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Hyperprolactinemia with normal serum prolactin: Its clinical significance

Author(s): Agarwal Manika | Das Ananya | Singh Santa
Structural pattern matching of nonribosomal peptides

Author(s): Caboche Ségolène | Pupin Maude | Leclère Valérie | Jacques Phillipe | Kucherov Gregory
MMP2-cleavage of DMP1 generates a bioactive peptide promoting differentiation of dental pulp stem/progenitor cell

Author(s): C Chaussain | AS Eapen | E Huet | C Floris | S Ravindran | J Hao | S Menashi | A George
The Isolated and Combined Effects of Folic Acid and Synthetic Bioactive Compounds against Aβ(25-35)-Induced Toxicity in Human Microglial Cells

Author(s): Yih-Fong Liew | Chao-Tzu Huang | Shang-Shing P. Chou | Yuh-Chi Kuo | Shiu-Huey Chou | Jyh-Yih Leu | Woan-Fang Tzeng | Su-Jane Wang | Ming-Chi Tang | Rwei-Fen Syu Huang
Péptidos bioactivos en proteínas de reserva

Author(s): Vioque, J. | Sánchez-Vioque, R. | Clemente, A. | Pedroche, J. | Yust, M. M. | Millán, F.
Lunasin: A Novel Cancer Preventive Seed Peptide

Author(s): Blanca Hernández-Ledesma | Ben O. de Lumen
New Peptides Isolated from Lyngbya Species: A Review

Author(s): Li Liu | Kathleen S. Rein
Anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects of Evodia rutaecarpa (Wuzhuyu) and its major bioactive components

Author(s): Liao Jyh-Fei | Chiou Wen-Fei | Shen Yuh-Chiang | Wang Guei-Jane | Chen Chieh-Fu
Human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K(HML-2) encodes a stable signal peptide with biological properties distinct from Rec

Author(s): Ruggieri Alessia | Maldener Esther | Sauter Marlies | Mueller-Lantzsch Nikolaus | Meese Eckart | Fackler Oliver | Mayer Jens
What’s the importance of peptidases in cancer?

Author(s): Adriana Miti Nakahata | Maria Luiza Vilela Oliva | Oswaldo Keith Okamoto
Acute ingestion of a novel whey-derived peptide improves vascular endothelial responses in healthy individuals: a randomized, placebo controlled trial

Author(s): Ballard Kevin | Bruno Richard | Seip Richard | Quann Erin | Volk Brittanie | Freidenreich Daniel | Kawiecki Diana | Kupchak Brian | Chung Min-Yu | Kraemer William | Volek Jeff
An overview on nanocarrier technology- Aquasomes

Author(s): Shahabade Gururaj S*,Bhosale Ashok V,Mutha Swati S.,Bhosale Nilesh R.,Khade Prashant H.,Bhadane Nishant P.,Shinde Sagar T.
Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Hydrolysates Produced on a Plant Scale Have Antitumor Activity and Immunostimulating Effects in BALB/c Mice

Author(s): Yu-Kai Wang | Hai-Lun He | Guo-Fan Wang | Hao Wu | Bai-Cheng Zhou | Xiu-Lan Chen | Yu-Zhong Zhang
Short-term cultured, interleukin-15 differentiated dendritic cells have potent immunostimulatory properties

Author(s): Anguille Sébastien | Smits Evelien | Cools Nathalie | Goossens Herman | Berneman Zwi | Van Tendeloo Vigor
Cell-Penetrating Peptides: A Comparative Study on Lipid Affinity and Cargo Delivery Properties

Author(s): Paolo Ruzza | Barbara Biondi | Anna Marchiani | Nicola Antolini | Andrea Calderan
Bacterial biofilm formation versus mammalian cell growth on titanium-based mono- and bi-functional coating

Author(s): G Subbiahdoss | B Pidhatika | G Coullerez | M Charnley | R Kuijer | HC van der Mei | M Textor | HJ Busscher
Plasmids of endophytic bacteria as vectors for transformation in plants

Author(s): Chanda V Berde | Priya P Bhosale | Sushama R Chaphalkar
Milk proteins as precursors of bioactive peptides

Author(s): Marta Dziuba | Bartłomiej Dziuba | Anna Iwaniak
Peptides from the Bursa of Fabricius Associated with Suppression of Mitogen Stimulated DNA - Synthesis in Bursa of Fabricius Cells Belong to Intracellular Proteins

Author(s): Gary Garcia - Espinosa | Stefan Clerens | Lut Arckens | Gisela F. Erf | G. Tellez | Billy M. Hargis
Diversity and Impact of Prokaryotic Toxins on Aquatic Environments: A Review

Author(s): Elisabete Valério | Sandra Chaves | Rogério Tenreiro
Antimicrobial Peptides from the Marine Fishes

Author(s): S. Ravichandran | K. Kumaravel | G. Rameshkumar | T.T. AjithKumar
An RGD-restricted substrate interface is sufficient for the adhesion, growth and cartilage forming capacity of human chondrocytes

Author(s): D Vonwil | M Schuler | A Barbero | S Ströbel | D Wendt | M Textor | U Aebi | I Martin
Spider-Venom Peptides as Therapeutics

Author(s): Natalie J. Saez | Sebastian Senff | Jonas E. Jensen | Sing Yan Er | Volker Herzig | Lachlan D. Rash | Glenn F. King
Selection of gonadotrophin surge attenuating factor phage antibodies by bioassay

Author(s): Sorsa-Leslie Tarja | Mason Helen | Harris William | Fowler Paul
Stromal mesenchyme cell genes of the human prostate and bladder

Author(s): Goo Young Ah | Goodlett David | Pascal Laura | Worthington Kelsey | Vessella Robert | True Lawrence | Liu Alvin
Bioactive peptide design using the Resonant Recognition Model

Author(s): Cosic Irena | Pirogova Elena
Targeted Gene Disruption of the Cyclo (L-Phe, L-Pro) Biosynthetic Pathway in Streptomyces sp. US24 Strain

Author(s): Samiha Sioud | Ines Karray-Rebai | Hedi Aouissaoui | Bertrand Aigle | Samir Bejar | Lotfi Mellouli
Insulin-like growth factor-I gene therapy reverses morphologic changes and reduces hyperprolactinemia in experimental rat prolactinomas

Author(s): Console Gloria | Herenu Claudia | Camihort Gisela | Luna Georgina | Bracamonte Maria | Morel Gustavo | Goya Rodolfo
Les médicaments peptidiques : mythe ou réalité ?

Author(s): Decaffmeyer M. | Thomas A. | Brasseur R.
Expression and Hydroxylamine Cleavage of Thymosin Alpha 1 Concatemer

Author(s): Liang Zhou | Zong-Teng Lai | Min-Kan Lu | Xing-Guo Gong | Yi Xie

Author(s): Patil S.A. | Rane B.R. | Bakliwal S.R. | Pawar S.P.

Author(s): Giri Tapan Kumar | Nashine Jai Prakash | Namdeo Laxmi | Tripathi Dulal Krishna

Author(s): Shrikant Sharma | Raghvendar Singh | Shashank Rana
Antimicrobial Peptides: Multifunctional Drugs for Different Applications

Author(s): Lars-Ove Brandenburg | Julika Merres | Lea-Jessica Albrecht | Deike Varoga | Thomas Pufe
Bioactive properties and clinical safety of a novel milk protein peptide

Author(s): Kreider Richard | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Hudson Geoffrey | Rasmussen Chris | Chen Helen | Mollstedt Olof | Tsai Men-Hwei
Inducible ASABF-Type Antimicrobial Peptide from the Sponge Suberites domuncula: Microbicidal and Hemolytic Activity in Vitro and Toxic Effect on Molluscs in Vivo

Author(s): Matthias Wiens | Heinz C. Schröder | Michael Korzhev | Xiao-Hong Wang | Renato Batel | Werner E. G. Müller
Production of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites by Marine Vibrionaceae

Author(s): Maria Mansson | Lone Gram | Thomas O. Larsen

Author(s): 1Ramadevi Bhimavarapu*, 1Karuna Priya Chitra, 2Prabhu Karunakaran, 3Ambati Brahma Reddy
Screening of soy protein-derived hypotriglyceridemic di-peptides in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Inoue Nao | Nagao Koji | Sakata Kotaro | Yamano Naomi | Gunawardena Pathma | Han Seo-Young | Matsui Toshiro | Nakamori Toshihiro | Furuta Hitoshi | Takamatsu Kiyoharu | Yanagita Teruyoshi
Regulation of bombesin-stimulated cyclooxygenase-2 expression in prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Wen Xiaodong | Chao Celia | Ives Kirk | Hellmich Mark
Multi-Composite Bioactive Osteogenic Sponges Featuring Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Nanoporous Silicon Enclosures, and Peptide Amphiphiles for Rapid Bone Regeneration

Author(s): Matthew B. Murphy | Daniel Blashki | Rachel M. Buchanan | Dongmei Fan | Enrica De Rosa | Ramille N. Shah | Samuel I. Stupp | Bradley K. Weiner | Paul J. Simmons | Mauro Ferrari | Ennio Tasciotti
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