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The Cananeia Alkaline Body in the South Coast of São Paulo State: Mineral Chemistry

Author(s): Fernando Pelegrini Spinelli | Celso de Barros Gomes
The XPS study of physical and chemical forms of neptunium group on the surface of minerals

Author(s): Teterin Anton Yu. | Mikhailina Alevtina V. | Maslakov Konstantin I. | Zaharova Elena V. | Teterin Yury A.

Author(s): Vladimir Majer | Vesnica Garašić
Caracteristicas morfologicas y cristalograficas del grafito de Osumita, Venezuela, y su uso como geotermometro

Author(s): Martínez, M. | Vivas, M. | Manero, S. | Meléndez, W. | Garbán, G. | Benavides, A.
Distribution of trace elements in altered pyroclastites from Monte Vulture volcano (southern Italy)

Author(s): Fiore, S. | Huertas, F. J. | Linares, J. | Piccarreta, G.
Geology and geochemistry of the Redrock Granite and anorthosite xenoliths (Proterozoic) in the northern Burro Mountains, Grant County, New Mexico, USA

Author(s): Virginia T. McLemore | Nelia Dunbar | Paula J. Kosunen | O. Tapani Rämö | Matt Heizler | Ilmari Haapala
The Polumir granite: Addititional data on its origin

Author(s): Vukov Milenko S. | Milovanović Dragan
Chemical and mineralogical characterization and ceramic suitability of raw feldspathic materials from Dschang (Cameroon)

Author(s): D. Njoya | M. Hajjaji | C. Nkoumbou | A. Elimbi | M. Kwekam | A. Njoya | J. Yvon | D. Njopwouo
Hyperpotassic granulites from Blansky les (Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif) revisited

Author(s): Janousek V | Krenn E | Finger F | Mikova J | Fryda J
Petrology and geochemistry of Variscan dykes from the Jachymov (Joachimsthal) ore district, Czech Republic

Author(s): Stemprok M | Seifert T | Holub F V | Chlupacova M | Dolejs D | Novak J K | Pivec E | Lang M
Geochemical and structural constraints on the magmatic history of the Chandman Massif of the eastern Mongolian Altay Range, SW Mongolia

Author(s): Economos R C | Hanzl P | Hrdlickova K | Burianek D | Said L -O | Gerdes A | Paterson S R
Los ortogneises peralcalinos del borde meridional de la Unidad Malpica-Tuy: caracteres geológicos, mineralógicos, geoquímicos y mineralizaciones de Y-Nb-Zr-TR asociadas

Author(s): Martín-Izard, A. | Fontenla, V. | Valín, M. L. | Arribas, A. | Moreiras, D. | Marcos-Pascual, C. | Reguilón, R.
Geología de la parte sur de la Sierra de San Luis y granitoides asociados, Argentina

Author(s): Suárez, A. O. | Prozzi, C. | Llambías, E. J.
Geología y geoquímica del granito de Montánchez (Cáceres)

Author(s): Reguilón Bragado, R. M. | Arribas Moreno, A.
Gamma-spectrometric Surveys in Differentiated Granites. II: the Joaquim Murtinho Granite in the Cunhaporanga Granitic Complex, Paraná, SE Brazil

Author(s): Francisco José Fonseca Ferreira | Allan Fruchting | Gilson Burigo Guimarães | Luizemara Soares Alves | Victor Miguel Oliveira Martin | Horstpeter Herberto Gustavo José Ulbrich
Geochronology and thermochronology of Cretaceous plutons and metamorphic country rocks, Anyui-Chukotka fold belt, North East Arctic Russia

Author(s): E. L. Miller | S. M. Katkov | A. Strickland | J. Toro | V. V. Akinin | T. A. Dumitru
The Precambrian/Lower Cambrian pluton from Vila Nova (Central Portugal)

Author(s): Reis, A. I.M. | Silva, M. M.V.G. | Antunes, I. M.H.R.
Petrochemistry of the Reduced, Ilmenite-Series Granitoid Intrusion Related to the Hired Gold-Tin Prospect (Basiran), Eastern Iran

Author(s): M.H. Karimpour | C.R. Stern | A. Malekzadeh Shafaroudi | M.R. Hidarian | A. Mazaheri
Caracterización petrográfica y geoquímica y condiciones de deformación del plutón San Cristóbal, Sierra de Velasco (La Rioja, Argentina)

Author(s): Bellos, L. I. | Toselli, A. J. | Rossi, J. N. | Grosse, P. | de la Rosa, J. D. | Castro, A.
Chemical and mineralogical characterization of elbaites from the Alto Quixaba pegmatite, Seridó province, NE Brazil

Author(s): Ferreira Ana C.M. | Ferreira Valderez P. | Soares Dwight R. | Vilarroel-Leo Hugo S.
The pyroclastic dikes of the Tertiary San Luis Potosí volcanic field: Implications on the emplacement of Panalillo ignimbrite

Author(s): J. R. Torres-Hernández | G. Labarthe-Hernández | A. Aguillón-Robles | M. Gómez-Anguiano | J. L. Mata-Segura
Constraints on P-T conditions of high-grade metamorphism in the Góry Sowie Mts, West Sudetes

Author(s): Bartosz Budzyń | Maciej Manecki | David A. Schneider
Lithology and petrography of polished rock slabs from China

Author(s): Panjasawatwong, Y. | Suwannathong, A. | Srithai, B.
Estimation of Temperature, Pressure and Oxygen Fugacity of the Cal-Alkaline Basin-Type Granitoids in the Winneba Area, Ghana

Author(s): Nyarko Saah Esther | D.K. Asiedu | Dampare Samuel | Osae Shiloh | Sakyi Patrick | Hanson John
Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of Bangladesh: Perspectives on Geochemical, Microbial and Anthropogenic Issues

Author(s): Hossain M. Anawar | Junji Akai | Martin Mihaljevič | Arif M. Sikder | Golam Ahmed | Shafi M. Tareq | Mohammad M. Rahman
New Constraints from Pb-Evaporation Zircon Ages of the Méiganga Amphibole-Biotite Gneiss, Central Cameroon, on Proterozoic Crustal Evolution

Author(s): Ganwa Alembert Alexandre | Siebel Wolfgang | Shang Kongnyuy Cosmas | Naimou Seguem | Ekodeck Georges Emmanuel
The Late Miocene Guacimal Pluton in the Cordillera de Tilarán, Costa Rica: its nature, age and petrogenesis

Author(s): Žáček V | Janoušek V | Ulloa A | Košler J | Huapaya S | Mixa P | Vondrovicová L | Alvarado G E
Calcium and magnesium content in brier (Rosa canina L.) fruits at the

Author(s): Andreea BRASOVAN | Vasilica MÂNDROC | Ramona CÂMPEAN | Ioan PETEAN | Vlad CODREA | George ARGHIR
Petrography and Sulphur Isotope Studies of Pyrites in the Muteh Gold Deposit

Author(s): M. J. Abdollahi | M. H. Karimpour | A. Kheradmand
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