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Black ant stings caused by Pachycondyla sennaarensis : A significant health hazard

Author(s): Alanazi Marzouqah | Alashahrani Mohammad | Alsalamah Majid
Wasp sting induced neurological manifestations.

Author(s): Sachdev A | Mahapatra M | D«SQ»Cruz S | Kumar A | Singh R | Lehl S
Outbreak of vampire bat biting in a Venezuelan village

Author(s): Caraballo H. Alejandro J.
Leucocyte migration inhibition test in post-antirabies vaccinal encephalitis (a preliminary communication).

Author(s): Shivanand P | Rao P | Venkatesh A | Bhat K | Subbnanayya K | Elias A | Rao K
A costly sting! Preputial gangrene following a wasp sting

Author(s): Hanchanale Vishwanath | Rao Amrith | Motiwala Hanif
Epidemiological characteristics of dog bite accidents attended at a basic health unit in northeast Brazil

Author(s): Cláudia Castro Carvalho | Barbara Tereza Fonseca da Silva
Species of mosquitoes causing papular urticaria in eastern Indai.

Author(s): Mukhopadhyay AK | Banerjee K | Banerjee R
Estimating human rabies mortality in the United Republic of Tanzania from dog bite injuries

Author(s): Cleaveland Sarah | Fèvre Eric M. | Kaare Magai | Coleman Paul G.
Scorpion bites in the north-western of Khuzestan province from May 2002 to December 2003

Author(s): Ghaderi H | Shariati Z | Ghodoosi A | Ziyaee M
Analgesic, Antioxidant Potential of Alcoholic (AL) Stem Bark Extract of Albizia lebbek (L.) Benth.

Author(s): Ashwani1*, Prince P. Sharma1, Surender Singh2, Manjusha3, H.S. Lamba4
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