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A web server for transcription factor binding site prediction

Author(s): Gang Su | Binchen Mao | Jin Wang

Author(s): Paolo Borrione | Luigi Di Luigi | Nicola Maffulli | Fabio Pigozzi
CORE_TF: a user-friendly interface to identify evolutionary conserved transcription factor binding sites in sets of co-regulated genes

Author(s): Hestand Matthew | van Galen Michiel | Villerius Michel | van Ommen Gert-Jan | den Dunnen Johan | 't Hoen Peter
An ICMP-Based Mobility Management Approach Suitable for Protocol Deployment Limitation

Author(s): Jeng-Yueng Chen | Chun-Chuan Yang | Wen-Shiung Chen | Yi-Hung Huang | Heng-Te Chu
A New Method to Detect Abnormal IP Address on DHCP

Author(s): Ling-Feng Chiang | Jiang-Whai Dai
ChIPpeakAnno: a Bioconductor package to annotate ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip data

Author(s): Zhu Lihua | Gazin Claude | Lawson Nathan | Pagès Hervé | Lin Simon | Lapointe David | Green Michael
Analysis of binding properties and specificity through identification of the interface forming residues (IFR) for serine proteases in silico docked to different inhibitors

Author(s): Ribeiro Cristina | Togawa Roberto | Neshich Izabella | Mazoni Ivan | Mancini Adauto | Minardi Raquel | da Silveira Carlos | Jardine José | Santoro Marcelo | Neshich Goran
In silico modelling of hormone response elements

Author(s): Stepanova Maria | Lin Feng | Lin Valerie
Association of SP-D, MBL and I-NOS genetic variants with pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Vaid Mudit | Kaur Savneet | Taruna Madan | Singh Hari | Gupta Vijay | Murthy KJR | Sarma Puranam
Evolution of an Artist’s Book

Author(s): Bryant, Sarah
Development of an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay applied to the Botrytis cinerea quantification in tissues of postharvest fruits

Author(s): Fernández-Baldo Martín | Fernández Jorge | Pereira Sirley | Messina Germán | Salinas Eloy | Raba Julio | Sanz Ferramola María
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