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Structural pattern matching of nonribosomal peptides

Author(s): Caboche Ségolène | Pupin Maude | Leclère Valérie | Jacques Phillipe | Kucherov Gregory
MMP2-cleavage of DMP1 generates a bioactive peptide promoting differentiation of dental pulp stem/progenitor cell

Author(s): C Chaussain | AS Eapen | E Huet | C Floris | S Ravindran | J Hao | S Menashi | A George
Insulin and IGF-1 in goat milk: influence of the diet

Author(s): D. Magistrelli | A. Valli | F. Rosi
BACTIBASE: a new web-accessible database for bacteriocin characterization

Author(s): Hammami Riadh | Zouhir Abdelmajid | Ben Hamida Jeannette | Fliss Ismail

Author(s): L. Miron | M. Marinca
Péptidos bioactivos en proteínas de reserva

Author(s): Vioque, J. | Sánchez-Vioque, R. | Clemente, A. | Pedroche, J. | Yust, M. M. | Millán, F.
Self-Assembled Hydrogel Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Applications

Author(s): Catarina Gonçalves | Paula Pereira | Miguel Gama
Proteomic and Genomic Studies on Lizard Venoms in the Last Decade

Author(s): Hang Fai Kwok | Craig Ivanyi | Andrew Morris | Chris Shaw
New Peptides Isolated from Lyngbya Species: A Review

Author(s): Li Liu | Kathleen S. Rein
Allosteric inhibitors of plasma membrane Ca pumps: Invention and applications of caloxins

Author(s): Jyoti Pande, Magdalena M Szewczyk, Ashok K Grover
Transporter Molecules influence the Gene Expression in HeLa Cells

Author(s): Waldemar Waldeck, Ruediger Pipkorn, Bernhard Korn, Gabriele Mueller, Matthias Schick, Katalin Tóth, Manfred Wiessler, Bernd Didinger, Klaus Braun
Corticotropin Releasing Factor promotes breast cancer cell motility and invasiveness

Author(s): Androulidaki Ariadne | Dermitzaki Erini | Venihaki Maria | Karagianni Effie | Rassouli Olga | Andreakou Erini | Stournaras Christos | Margioris Andrew | Tsatsanis Christos
Acute ingestion of a novel whey-derived peptide improves vascular endothelial responses in healthy individuals: a randomized, placebo controlled trial

Author(s): Ballard Kevin | Bruno Richard | Seip Richard | Quann Erin | Volk Brittanie | Freidenreich Daniel | Kawiecki Diana | Kupchak Brian | Chung Min-Yu | Kraemer William | Volek Jeff
Correlation between obesity, adipokines and the immune system

Author(s): Marcos Regini Silveira | Anelena Bueno Frollini | Rozângela Verlengia | Cláudia Regina Cavaglieri
Ginseng leaf-stem: bioactive constituents and pharmacological functions

Author(s): Wang Hongwei | Peng Dacheng | Xie Jingtian
Antihypertensive Peptides from Milk Proteins

Author(s): Pauliina Jäkälä | Heikki Vapaatalo
Bioactive peptides in dairy products

Author(s): Flavio Tidona | Andreas Criscione | Anna Maria Guastella | Antonio Zuccaro | Salvatore Bordonaro | Donata Marletta
Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Hydrolysates Produced on a Plant Scale Have Antitumor Activity and Immunostimulating Effects in BALB/c Mice

Author(s): Yu-Kai Wang | Hai-Lun He | Guo-Fan Wang | Hao Wu | Bai-Cheng Zhou | Xiu-Lan Chen | Yu-Zhong Zhang
Bacteriocin as Weapons in the Marine Animal-Associated Bacteria Warfare: Inventory and Potential Applications as an Aquaculture Probiotic

Author(s): Florie Desriac | Diane Defer | Nathalie Bourgougnon | Benjamin Brillet | Patrick Le Chevalier | Yannick Fleury
Cell-Penetrating Peptides: A Comparative Study on Lipid Affinity and Cargo Delivery Properties

Author(s): Paolo Ruzza | Barbara Biondi | Anna Marchiani | Nicola Antolini | Andrea Calderan
Plasmids of endophytic bacteria as vectors for transformation in plants

Author(s): Chanda V Berde | Priya P Bhosale | Sushama R Chaphalkar
Milk proteins as precursors of bioactive peptides

Author(s): Marta Dziuba | Bartłomiej Dziuba | Anna Iwaniak
Peptides from the Bursa of Fabricius Associated with Suppression of Mitogen Stimulated DNA - Synthesis in Bursa of Fabricius Cells Belong to Intracellular Proteins

Author(s): Gary Garcia - Espinosa | Stefan Clerens | Lut Arckens | Gisela F. Erf | G. Tellez | Billy M. Hargis

Author(s): Pajović Snežana B.
Diversity and Impact of Prokaryotic Toxins on Aquatic Environments: A Review

Author(s): Elisabete Valério | Sandra Chaves | Rogério Tenreiro
Nanotechnologies in food and meat processing

Author(s): Lech Ozimek | Edward Pospiech | Suresh Narine
Antimicrobial Peptides from the Marine Fishes

Author(s): S. Ravichandran | K. Kumaravel | G. Rameshkumar | T.T. AjithKumar
An RGD-restricted substrate interface is sufficient for the adhesion, growth and cartilage forming capacity of human chondrocytes

Author(s): D Vonwil | M Schuler | A Barbero | S Ströbel | D Wendt | M Textor | U Aebi | I Martin
Potential Anti-HIV Agents from Marine Resources: An Overview

Author(s): Thanh-Sang Vo | Se-Kwon Kim

Author(s): Irena Rogelj
Bioactive Dehydrotyrosyl and Dehydrodopyl Compounds of Marine Origin

Author(s): Manickam Sugumaran | William E. Robinson
Spider-Venom Peptides as Therapeutics

Author(s): Natalie J. Saez | Sebastian Senff | Jonas E. Jensen | Sing Yan Er | Volker Herzig | Lachlan D. Rash | Glenn F. King
Cruciferous vegetable supplementation in a controlled diet study alters the serum peptidome in a GSTM1-genotype dependent manner

Author(s): Brauer Heather | Libby Tanya | Mitchell Breeana | Li Lin | Chen Chu | Randolph Timothy | Yasui Yutaka | Lampe Johanna | Lampe Paul
Expression of neutral endopeptidase activity during clinical and experimental acute lung injury

Author(s): Hashimoto Soshi | Amaya Fumimasa | Oh-hashi Kentaro | Kiuchi Kazutoshi | Hashimoto Satoru
Proteins Profile in Milk from Three Species of Ruminants

Author(s): Anamaria COZMA | Sanda ANDREI | Doina MIERE | Lorena FILIP | Felicia LOGHIN
Conformationally Constrained Histidines in the Design of Peptidomimetics: Strategies for the χ-Space Control

Author(s): Azzurra Stefanucci | Francesco Pinnen | Federica Feliciani | Ivana Cacciatore | Gino Lucente | Adriano Mollica
Dietary Proteins as Determinants of Metabolic and Physiologic Functions of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Author(s): Alireza Jahan-Mihan | Bohdan L. Luhovyy | Dalia El Khoury | G. Harvey Anderson
Fluorescent ligands for studying neuropeptide receptors by confocal microscopy

Author(s): Beaudet A. | Nouel D. | Stroh T. | Vandenbulcke F. | Dal-Farra C. | Vincent J.-P.
ZapA, a possible virulence factor from Proteus mirabilis exhibits broad protease substrate specificity

Author(s): Anéas M.A.F. | Portaro F.C.V. | Lebrun I. | Juliano L. | Palma M.S. | Fernandes B.L.
Stromal mesenchyme cell genes of the human prostate and bladder

Author(s): Goo Young Ah | Goodlett David | Pascal Laura | Worthington Kelsey | Vessella Robert | True Lawrence | Liu Alvin
The in vitro real-time oscillation monitoring system identifies potential entrainment factors for circadian clocks

Author(s): Nakahata Yasukazu | Akashi Makoto | Trcka Daniel | Yasuda Akio | Takumi Toru
Alimentos funcionales para cerdos al destete

Author(s): Cervantes Ramírez, Miguel | Chi Moreno, Edgar Eduardo | Domínguez Vara, Ignacio Arturo | Figueroa Velasco, José Luis
Bioactive peptide design using the Resonant Recognition Model

Author(s): Cosic Irena | Pirogova Elena
Les médicaments peptidiques : mythe ou réalité ?

Author(s): Decaffmeyer M. | Thomas A. | Brasseur R.
A whey-protein supplement increases fat loss and spares lean muscle in obese subjects: a randomized human clinical study

Author(s): Frestedt Joy | Zenk John | Kuskowski Michael | Ward Loren | Bastian Eric

Author(s): Shrikant Sharma | Raghvendar Singh | Shashank Rana

Author(s): Shrikant Sharma | Raghvendar Singh | Shashank Rana | Ravi Uniyal
Antimicrobial Peptides: Multifunctional Drugs for Different Applications

Author(s): Lars-Ove Brandenburg | Julika Merres | Lea-Jessica Albrecht | Deike Varoga | Thomas Pufe
Genetic and dietary factors related to schizophrenia

Author(s): Michael L. G. Gardner | Karl L. Reichelt
Bioactive Peptides: A Review

Author(s): Shrikant Sharma | Raghvendar Singh | Shashank Rana
Biofunctionality of Probiotic Soy Yoghurt

Author(s): Shilpa Vij | Subrota Hati | Deepika Yadav
Bioactive properties and clinical safety of a novel milk protein peptide

Author(s): Kreider Richard | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Hudson Geoffrey | Rasmussen Chris | Chen Helen | Mollstedt Olof | Tsai Men-Hwei
Inducible ASABF-Type Antimicrobial Peptide from the Sponge Suberites domuncula: Microbicidal and Hemolytic Activity in Vitro and Toxic Effect on Molluscs in Vivo

Author(s): Matthias Wiens | Heinz C. Schröder | Michael Korzhev | Xiao-Hong Wang | Renato Batel | Werner E. G. Müller
Antitumor Peptides from Marine Organisms

Author(s): Lan-Hong Zheng | Yue-Jun Wang | Jun Sheng | Fang Wang | Yuan Zheng | Xiu-Kun Lin | Mi Sun
Endophytes- Mines of Pharmacological Therapeutics

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Tenguria | Firoz Naem Khan | Sadaf Quereshi
Bioactive Peptides from Muscle Sources: Meat and Fish

Author(s): Joseph Thomas Ryan | Reynolds Paul Ross | Declan Bolton | Gerald F. Fitzgerald | Catherine Stanton
Novel anticancer compounds from marine actinomycetes : A Review

Author(s): Jemimah Naine.S, V. Mohana Srinivasan and C. Subathra Devi *.
Production of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites by Marine Vibrionaceae

Author(s): Maria Mansson | Lone Gram | Thomas O. Larsen

Author(s): 1Ramadevi Bhimavarapu*, 1Karuna Priya Chitra, 2Prabhu Karunakaran, 3Ambati Brahma Reddy
Screening of soy protein-derived hypotriglyceridemic di-peptides in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Inoue Nao | Nagao Koji | Sakata Kotaro | Yamano Naomi | Gunawardena Pathma | Han Seo-Young | Matsui Toshiro | Nakamori Toshihiro | Furuta Hitoshi | Takamatsu Kiyoharu | Yanagita Teruyoshi
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