention publications - A comparison of electronic search strategies

Author(s): Hempel Susanne | Rubenstein Lisa | Shanman Roberta | Foy Robbie | Golder Su | Danz Marjorie | Shekelle Paul
Health care for immigrants in Europe: Is there still consensus among country experts about principles of good practice? A Delphi study

Author(s): Devillé Walter | Greacen Tim | Bogic Marija | Dauvrin Marie | Dias Sónia | Gaddini Andrea | Jensen Natasja | Karamanidou Christina | Kluge Ulrike | Mertaniemi Ritva | i Riera Rosa | Sárváry Attila | Soares Joaquim | Stankunas Mindaugas | Straßmayr Christa | Welbel Marta | Priebe Stefan
Fulfillment of the Brazilian Agenda of Priorities in Health Research

Author(s): Pacheco Santos Leonor | Moura Erly | Barradas Barata Rita | Serruya Suzanne | da Motta Marcia | Silva Elias Flávia | Angulo-Tuesta Antonia | de Paula Ana | de Melo Gilvania | Guimarães Reinaldo | Grabois Gadelha Carlos
How many steps/day are enough? for adults

Author(s): Tudor-Locke Catrine | Craig Cora | Brown Wendy | Clemes Stacy | De Cocker Katrien | Giles-Corti Billie | Hatano Yoshiro | Inoue Shigeru | Matsudo Sandra | Mutrie Nanette | Oppert Jean-Michel | Rowe David | Schmidt Michael | Schofield Grant | Spence John | Teixeira Pedro | Tully Mark | Blair Steven
Stakeholders understanding of the concept of benefit sharing in health research in Kenya: a qualitative study

Author(s): Lairumbi Geoffrey | Parker Michael | Fitzpatrick Raymond | Mike English
Total Hip Arthroplasty – over 100 years of operative history

Author(s): Stephen Richard Knight | Randeep Aujla | Satya Prasad Biswas

Author(s): Miron Andreea | Ciobanu Laura | Menda Teodora - Adriana | Matoschi (Cimpan) Oana
Emission of toxic components as a factor of the best practice options for waste management: Application of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Author(s): Stevanović-Čarapina Hristina D. | Stepanov Jasna M. | Savić Dunja C. | Mihajlov Anđelka N.
Newly Licensed RNs Describe What They Like Best about Being a Nurse

Author(s): Maja Djukic | Linda H. Pellico | Christine T. Kovner | Carol S. Brewer
Selective review and commentary on emerging pharmacotherapies for opioid addiction

Author(s): Ling W | Mooney L | Zhao M | Nielsen S | Torrington M | Miotto K
Nurses role in nuclear medicine team

Author(s): Rafat Rezapour

Author(s): Carmen CHAŞOVSCHI | Ruxandra BEJINARU | Otilia BORDEIANU
Gain of mass between two profiles of treatments to pigs with Self-Organizing Factors

Author(s): Silvio Leite Monteiro da Silva | Angelo Herbert Moreira Arcanjo | Lucas da Rocha Pinto | Gabriel Pinto Rosa | Gustavo Henrique de Souza

Author(s): Anyim C. Francis, Ph.D | Elegbede Tunde | Mariam A. Gbajumo-Sheriff (Mrs.)
Preventing childhood obesity during infancy in UK primary care: a mixed-methods study of HCPs' knowledge, beliefs and practice

Author(s): Redsell Sarah | Atkinson Philippa | Nathan Dilip | Siriwardena Aloysius | Swift Judy | Glazebrook Cris
Lessons from the business sector for successful knowledge management in health care: A systematic review

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Hovanec Nina | Hastie Robyn | Sibbald Shannon
Determining utility values in patients with anterior cruciate ligament tears using clinical scoring systems

Author(s): Farshad Mazda | Gerber Christian | Szucs Thomas | Meyer Dominik
Evidence-Based Clinical Significance in Health Care: Toward an Inferential Analysis of Clinical Relevance

Author(s): Mahsa Dousti | Manisha H. Ramchandani | Manisha H. Ramchandani
Process evaluation of a community-based adolescent obesity prevention project in Tonga

Author(s): Fotu Kalesita | Moodie Marj | Mavoa Helen | Pomana Siosifa | Schultz Jimaima | Swinburn Boyd
Integrating telecare for chronic disease management in the community: What needs to be done?

Author(s): May Carl | Finch Tracy | Cornford James | Exley Catherine | Gately Claire | Kirk Sue | Jenkings K | Osbourne Janice | Robinson A | Rogers Anne | Wilson Robert | Mair Frances
Treating postnatal depressive symptoms in primary care: a randomised controlled trial of GP management, with and without adjunctive counselling

Author(s): Milgrom Jeannette | Holt Christopher | Gemmill Alan | Ericksen Jennifer | Leigh Bronwyn | Buist Anne | Schembri Charlene
Asthma in an Urban Population in Portugal: A prevalence study

Author(s): de Sousa Jaime | Santo Maria | Colaço Tânia | Almada-Lobo Filipa | Yaphe John
Expert opinion on detecting and treating depression in palliative care: A Delphi study

Author(s): Rayner Lauren | Price Annabel | Hotopf Matthew | Higginson Irene
Instrument development, data collection, and characteristics of practices, staff, and measures in the Improving Quality of Care in Diabetes (iQuaD) Study

Author(s): Eccles Martin | Hrisos Susan | Francis Jill | Stamp Elaine | Johnston Marie | Hawthorne Gillian | Steen Nick | Grimshaw Jeremy | Elovainio Marko | Presseau Justin | Hunter Margaret
Revisiting the dimensional structure of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS): empirical evidence for a general factor

Author(s): Reichenheim Michael | Moraes Claudia | Oliveira Alessandra | Lobato Gustavo
Kids in the city study: research design and methodology

Author(s): Oliver Melody | Witten Karen | Kearns Robin | Mavoa Suzanne | Badland Hannah | Carroll Penelope | Drumheller Chelsea | Tavae Nicola | Asiasiga Lanuola | Jelley Su | Kaiwai Hector | Opit Simon | Lin En-Yi Judy | Sweetsur Paul | Barnes Helen | Mason Nic | Ergler Christina
Transforming scientific evidence into better consumer choices

Author(s): Janet G Bauer | Francesco Chiappelli
Book Review: The Best of History Web Sites

Author(s): Betty M. Jeffery
Saskatchewan Residents’ Use of The Cochrane Library

Author(s): Dorothy Anne Forbes | Christine Neilson | Janet Bangma | Jennifer Forbes | Daniel Fuller | Shari Furniss
The Southern Alberta Information Resources (SAIR) Project

Author(s): Kathy Crewdson | Ian Dew | Wendy Osborn
What is Evidence? (editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
Activating welfare recipients with health complaints: Reasons for failure of a cognitive training programme

Author(s): Inge Bramsen | Ineke Tomesen | Toon Voorham | Harald Miedema
La Murciana: dos versiones para un cante minero

Author(s): Herrero Rodes, Sixto Manuel

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