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Applications of Remote Sensing to Alien Invasive Plant Studies

Author(s): Cho-ying Huang | Gregory P. Asner
Holocene molluscs from Rio de Janeiro state coast, Brazil

Author(s): Souza, R. C. C. L. | Lima, T. A. | Silva, E. P.
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Author(s): Editorial
Reproduction of the exotic bullfrog Lithobates catesbeianus (Shaw, 1802) (Anura, Ranidae) in creeks of the Atlantic Rainforest of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Author(s): Lilian Gomes Afonso | Rodolfo Carvalho | Fernando Morais dos Santos | Ana Carolina Ballesteros Coelho | André Lincoln Barroso de Magalhães
Non-Native freshwater fish management in Biosphere Reserves

Community impacts of anthropogenic disturbance: natural enemies exploit multiple routes in pursuit of invading herbivore hosts

Author(s): Nicholls James | Fuentes-Utrilla Pablo | Hayward Alexander | Melika George | Csóka György | Nieves-Aldrey José-Luis | Pujade-Villar Juli | Tavakoli Majid | Schönrogge Karsten | Stone Graham
Comparación de la flora exótica vascular en sistemas de islas continentales: Cerdeña (Italia) y Baleares (España)

Author(s): Podda, Lina | Fraga i Arguimbau, Pere | Mayoral García-Berlanga, Olga | Mascia, Francesco | Bacchetta, Gianluigi
Bridging gaps in the molecular phylogeny of the Lymnaeidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata), vectors of Fascioliasis

Author(s): Correa Ana | Escobar Juan | Durand Patrick | Renaud François | David Patrice | Jarne Philippe | Pointier Jean-Pierre | Hurtrez-Boussès Sylvie
The relationship between functional traits and invasiveness of alien plants

Author(s): Jian Liu | Junmin Li | Hua Yu | Weiming He | Feihai Yu | Weiguo Sang | Guofang Liu | Ming Dong
Invasive alien species in Chinese agricultural ecosystems and their management

Author(s): Sheng Qiang | Guoqi Chen | Baoping Li | Ling Meng
Review of invasive grapevine aphid, Aphis illinoisensis Shimer, and native parasitoids in the Mediterranean (Hemiptera, Aphididae; Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae)

Author(s): Havelka J. | Shukshuk A.H. | Ghaliow M.E. | La Amari M. | Kavallieratos N.G. | Tomanović Ž. | Rakhshani E. | Pons X. | Starý P.
Modeling of cell signaling pathways in macrophages by semantic networks

Author(s): Hsing Michael | Bellenson Joel | Shankey Conor | Cherkasov Artem
A first step in understanding an invasive weed through its genes: an EST analysis of invasive Centaurea maculosa

Author(s): Broz Amanda | Broeckling Corey | He Ji | Dai Xinbin | Zhao Patrick | Vivanco Jorge
A home away from home: a meiobenthic assemblage in a ship's ballast water tank sediment

Author(s): Teresa Radziejewska | Piotr Gruszka | Joanna Rokicka-Praxmajer
Survey and management of tree disease along the ancient Lucca's city walls (Italy)

Author(s): Luchi N | Vannuccini M | Panzavolta T | Tiberi R | Feducci M | Salbitano F | Giachini M | Zocco Pisana L | Capretti P
Physiopathology of human embryonic implantation: clinical incidences.

Author(s): Philippe Merviel | Emmanuelle Lourdel | Rosalie Cabry | VÊronique Boulard | MÊlanie Brzakowski | Pauline Demailly | Françoise Brasseur | Henri Copin | Aviva Devaux
Vegetative propagation characteristics of Alternanthera philoxeroides in response to disturbances

Author(s): Xin Jia | Xingzhong Yang | Xiaoyun Pan | Bo Li | Jiakuan Chen
Biofuels and biodiversity in South Africa

Author(s): Ryan Blanchard | David M. Richardson | Patrick J. O’Farrell | Graham P. von Maltitz
Salinity and temperature tolerance of the invasive freshwater gastropod Tarebia granifera

Author(s): Nelson A.F. Miranda | Renzo Perissinotto | Christopher C. Appleton
Effect of Solidago canadensis invasions on soil nematode communities in Hangzhou Bay

Author(s): Xiangqin Xu | Yingying Wang | Qiang Lu | Zhihua Lin | Huili Chen
A literature review on biotic homogenization

Author(s): Guangmei Wang | Jingcheng Yang | Chuangdao Jiang | Hongtao Zhao | Zhidong Zhang
Adaptive evolution in response to environmental gradients and enemy release in invasive alien plant species

Author(s): Yulong Feng | Zhiyong Liao | Ru Zhang | Yulong Zheng | Yangping Li | Yanbao Lei
"Nested" cryptic diversity in a widespread marine ecosystem engineer: a challenge for detecting biological invasions

Author(s): Teske Peter | Rius Marc | McQuaid Christopher | Styan Craig | Piggott Maxine | Benhissoune Saïd | Fuentes-Grünewald Claudio | Walls Kathy | Page Mike | Attard Catherine | Cooke Georgina | McClusky Claire | Banks Sam | Barker Nigel | Beheregaray Luciano
Spread of the invasive alga Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta) along the Mediterranean Coast of the Murcia region (SE Spain)

Author(s): Ruiz, J. M. | Marín–Guirao, L. | Bernardeau–Esteller, J. | Ramos–Segura, A. | García–Muñoz, R. | Sandoval–Gil, J. M.
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