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Author(s): SILVA, Lucas Gonçalves; SANTOS, Leandro Olegário
Species delimitation in lemurs: multiple genetic loci reveal low levels of species diversity in the genus Cheirogaleus

Author(s): Groeneveld Linn | Weisrock David | Rasoloarison Rodin | Yoder Anne | Kappeler Peter
Spatially explicit analyses of gastropod biodiversity in ancient Lake Ohrid

Author(s): T. Hauffe | C. Albrecht | K. Schreiber | K. Birkhofer | S. Trajanovski | T. Wilke
Updated Estimates of Wild Edible and Threatened Plants of Assam: A Meta-analysis

Author(s): Hemen Sarma | Amit Kumar Tripathi | Souravjyoti Borah | Devendra Kumar
The effects of primary process of global change on biological invasion in coastal ecosystem

Author(s): Zifa Deng | Yan Ouyang | Xiaoling Xie | Hua Qing | Yan Xiao | Shuqing An
Literature based species occurrence data of birds of northeast India

Author(s): Sujit Narwade | Mohit Kalra | Rajkumar Jagdish | Divya Varier | Sagar Satpute | Noor Khan | Gautam Talukdar | Vinod Mathur | Karthikeyan Vasudevan | Dinesh Singh Pundir | Vishwas Chavan | Rajesh Sood
Spatial distribution pattern of mosquito diversity in residential area along Lancang River in a natural protected territory, “Three Parallel River Region” of Yunnan Province, China

Author(s): Junqi Ge | Xiaohong Sun | Zhengda Gong | Guodong Liang | Jinghui Li | Xingming Feng | Liyun Zhang | Bin Li | Shihong Fu
Current advances of DNA barcoding study in plants

Author(s): Shuping Ning | Haifei Yan | Gang Hao | Xuejun Ge
Dietary use and conservation concern of edible wetland plants at indo-burma hotspot: a case study from northeast India

Author(s): Jain A | Sundriyal M | Roshnibala S | Kotoky R | Kanjilal PB | Singh HB | Sundriyal RC
Vertebrate distributions indicate a greater Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany region of endemism

Author(s): Sandun J. Perera | Dayani Ratnayake-Perera | Şerban Procheş
Use of Orbital LIDAR in the Brazilian Cerrado Biome: Potential Applications and Data Availability

Author(s): Laerte Guimarães Ferreira | Timothy J. Urban | Amy Neuenschawander | Fernando Moreira de Araújo
Distribution of nature reserves and status of biodiversity protection in China

Author(s): Yahan Chen | Zhiyao Tang | Jingyun Fang
Changes in Biodiversity and Functioning of Reef Fish Assemblages following Coral Bleaching and Coral Loss

Author(s): Morgan S. Pratchett | Andrew S. Hoey | Shaun K. Wilson | Vanessa Messmer | Nicholas A.J. Graham

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