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The Middle Eastern Biodiversity Network: Generating and sharing knowledge for ecosystem management and conservation

Author(s): Friedhelm Krupp | Maroof Khalaf | Masoumeh Malek | Bruno Streit | Masaa Al-Jumaily
Protocolo de avaliação de áreas prioritárias para a conservação da Mata Atlântica na região da Serra do Mar/Paranapiacaba. Protocol for priority conservation areas of the Atlantic Rain Forest at Serra do Mar/Paranapiacaba region.

Author(s): Giselda DURIGAN | Natália Macedo IVANAUSKAS | Marco Aurélio NALON | Milton Cezar RIBEIRO | Marina Mistsue KANASHIRO | Hubert Bayer COSTA | Cristina de Marco SANTIAGO
Species diversity and distribution of scleractinian coral at Xisha Islands, China

Author(s): Hui Huang | Feng You | Jiansheng Lian | Jianhui Yang | Xiubao Li | Zhijun Dong | Chenglong Zhang | Tao Yuan
Genetic diversity of marine animals in China: a summary and prospectiveness

Author(s): Zhaoxia Cui | Huan Zhang | Linsheng Song | Feng You
Current research on the status of wild bees and their pollination roles

Author(s): Jie Li | Chaodong Zhu | Fenghe Wang | Dunyuan Huang | Yanzhou Zhang | Liang Ding | Hairong Huang
Landscape Metric Modeling - a Technique for Forest Disturbance Assessment in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Author(s): Subin Jose | Alex C. J. C. J. | Santhosh Kumar | Abin Varghese | G. Madhu
Catalogue of the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Bulgaria

Author(s): Albena Lapeva-Gjonova | Vera Antonova | Alexander Radchenko | Maria Atanasova
Supporting Red List threat assessments with GeoCAT: geospatial conservation assessment tool

Author(s): Steven Bachman | Justin Moat | Andrew Hill | Javier de la Torre | Ben Scott

Caracteres preimaginales y aspectos bionómicos de Gyriosomus luczotii Laporte, 1840 (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

Author(s): Pizarro–Araya, J. | Jerez, V. | Cepeda–Pizarro, J. | Alfaro, F. M.
Do protected areas conserve neotropical freshwater fishes? A case study of a biogeographic province in Venezuela

Author(s): Rodríguez–Olarte, D. | Taphorn, D. C. | Lobón–Cerviá, J.
Barrier effects on vertebrate distribution caused by a motorway crossing through fragmented forest landscape

Author(s): Tellería, J. L. | Díaz, J. A. | Pérez–Tris, J. | De Juana, E. | De la Hera, I. | Iraeta, P | Salvador, A. | Santos, T.
Conservation genetics of Iberian raptors

Author(s): Martinez–Cruz, B.
The diet of Great Tit Parus major nestlings in a Mediterranean Iberian forest: the important role of spiders

Author(s): Pagani–Núñez, E. | Ruiz, Í. | Quesada, J. | Negro, J. J. | Senar, J. C.
The Fifth International Little Owl Symposium, 4–6 February 2011, Vic, Catalonia (Spain)

Author(s): Framis, H., B | Baucells, J. | Zuberogoitia, I. | Van Nieuwenhuyse, D.
Pre–release training of juvenile little owls Athene noctua to avoid predation

Author(s): Alonso, R. | Orejas, P. | Lopes, F. | Sanz, C.
Bias in little owl population estimates using playback techniques during surveys

Author(s): Zuberogoitia, I. | Zabala, J. | Martínez, J. E.

Lessons Learned from Chicago Wilderness—Implementing and Sustaining Conservation Management in an Urban Setting

Author(s): Liam Heneghan | Christopher Mulvaney | Kristen Ross | Lauren Umek | Cristy Watkins | Lynne M. Westphal | David H. Wise
Sustainable Management of Forest Biodiversity and the Present Malaysian Policy and Legal Framework

Author(s): Wan Izatul Asma Wan Talaat | Norhayati Mohd Tahir | Mohd Lokman Husain

Author(s): Jozrael Henriques Rezende | José Salatiel Rodrigues Pires | José Carlos Toledo Veniziani Jr
First occurrence of Tupinambis quadrilineatus Manzani & Abe, 1997 (Squamata: Teiidae) in the Amazonian Biome

Author(s): Leandro Valle Ferreira | Jorge Luiz Gavina Pereira | Teresa Cristina Sauer Avila-Pires | Priscilla Prestes Chaves | Denise de Andrade Cunha | Camila da Silva Furtado
Biodiversity Conservation through Traditional Beliefs System: A Case Study from Kumaon Himalayas, India

Author(s): Harsh SINGH | Tariq HUSAIN | Priyanka AGNIHOTRI | Puran Chandra PANDE | Mudassar IQBAL
Biological and ecological characteristics of Hopea chinensis, a plant endemic to Guangxi

Author(s): Shixun Huang | Hong Chen | Wenxiu Tang | Wenhua Luo | Yan Wang
Calculating carbon budgets of wind farms on Scottish peatlands

Author(s): D.R. Nayak | D. Miller | A. Nolan | P. Smith | J.U. Smith
INTRODUCTION After fourteen years of pioneering systematic work spanning from 1996 to 2010, carried out in the territory of Santa Catarina State, SC, within the Brazilian Southern region, framed in the socalled Atlantic Slope of the Southern Cone of South America (Agudo-Padrón, 2008a), a basic list of continental (land and freshwater) and marine mollusc species was compiled. Besides constant interactions and consultations with numerous national and international specialists, such a list was mostly based on available literature and/or analyses of voucher specimens deposited in collections belonging to research centers or environmental education institutes. To date (up to the first semester of 2010), this list comprises a total of 878 taxa (species and subspecies, including 695 marine and 183 continental forms), and these numbers are likely to increase as field surveys ensue. In the present study, results obtained from the author’s active participation in three recent regional field sampling expeditions dealing with marine and continental mollusc taxa, are reported. I. Official State program for listing and control of invasive exotic species Starting from November 2009, and for the first time in the history of Santa Catarina State, the presence of invasive allochthonous mollusc species in Santa Catarina State was studied and discussed through the organisation of seminars by the Official Foundation for the Environment of the State of Santa Catarina (Fundação do Meio Ambiente – FATMA) jointly with the Hórus Institute for Development and Environmental Conservation (Instituto Hórus de Desenvolvimento e Conservação Ambiental), with the main goal to compile the Official State List of Species. To date, the occurrence of a total of twenty allochthonous (exotic) forms of mollusc species has been confirmed, 14 Gastropoda and 6 Bivalvia [namely, 11 terrestrial gastropods, 5 freshwater taxa (3 gastropods and 2 bivalves) and 4 marine bivalves]. Taking into account the contributions of Agudo & Bleicker (2006a), Agudo-Padrón (2008b) and Agudo-Padrón & Lenhard (2010), the slug Pallifera sp. - the taxonomic determination of which is still in process (Thomé et al., 2006) - was included within such a list. Of these twenty Mollusca and environmental conservation in Santa Catarina State (SC, Southern Brazil): current situation

Author(s): A. Ignacio Agudo-Padrón
INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for present and future generations. In Pakistan, the earlier ecological studies were generally observational. The earlier studies, generally appeared in 1950’s, were confined to visual description of the vegetation, and no attempts were made to recognize community types and to correlate them with the relevant environmental factors. On the contrary, advanced multivariate techniques of ordination and cluster analysis had been routinely used in Europe and other parts of the world. There are numerous ordination methods accessible in plant bionetwork, some of which have been extensively used, e.g. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) (Hill & Gauch, 1980), whereas some others only sporadically used (Zhang, 2004). A series of studies using different ordination techniques were carried out in Pakistan by Ahmad et al., 2009; Ahmad, 2009; Jabeen & Ahmad, 2009; Pirzada et al., 2009; Ahmad et al., 2010a, b; Ahmad, 2011. In Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) the floristic statistics and the environmental variables can be assimilated within the ordination (Kashian et al., 2003). Within the Ayubia National Park, the study area was the moist temperate forest in Rawalpindi, NE-Pakistan (Fig. 1), showing a high diversity of susceptible plant and animal species. The geographical location of the park is 330° 52' N and 730° 90' E (Farooque, 2002). The aim of this research was to quantify the vegetation in Ayubia National Park using ordination techniques and to determine the soilvegetation relationship to provide basic awareness for preservation of nationally significant native flora. A list of plant species present in the study area is provided in Table 1. Apart from their importance from ecological point of view few species are used as medicinal herbs by local inhabitants. Observed biodiversity of occuring species indicate that this area can be used for conservation of native flora. Exploring the vegetation dynamics and community assemblage in Ayubia National Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, using CCA

Author(s): Sheikh Saeed Ahmad | Qurat Ul Ann

Author(s): Mirela ȘOFINEŢI | Cristina DOBROTĂ
Cave fauna in Yachang Nature Reserve, Guangxi

Author(s): Xuezhen Li | Changying Niu | Zhongjiu Jiao | Chaoliang Lei | Xuefeng Tan
Genetic diversity of five native Chinese yak breeds based on microsatellite DNA markers

Author(s): Xinjun Liao | Hong Chang | Guixiang Zhang | Donglei Wang | Weitao Song | Xu Han | Zifu Zhang
Edge effects on epiphytes in montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest

Author(s): Wenzhang Ma | Wenyao Liu | Lipan Yang | Guoping Yang
Distribution pattern and hotspot analysis of breeding birds in Anhui Province

Author(s): Youyu Zhang | Lizhi Zhou | Qishan Wang | Xinjian Wang | Yajun Xing
A comparative study on endangered seed plant species between China and Japan

Author(s): Yuanjun Chen | Jianwei Chen | Ting Lei
Nested analysis of passeriform bird assemblages in the Thousand Island Lake region

Author(s): Jingcheng Zhang | Yanping Wang | Pingping Jiang | Peng Li | Mingjian Yu | Ping Ding
Erosion control and protection from torrential floods in Serbia-spatial aspects

Author(s): Ristić Ratko | Radić Boris | Nikić Zoran | Trivan Goran | Vasiljević Nevena | Dragićević Slavoljub | Živković Nenad | Radosavljević Zoran
Effects of the inhibition of weed communities by winter-flooding

Author(s): Korehisa Kaneko | Toshihiko Nakamura
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV

Author(s): Anton Muhibuddin | Lu'aili Addina | Abdul Latief Abadi | Atho'illah Ahmad
Little ecological divergence associated with speciation in two African rain forest tree genera

Author(s): Couvreur Thomas | Porter-Morgan Holly | Wieringa Jan | Chatrou Lars
Dietary use and conservation concern of edible wetland plants at indo-burma hotspot: a case study from northeast India

Author(s): Jain A | Sundriyal M | Roshnibala S | Kotoky R | Kanjilal PB | Singh HB | Sundriyal RC
Analysis and countermeasure on proposals for aquatic species in CITES

Author(s): Xiangguo Fan | Yujing Zhou | Baoxiang Liu | Gengfei Feng | Enyuan Fan
Best Practices for Tourism Concessions in Protected Areas: A Review of the Field

Author(s): Miriam Wyman | James R. Barborak | Neel Inamdar | Taylor Stein
Histochemical Analysis and Protein Content of Maize Landraces (Zea mays L.)

Author(s): Virgilio Gavicho Uarrota | Eder Carlos Schmidt | Zenilda Laurita Bouzon | Marcelo Maraschin
Spatial-temporal patterns of Bashania fargesii bamboo shoot emergence and giant panda herbivory

Author(s): Zhijun Lu | Wei Wang | Wenhui Zhang | Hong Li | Qing Cao | Gaodi Dang | Dong He | Scott Franklin
Fish species diversity and conservation in Beijing and adjacent areas

Author(s): Chunguang Zhang | Yahui Zhao | Yingchun Xing | Ruilu Guo | Qing Zhang | Yun Feng | Enyuan Fan
Biofuels and biodiversity in South Africa

Author(s): Ryan Blanchard | David M. Richardson | Patrick J. O’Farrell | Graham P. von Maltitz
Vertebrate distributions indicate a greater Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany region of endemism

Author(s): Sandun J. Perera | Dayani Ratnayake-Perera | Şerban Procheş
Marine fisheries monitoring programmes in South Africa

Author(s): L. Hutchings | C.J. Augustyn | A. Cockcroft | C. Van der Lingen | J. Coetzee | R. W. Leslie | R. J. Tarr | H. Oosthuizen | M. R. Lipinski | M. R. Roberts | C. Wilke | R. Crawford | L. J. Shannon | M. Mayekiso
Drought, climate change and vegetation response in the succulent karoo, South Africa

Author(s): M. T. Hoffman | P. J. Carrick | L. Gillson | A. G. West
Use of Orbital LIDAR in the Brazilian Cerrado Biome: Potential Applications and Data Availability

Author(s): Laerte Guimarães Ferreira | Timothy J. Urban | Amy Neuenschawander | Fernando Moreira de Araújo
Forest Policy Scenario Analysis: Sensitivity of Songbird Community to Changes in Forest Cover Amount and Configuration

Author(s): Robert S. Rempel | Jim Baker | Phil C. Elkie | Michael J. Gluck | Janet Jackson | Robert S. Kushneriuk | Tom Moore | Ajith H. Perera
Silviculture Agroforestry Regime: Compatible Management in Southern Gunung Merapi National Park, Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Priyono Suryanto | Mohd.Zaki Hamzah | Azmy Mohamed | Moh.Azani Alias

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