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Restoration of Oak Forests in Soils Compacted by Human and Livestock

Author(s): Masoud Tabari | Gholam Ali Jalali | Ali Reza Ali-Arab | Mohaddeseh Ghanbari
New international classification of functioning, disability and health

Author(s): Stucki Gerold | Maksimović Miloš | Davidović Dragana | Jorga Jagoda
Agricultural Systems Located in the Forest-Savanna Ecotone of the Venezuelan Amazonian. Are Organic Agroforestry Farms Sustainable?

Author(s): Danilo López-Hernández | Carmen Leonor Hernández | Igor Netuzhilin | Ana Yamila López-Contreras

Author(s): Paris PARIZOV | Stefka CINCEVA
Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with microstomia

Author(s): Prithviraj D | Ramaswamy Sushma | Romesh Soni

Author(s): Brian J. Cole | Andreas H. Gmoll
Interhemispheric interaction in the motor domain in children with cerebral palsy

Author(s): Zaytseva Nadezhda | Walid M | Berdichevskaia Elena
Effectiveness of a program of auditory prothetization in elders through the application of HHIE-S questionnaire

Author(s): Angeli, Roberto Dihl | Jotz, Geraldo Pereira | Barba, Marion Cristine de | Demeneghi, Pedro Guilherme Moeller | Mello, Carolina Homrich Pereira de
Entropy of balance - some recent results

Author(s): Borg Frank | Laxåback Gerd
Nutrition Rehabilitation of the HIV-Infected and Negative Undernourished Children Utilizing Spiruline

Author(s): Jacques Simpore | Frederic Zongo | Youssouf Ouattara | Fatoumata Kabore | Deleli Dansou | Augustin Bere | Jean-Baptiste Nikiema | Salvatore Musumeci
Effect of Physical Fitness on the Coagulant Activity of Healthy Young Men

Author(s): Z. Rezaeian | G. Torkaman | F. Nad-ali | R. Ravanbod | A.A. Pourfathollah | B. Gousheh | M. Nejatian | M.A. Broumand
Cognitive Functions in Protein-Energy Malnutrition: In Relation to Long Chain-polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Author(s): Hamed El-khayat | Sanaa Shaaban | Ehab Khairy Emam | Amany Elwakad
Skin Disorders Associated with Bilateral Lower Extremity Amputation

Author(s): F. Almassi | B. Mousavi | M. Masumi | M.R. Souroush | G. Honari
Predictors of Functional Improvement Among Patients with Hip Fracture at a Rehabilitation Ward

Author(s): S.K. Shakouri | F. Eslamian | B.K. Azari | H. Sadeghi-Bazargani | A. Sadeghpour | Y. Salekzamani
Role of Ceramics Treatment in Fluidization Method to Remove Scale from Hot Spring Water

Author(s): Katsumi Ishikawa | Md. Abul Kalam Azad | Naima Islam
Cardiac Risk Factor Changes Through an Intensive Multifactorial Life Style Modification Program in CHD Patients: Results from a Two Year Follow Up

Author(s): Aslanabadi | Shahamfar Jafar | Gupta Vimal Kumar | Daga MK | Hakim Seyed Hadi | Dastgiri Saeed | Shahamfar Mohamadreza | Mesgarzadeh Ali Hossein
The nursing care of the colostomy patient

Author(s): Assis Do Carmo Pereira Júnior, Bruno David Henriques
Emotional stress as a health-related risk factor

Author(s): Lažetić Bogosav | Sudakov Konstantin Viktorovič | Drapšin Miodrag | Karaba Dea
New approach to the reclamation of the old flotation tailings in Bor

Author(s): Dožić Stevan | Đukić Matilda | Bogdanović Grozdanka | Stanojlović Rodoljub | Lukić Sara | Đunisijević-Bojović Danijela | Bjedov Ivana
The Impact of Technical and Biological Measures on Soil and Erosion Dynamics in the Research Site of Abrami

Author(s): Nikola Pernar | Danko Holjević | Darko Bakšić | Josip Petraš | Ivan Perković
Urinary secretory IgA after nutritional rehabilitation

Author(s): Teodósio M.R. | Oliveira E.C.M.
Brazilian version of the Berg balance scale

Author(s): Miyamoto S.T. | Lombardi Junior I. | Berg K.O. | Ramos L.R. | Natour J.
Vitamin B12 and folate depletion in cognition: A review

Author(s): Moretti Rita | Torre Paola | Antonello Rodolfo | Cattaruzza Tatiana | Cazzato Giuseppe | Bava Antonio
Neuropsychological rehabilitation of memory deficits and activities of daily living in patients with Alzheimer's disease: a pilot study

Author(s): Ávila R. | Bottino C.M.C. | Carvalho I.A.M. | Santos C.B. | Seral C. | Miotto E.C.
Effect of passive stretching on the immobilized soleus muscle fiber morphology

Author(s): Coutinho E.L. | Gomes A.R.S. | França C.N. | Oishi J. | Salvini T.F.
Wearable kinesthetic system for capturing and classifying upper limb gesture in post-stroke rehabilitation

Author(s): Tognetti Alessandro | Lorussi Federico | Bartalesi Raphael | Quaglini Silvana | Tesconi Mario | Zupone Giuseppe | De Rossi Danilo
Schwann cells for spinal cord repair

Author(s): Oudega M. | Moon L.D.F. | de Almeida Leme R.J.
Nutrition rehabilitation of undernourished children utilizing Spiruline and Misola

Author(s): Simpore Jacques | Kabore Fatoumata | Zongo Frederic | Dansou Deleli | Bere Augustin | Pignatelli Salvatore | Biondi Daniela | Ruberto Giuseppe | Musumeci Salvatore
A follow-up study of heroin addicts (VEdeTTE2): study design and protocol

Author(s): Vigna-Taglianti Federica | Mathis Federica | Diecidue Roberto | Burroni Paola | Iannaccone Antonio | Lampis Fabio | Zuccaro Piergiorgio | Pacifici Roberta | Versino Elisabetta | Davoli Marina | Faggiano Fabrizio

Author(s): Duane Knudson
Human-machine interfaces based on EMG and EEG applied to robotic systems

Author(s): Ferreira Andre | Celeste Wanderley | Cheein Fernando | Bastos-Filho Teodiano | Sarcinelli-Filho Mario | Carelli Ricardo
Mannosylated liposomes for targeted gene delivery

Author(s): Kong F | Zhou F | Ge L | Liu X | Wang Y.
Challenges and barriers to improving care of the musculoskeletal patient of the future - a debate article and global perspective

Author(s): Fayaz Hangama | Jupiter Jesse | Pape Hans | Smith R Malcolm | Giannoudis Peter | Moran Christopher | Krettek Christian | Prommersberger Karl | Raschke Michael | Parvizi Javad
An Evaluation of the Effects of Rehabilitation Practiced in the Coal Mining Spoils in Korea 1. An Evaluation Based on Vegetation

Author(s): Lee, Chang-Seok | Yong-Chan Cho | Hyun-Chul Shin | Seon-Mi Lee | Choong-Hwa Lee | Ahn-Heum Eom
Complete treatment of a recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the lip and the commissure. A case report

Author(s): Panagiotis-Irineos TSIROGIANNIS, Nadia THEOLOGIE-LYGIDAKIS, Stavros PELEKANOS,
Forest Structure Assessment of a Rehabilitated Forest

Author(s): Roland K.J. Heng | Nik M.A. Majid | Seca Gandaseca | Osumanu H. Ahmed | Silvester Jemat | Melvin K.K. Kin
Vegetation Dynamics Depending on Ecological Particularities of Bozanta Mare (Maramures County-Romania) Tailing Pound. Case Study

Author(s): Monica Marian | Leonard M. Cozmuta | Camelia Varga | Anca M. Cozmuta | Eugen Nour
Determination of Minimal Duration Essential for Isolation of Humic Acids From Soils in Forest Restoration Programmes

Author(s): Mohd R. N. Hanisah | Osumanu H. Ahmed | Kasim Susilawati | Nik Muhamad A. Majid | Mohamadu B. Jalloh

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