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Contractile cell forces exerted on rigid substrates

Author(s): J Köser | S Gaiser | B Müller
A New Wireless Biosensor for Intra-Vaginal Temperature Monitoring

Author(s): João M. L. P. Caldeira | Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues | João F. R. Garcia | Isabel de la Torre
Biosensors: the new wave in cancer diagnosis

Author(s): Brian Bohunicky | Shaker A Mousa
Uso de técnicas electroquímicas para evaluar el poder antioxidante en alimentos

Author(s): Dulce Abril Flores Maltos | José Sandoval Cortés | Blanca Valdivia Urdiales | Cristóbal Noé Aguilar González
Photonic Biosensor Assays to Detect and Distinguish Subspecies of Francisella tularensis

Author(s): Kristie L. Cooper | Aloka B. Bandara | Yunmiao Wang | Anbo Wang | Thomas J. Inzana
Tin Oxide Nanorod Array-Based Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensor

Author(s): Liu Jinping | Li Yuanyuan | Huang Xintang | Zhu Zhihong
Finite-Element Modelling of Biotransistors

Author(s): Shinwari MW | Deen MJ | Selvaganapathy PR
d-(+)-Galactose-Conjugated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as New Chemical Probes for Electrochemical Biosensors for the Cancer Marker Galectin-3

Author(s): Young Kum Park | Bayarmaa Bold | Woo Kyung Lee | Min Hyon Jeon | Kay Hyeok An | Seung Yol Jeong | Young Key Shim
Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of the Specific Oligonucleotide Sequence of Dengue Virus Type 1 on Pencil Graphite Electrodes

Author(s): Elaine Souza | Gustavo Nascimento | Nataly Santana | Danielly Ferreira | Manoel Lima | Edna Natividade | Danyelly Martins | José Lima-Filho

Author(s): Sibel Emir DİLTEMİZ | Ayça Atılır ÖZCAN | Özlem YALÇINKAYA
Potential clinical applications of quantum dots

Author(s): Igor L Medintz | Hedi Mattoussi | Aaron R Clapp
Real-Time Noninvasive Measurement of Glucose Concentration Using a Microwave Biosensor

Author(s): Arsen Bababjanyan | Harutyun Melikyan | Seungwan Kim | Jongchel Kim | Kiejin Lee | Barry Friedman
Glucose Sensing by Time-Resolved Fluorescence of Sol-Gel Immobilized Glucose Oxidase

Author(s): Rosario Esposito | Bartolomeo Della Ventura | Sergio De Nicola | Carlo Altucci | Raffaele Velotta | Damiano Gustavo Mita | Maria Lepore
Impedance-Based Miniaturized Biosensor for Ultrasensitive and Fast Prostate-Specific Antigen Detection

Author(s): Ganna Chornokur | Sunil K. Arya | Catherine Phelan | Richard Tanner | Shekhar Bhansali
Investigation of a Photoelectrochemical Passivated ZnO-Based Glucose Biosensor

Author(s): Ching-Ting Lee | Ying-Shuo Chiu | Shu-Ching Ho | Yao-Jung Lee
Biomolecules Detection Using a Silver-Enhanced Gold Nanoparticle-Based Biochip

Author(s): Liu Yang | Zhang Deng | Alocilja Evangelyn | Chakrabartty Shantanu
AFM-assisted fabrication of thiol SAM pattern with alternating quantified surface potential

Author(s): Moores Bradley | Simons Janet | Xu Song | Leonenko Zoya
A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Immunoassay of Human Immunoglobulin Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Author(s): Po-Jen Liao | Jeng-Shian Chang | Sheng D. Chao | Hung-Chi Chang | Kuan-Rong Huang | Kuang-Chong Wu | Tzong-Shyan Wung
Method and apparatus using selected superparamagnetic labels for rapid quantification of immunochromatographic tests

Author(s): Mika PA Laitinen | Jari Salmela | Leona Gilbert | Risto Kaivola | et al.
Cloning, Expression, and Characterization of Thermotolerant Manganese Superoxide Dismutase from Bacillus sp. MHS47

Author(s): Supatra Areekit | Pornpimon Kanjanavas | Paisarn Khawsak | Arda Pakpitchareon | Kajeenart Potivejkul | Gaysorn Chansiri | Kosum Chansiri
Selective response of dopamine in the presence of ascorbic acid and uric acid at gold nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes grafted with ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid modified electrode

Author(s): Chun-ran Tang | Ge Tian | Ya-jing Wang | Zhong-hua Su | Chun-xiang Li | Bao-gang Lin | Hao-wen Huang | Xian-yong Yu | Xiao-fang Li | Yun-fei Long | Yun-long Zeng
Subtractive Inhibition Assay for the Detection of E. coli O157:H7 Using Surface Plasmon Resonance

Author(s): Yixian Wang | Zunzhong Ye | Chengyan Si | Yibin Ying
A living cell quartz crystal microbalance biosensor for continuous monitoring of cytotoxic responses of macrophages to single-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Wang Gang | Dewilde Abiche | Zhang Jianping | Pal Anoop | Vashist Malavika | Bello Dhimiter | Marx Kenneth | Braunhut Susan | Therrien Joel
Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Protein–Protein Interactions in the Cytochrome CYP11A1 (P450scc)-Containing Steroid Hydroxylase System

Author(s): Ivanov YD | Frantsuzov PA | Zöllner A | Medvedeva NV | Archakov AI | Reinle W | Bernhardt R
Tapered Optical Fiber Sensor for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecules

Author(s): Ye Tian | Wenhui Wang | Nan Wu | Xiaotian Zou | Xingwei Wang
A Novel Behavioral Fish Model of Nociception for Testing Analgesics

Author(s): Ana D. Correia | Sérgio R. Cunha | Martin Scholze | E. Don Stevens
Differential levels of glutamate dehydrogenase 1 (GLUD1) in Balb/c and C57BL/6 mice and the effects of overexpression of the Glud1 gene on glutamate release in striatum

Author(s): Kevin N Hascup | Xiaodong Bao | Erin R Hascup | Dongwei Hui | Wenhao Xu | Francois Pomerleau | Peter Huettl | Mary L Michaelis | Elias K Michaelis | Greg A Gerhardt
Structural studies of the mechanism for biosensing antibiotics in a fluorescein-labeled β-lactamase

Author(s): Wong Wai-Ting | Au Ho-Wah | Yap Hong-Kin | Leung Yun-Chung | Wong Kwok-Yin | Zhao Yanxiang
A Rapid Method to Regenerate Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensors (PEMS)

Author(s): LiNa Loo | Wei Wu | Wan Y. Shih | Wei-Heng Shih | Hossein Borghaei | Kambiz Pourrezaei | Gregory P. Adams
Cytochrome C Biosensor—A Model for Gas Sensing

Author(s): Michael Hulko | Ingeborg Hospach | Nadejda Krasteva | Gabriele Nelles
Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes with Modified Surfaces

Author(s): Yuan Yu | Yanli Zhou | Liangzhuan Wu | Jinfang Zhi
A Nano-Biosensor for DNA Sequence Detection Using Absorption Spectra of SWNT-DNA Composite

Author(s): J. Bansal | I. Singh | N. Mathur | A. Aneja | P.K. Bhatnagar | P.C. Mathur
Aptamers and Their Biological Applications

Author(s): Kyung-Mi Song | Seonghwan Lee | Changill Ban
The Evolution of the Bacterial Luciferase Gene Cassette (lux) as a Real-Time Bioreporter

Author(s): Dan Close | Tingting Xu | Abby Smartt | Alexandra Rogers | Robert Crossley | Sarah Price | Steven Ripp | Gary Sayler
Applications of Aptasensors in Clinical Diagnostics

Author(s): Ping Hong | Wenli Li | Jinming Li
Thin Hydrogel Films for Optical Biosensor Applications

Author(s): Anca Mateescu | Yi Wang | Jakub Dostalek | Ulrich Jonas
Development of a Novel Biosensor Using Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide and Nickel Phthalocyanine Ultrathin Films for Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine

Author(s): Maysa F. Zampa | Inês Maria de S. Araújo | José Ribeiro dos Santos Júnior | Valtencir Zucolotto | José Roberto de S. A. Leite | Carla Eiras
A Bioanalytical Platform for Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Biological Toxins

Author(s): Oliver G. Weingart | Hui Gao | François Crevoisier | Friedrich Heitger | Marc-André Avondet | Hans Sigrist
Electrochemical L-Lactic Acid Sensor Based on Immobilized ZnO Nanorods with Lactate Oxidase

Author(s): Zafar Hussain Ibupoto | Syed Muhammad Usman Ali Shah | Kimleang Khun | Magnus Willander
Metamaterials Application in Sensing

Author(s): Tao Chen | Suyan Li | Hui Sun
Acetylcholinesterase Based Detection of Residual Pesticides on Cotton

Author(s): Jiri Militky | Syed Zameer Ul Hassan
Acetylcholinesterase Based Detection of Residual Pesticides on Cotton

Author(s): Jiri Militky | Syed Zameer Ul Hassan
Low Cost Sensors Based on SPR in a Plastic Optical Fiber for Biosensor Implementation

Author(s): Nunzio Cennamo | Davide Massarotti | Laura Conte | Luigi Zeni
The Need and Potential of Biosensors to Detect Dioxins and Dioxin-Like Polychlorinated Biphenyls along the Milk, Eggs and Meat Food Chain

Author(s): Jeerasak Chobtang | Imke J. M. De Boer | Ron L. A. P. Hoogenboom | Willem Haasnoot | Aize Kijlstra | Bastiaan G. Meerburg
Protein Binding Detection Using On-Chip Silicon Gratings

Author(s): Anil Kumar Mudraboyina | Jayshri Sabarinathan
Comparison between DNA Immobilization Techniques on a Redox Polymer Matrix

Author(s): Vijayalakshmi Velusamy | Khalil Arshak | Catherine F. Yang | Lei Yu | Olga Korostynska | Catherine Adley
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle attachment on array of micro test tubes and microbeakers formed on p-type silicon substrate for biosensor applications

Author(s): Ghoshal Sarmishtha | Ansar Abul | Raja Sufi | Jana Arpita | Bandyopadhyay Nil | Dasgupta Anjan | Ray Mallar
Bio-Sensing of Cadmium(II) Ions Using Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Jiri Sochor | Ondrej Zitka | David Hynek | Eva Jilkova | Ludmila Krejcova | Libuse Trnkova | Vojtech Adam | Jaromir Hubalek | Jindrich Kynicky | Radimir Vrba | Rene Kizek
Solid Phase Biosensors for Arsenic or Cadmium Composed of A trans Factor and cis Element Complex

Author(s): Mohammad Shohel Rana Siddiki | Yasunari Kawakami | Shunsaku Ueda | Isamu Maeda
Line-Monitoring, Hyperspectral Fluorescence Setup for Simultaneous Multi-Analyte Biosensing    

Author(s): Zhiyi Liu | Heng Shi | Le Liu | Sunan Deng | Yanhong Ji | Suihua Ma | Hui Ma | Yonghong He
Biosensing with Quantum Dots: A Microfluidic Approach

Author(s): Charles H. Vannoy | Anthony J. Tavares | M. Omair Noor | Uvaraj Uddayasankar | Ulrich J. Krull
Self-Assembled Films of Dendrimers and Metallophthalocyanines as FET-Based Glucose Biosensors

Author(s): Nirton C.S. Vieira | Alessandra Figueiredo | Alvaro A.A. de Queiroz | Valtencir Zucolotto | Francisco E.G. Guimarães
A Guided Mode Resonance Aptasensor for Thrombin Detection

Author(s): Sheng-Fu Lin | Ting-Jou Ding | Jen-Tsai Liu | Chien-Chieh Lee | Tsung-Hsun Yang | Wen-Yih Chen | Jenq-Yang Chang
Biosensors in forensic sciences

Author(s): Frederickx, C. | Verheggen, FJ. | Haubruge, E.
Fabrication of Biosensor Based on Polyaniline/Gold Nanorod Composite

Author(s): Uğur Tamer | Ali İhsan Seçkin | Erhan Temur | Hilal Torul
Functionalized Palladium Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensor

Author(s): H. Baccar | T. Ktari | A. Abdelghani
Detection of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism on uidA Gene of Escherichia coli by a Multiplexed Electrochemical DNA Biosensor with Oligonucleotide-Incorporated Nonfouling Surface

Author(s): Gang Liu | Ruojun Lao | Li Xu | Qin Xu | Lanying Li | Min Zhang | Hao Shen | Sanjay Mathur | Chunhai Fan | Shiping Song
Aptamer-Gated Nanoparticles for Smart Drug Delivery

Author(s): Veli Cengiz Ozalp | Fusun Eyidogan | Huseyin Avni Oktem
Synthesis of poly-Lysine/Gold nanoparticle films and their electrocatalytic properties

Author(s): Mariana Chirea | Elisa M. Pereira | Carlos M. Pereira | Fernando Silva
DNA Biosensor for the Detection of Actinomycin D

Author(s): Mariana Chirea | Elisa M. Pereira | Carlos M. Pereira | Fernando Silva
Aptamer-based Nanosensors: Juglone as an Attached-Redox Molecule for Detection of Codeine

Author(s): Mehdi Saberian | Hossein Hamzeiy | Ayuob Aghanejad | Davoud Asgari
Whole Cell Based Electrochemical Biosensor for Monitoring Lead ions in Milk

Author(s): Neelam Verma | Hardeep Kaur | Sachin Kumar
Protein Functionalized Nanodiamond Arrays

Author(s): Liu YL | Sun KW
Peptide immobilisation on porous silicon surface for metal ions detection

Author(s): Sam Sabrina | Chazalviel Jean-Noël | Gouget-Laemmel Anne Chantal | Ozanam François | Etcheberry Arnaud | Gabouze Nour-eddine
Rapid label-free identification of mixed bacterial infections by surface plasmon resonance

Author(s): Wang Jue | Luo Yang | Zhang Bo | Chen Ming | Huang Junfu | Zhang Kejun | Gao Weiyin | Fu Weiling | Jiang Tianlun | Liao Pu
Fabrication of Anti-human Cardiac Troponin I Immunogold Nanorods for Sensing Acute Myocardial Damage

Author(s): Guo ZR | Gu CR | Fan X | Bian ZP | Wu HF | Yang D | Gu N | Zhang JN
An Effective Amperometric Biosensor Based on Gold Nanoelectrode Arrays

Author(s): Liu Yanyan | Zhu Yingchun | Zeng Yi | Xu Fangfang
Highly active engineered-enzyme oriented monolayers: formation, characterization and sensing applications

Author(s): Ulman Abraham | Ioffe Michael | Patolsky Fernando | Haas Elisha | Reuvenov Dana
A pH sensor based on electric properties of nanotubes on a glass substrate

Author(s): Takeda Seiji | Nakamura Motonori | Ishii Atsushi | Subagyo Agus | Hosoi Hirotaka | Sueoka Kazuhisa | Mukasa Koichi
Development of a Mass Sensitive Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)-Based DNA Biosensor Using a 50 MHz Electronic Oscillator Circuit

Author(s): Gonzalo García-Martinez | Enrique Alonso Bustabad | Hubert Perrot | Claude Gabrielli | Bogdan Bucur | Mathieu Lazerges | Daniel Rose | Loreto Rodriguez-Pardo | Jose Fariña | Chantal Compère | Antonio Arnau Vives
Electrocatalysis of hemoglobin in ionic liquid BMIMPF6 and CuS nanosphere composite films

Author(s): Chengxiang Ruan | Jin Lou | Dandan Wang | Canying Zhang | Wei Sun
Provitamin D Doped Silica and Polymeric Films: New Materials for UV Biosensor

Author(s): T. N. Orlova | I. P. Terenetskaya | A. M. Eremenko | N. I. Surovtseva
An Optical Test Strip for the Detection of Benzoic Acid in Food

Author(s): Hairul Hisham Hamzah | Nor Azah Yusof | Abu Bakar Salleh | Fatimah Abu Bakar
Recent advances in fiber-optic DNA biosensors

Author(s): Yi-Ming Wang | Xiao-Feng Pang | Yu-Yu Zhang
Amperometric Determination of Serum Cholesterol with Pencil Graphite Rod

Author(s): Nidhi Chauhan | Jagriti Narang | Chandra S. Pundir
FRET-Based Quantum Dot Immunoassay for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Aspergillus amstelodami

Author(s): Michele D. Kattke | Elizabeth J. Gao | Kim E. Sapsford | Larry D. Stephenson | Ashok Kumar
A novel nanostructured biosensor for the detection of the dust mite antigen Der p2

Author(s): Tsai JJ | Bau IJ | Chen HT | Lin YT | Wang GJ
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