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Noninferiority trials

Author(s): Snapinn Steven
Gene therapy in ophthalmology

Author(s): Uthra Satagopan | Kumaramanickavel Govindasamy
Research methodological issues in evaluating herbal interventions

Author(s): Dipika Bansal | Debasish Hota | Amitava Chakrabarti
What's new in trachoma control?

Author(s): Jacob Kumaresan
What's new in trichiasis surgery?

Author(s): Matthew Burton | Anthony Solomon
Health promotion for trachoma control

Author(s): Marcia Zondervan | Hannah Kuper | Anthony Solomon | John Buchan
Lessons from the Moroccan National Trachoma Control Programme

Author(s): Y. Chami-Khazraji | Jaouad Hammou | Jaouad Mahjour
Blinding Trachoma: A Disease of Poverty

Author(s): Kasi Pashtoon M | Gilani Ahmed I | Ahmad Khabir | Janjua Naveed Z
Reviewer agreement trends from four years of electronic submissions of conference abstract

Author(s): Rowe Brian | Strome Trevor | Spooner Carol | Blitz Sandra | Grafstein Eric | Worster Andrew
The language of evidence based medicine: Answers to common questions?

Author(s): Degen Ryan | Hodgins Justin | Bhandari Mohit
Using Guasha to treat musculoskeletal pain: A systematic review of controlled clinical trials

Author(s): Lee Myeong Soo | Choi Tae-Young | Kim Jong-In | Choi Sun-Mi
Proxy Signature Scheme with Effective Revocation Using Bilinear Pairings

Author(s): Manik Lal Das | Ashutosh Saxena | Deepak B. Phatak
CONSORT 2010 and Controversies Regarding Assessment of Blindness in RCTs

Author(s): Jafar Kolahi | Heejung Bang | Jongbae Park | Norman A. Desbiens
Industry-supported meta-analyses compared with meta-analyses with non-profit or no support: Differences in methodological quality and conclusions

Author(s): Jørgensen Anders | Maric Katja | Tendal Britta | Faurschou Annesofie | Gøtzsche Peter
Indirect optic nerve injury in two-wheeler riders in northeast India

Author(s): Bhattacharjee Harsha | Bhattacharjee Kasturi | Jain Lokesh | Sarma Gitumoni | Sarma Angshuman | Medhi Jnanankar | Das Dipankar | Buragohain Sanjoy
Study design and methods of the BoTULS trial: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical effect and cost effectiveness of treating upper limb spasticity due to stroke with botulinum toxin type A

Author(s): Rodgers Helen | Shaw Lisa | Price Christopher | van Wijck Frederike | Barnes Michael | Graham Laura | Ford Gary | Shackley Phil | Steen Nick
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in Scotland: research design and methodology

Author(s): Mitry Danny | Charteris David | Yorston David | Fleck Brian | Wright Alan | Campbell Harry | Singh Jaswinder
Sensitivity of direct versus concentrated sputum smear microscopy in HIV-infected patients suspected of having pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Cattamanchi Adithya | Dowdy David | Davis J Lucian | Worodria William | Yoo Samuel | Joloba Moses | Matovu John | Hopewell Philip | Huang Laurence
Prevalence of uncorrected refractive error and other eye problems among urban and rural school children

Author(s): Padhye Amruta | Khandekar Rajiv | Dharmadhikari Sheetal | Dole Kuldeep | Gogate Parikshit | Deshpande Madan
Inter-rater reliability of Hamilton depression rating scale using video- recorded interviews - Focus on rater-blinding

Author(s): Prasad M | Udupa K | Kishore K | Thirthalli J | Sathyaprabha T | Gangadhar B
Differential response of C57BL/6J mouse and DBA/2J mouse to optic nerve crush

Author(s): Templeton Justin | Nassr Mohamed | Vazquez-Chona Felix | Freeman-Anderson Natalie | Orr William | Williams Robert | Geisert Eldon
Epidemiological profile of fungal keratitis in urban population of West Bengal, India

Author(s): Saha Suman | Banerjee Debdulal | Khetan Archana | Sengupta Jayangshu
Ophthalmic disorders in adult lymphoma patients in Africa

Author(s): Omoti Afekhide | Omoti Caroline | Momoh Rita
Treatment of head lice with dimeticone 4% lotion: comparison of two formulations in a randomised controlled trial in rural Turkey

Author(s): Kurt Özgür | Balcıoğlu I Cüneyt | Burgess Ian | Limoncu M Emin | Girginkardeşler Nogay | Tabak Tuba | Muslu Hasan | Ermiş Özge | Sahin M Turhan | Bilac Cemal | Kavur Hakan | Özbel Yusuf
Action Plan to enhance self-management and early detection of exacerbations in COPD patients; a multicenter RCT

Author(s): Trappenburg Jaap | Koevoets Lieselotte | de Weert-van Oene Gerdien | Monninkhof Evelyn | Bourbeau Jean | Troosters Thierry | Verheij Theo | Lammers Jan-Willem | Schrijvers Augustinus
Reporting of the methodological quality and ethical aspects in clinical trials published in Indian journals: a survey.

Author(s): *1Jaykaran, 2Sarita Gohiya,3Vineet Gohiya, 4Gopal Sharma, 5Manoj kumar saurabh and 1Preeti Yadav
Ocular disorders in adult leukemia patients in Nigeria

Author(s): Omoti Afekhide | Omoti Caroline | Momoh Rita
A forced titration study of the antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects of Ambrotose AO supplement

Author(s): Myers Stephen | Stevenson Lesley | Cheras Phillip | O'Connor Joan | Brooks Lyndon | Rolfe Margaret | Conellan Paul | Morris Carol
Moxibustion for hypertension: a systematic review

Author(s): Kim Jong-In | Choi Jun-Yong | Lee Hyangsook | Lee Myeong Soo | Ernst Edzard
Ultrasound guided injection of dexamethasone versus placebo for treatment of plantar fasciitis: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): McMillan Andrew | Landorf Karl | Gilheany Mark | Bird Adam | Morrow Adam | Menz Hylton
Randomized controlled trial of probiotics for the prevention of spontaneous preterm delivery associated with intrauterine infection: study protocol

Author(s): Krauss-Silva Leticia | Moreira Maria | Alves Mariane | Rezende Maria | Braga Alcione | Camacho Karla | Batista Maria | Savastano Clarisse | Almada-Horta Antonio | Guerra Fernando
Vitamin A: A Review

Author(s): D.O. Edem
Indacaterol provides 24-hour bronchodilation in COPD: a placebo-controlled blinded comparison with tiotropium

Author(s): Vogelmeier Claus | Ramos-Barbon David | Jack Damon | Piggott Simon | Owen Roger | Higgins Mark | Kramer Benjamin
Neuroprotective effect of peroxiredoxin 6 against hypoxia-induced retinal ganglion cell damage

Author(s): Tulsawani Rajkumar | Kelly Lorena | Fatma Nigar | Chhunchha Bhavanaben | Kubo Eri | Kumar Anil | Singh Dhirendra
The effectiveness of the Austrian disease management programme for type 2 diabetes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Sönnichsen Andreas | Winkler Henrike | Flamm Maria | Panisch Sigrid | Kowatsch Peter | Klima Gert | Fürthauer Bernhard | Weitgasser Raimund
Cellulite and extracorporeal Shockwave therapy (CelluShock-2009) - a Randomized Trial

Author(s): Knobloch Karsten | Joest Beatrice | Vogt Peter
Hypoxia-ischemia and retinal ganglion cell damage

Author(s): Charanjit Kaur | Wallace S Foulds | Eng-Ang Ling
Asthma patients prefer Respimat® Soft Mist™ Inhaler to Turbuhaler®

Author(s): Rick Hodder | Pat Ray Reese | Terra Slaton
Bias in the physical examination of patients with lumbar radiculopathy

Author(s): Suri Pradeep | Hunter David | Katz Jeffrey | Li Ling | Rainville James
ELISA versus PCR for diagnosis of chronic Chagas disease: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Brasil Pedro | De Castro Liane | Hasslocher-Moreno Alejandro | Sangenis Luiz | Braga José
Prospective randomized controlled trial evaluating cap-assisted colonoscopy vs standard colonoscopy

Author(s): Hoi-Poh Tee, Crispin Corte, Hamdan Al-Ghamdi, Emilia Prakoso, John Darke, Raman Chettiar, Wassim Rahman, Scott Davison, Sean P Griffin, Warwick S Selby, Arthur J Kaffes
Accuracy of ultrasound to identify chronic liver disease

Author(s): Richard Allan, Kerry Thoirs, Maureen Phillips
The effect of providing skilled birth attendance and emergency obstetric care in preventing stillbirths

Author(s): Yakoob Mohammad Yawar | Ali Mahrukh Ayesha | Ali Mohammad Usman | Imdad Aamer | Lawn Joy | Van Den Broek Nynke | Bhutta Zulfiqar
A Canadian Critical Care Trials Group project in collaboration with the international forum for acute care trialists - Collaborative H1N1 Adjuvant Treatment pilot trial (CHAT): study protocol and design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Burns Karen | Chant Clarence | Smith Orla | Cuthbertson Brian | Fowler Robert | Cook Deborah | Kruger Peter | Webb Steve | Alhashemi Jamal | Dominguez-Cherit Guillermo | Zala Carlos | Rubenfeld Gordon | Marshall John
Modified versus standard intention-to-treat reporting: Are there differences in methodological quality, sponsorship, and findings in randomized trials? A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Montedori Alessandro | Bonacini Maria | Casazza Giovanni | Luchetta Maria | Duca Piergiorgio | Cozzolino Francesco | Abraha Iosief
Efficacy and Safety of rh-Endostatin Combined with Chemotherapy 
versus Chemotherapy Alone for Advanced NSCLC: A Meta-analysis Review

Author(s): Dedong CAO | Wei GE | Huimin WANG | Ling ZHANG | Yongfa ZHENG | Jinzhong ZHANG
Pain evaluation of patients with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and low back pain

Author(s): Marques Amélia Pasqual | Rhoden Lucianne | Siqueira José de Oliveira | João Silvia Maria Amado
Efficacy of oral azithromycin versus topical tetracycline in mass treatment of endemic trachoma

Author(s): Fraser-Hurt Nicole | Bailey Robin L. | Cousens Simon | Mabey Denise | Faal Hannah | Mabey David C.W.
Haploinsufficient Bmp4 ocular phenotypes include anterior segment dysgenesis with elevated intraocular pressure

Author(s): Chang Bo | Smith Richard | Peters Maureen | Savinova Olga | Hawes Norman | Zabaleta Adriana | Nusinowitz Steven | Martin Janice | Davisson Muriel | Cepko Constance | Hogan Brigid | John Simon
The reporting of methods for reducing and detecting bias: an example from the WHO Misoprostol Third Stage of Labour equivalence randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Piaggio Gilda | Elbourne Diana | Schulz Kenneth | Villar José | Pinol Alain | Gülmezoglu A
Pragmatic controlled clinical trials in primary care: the struggle between external and internal validity

Author(s): Godwin Marshall | Ruhland Lucia | Casson Ian | MacDonald Susan | Delva Dianne | Birtwhistle Richard | Lam Miu | Seguin Rachelle
In vitro test of external Qigong

Author(s): Yount Garret | Solfvin Jerry | Moore Dan | Schlitz Marilyn | Reading Melissa | Aldape Ken | Qian Yifang
Efficacy and safety of acupuncture for chronic pain caused by gonarthrosis: A study protocol of an ongoing multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trial [ISRCTN27450856]

Author(s): Streitberger Konrad | Witte Steffen | Mansmann Ulrich | Knauer Christine | Krämer Jürgen | Scharf Hanns-Peter | Victor Norbert
Is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) cost-effective? a systematic review

Author(s): Herman Patricia | Craig Benjamin | Caspi Opher
Acupuncture and rehabilitation of the painful shoulder: study protocol of an ongoing multicentre randomised controlled clinical trial [ISRCTN28687220]

Author(s): Vas Jorge | Perea-Milla Emilio | Mendez Camila | Galante Antonia | Madrazo Fernando | Medina Ivan | Ortega Caridad | Olmo Victoria | Fernandez Francisco | Hernandez Luz | Seminario Jose | Brioso Mauricio | Luna Francisco | Gordo Isabel | Godoy Ana | Jimenez Carmen | Ruiz Manuel | Montes Joaquin | Hidalgo Alonso | Gonzalez-Quevedo Rosa | Bosch Pablo | Vazquez Antonio | Lozano Juan Vicente
A coding polymorphism in matrix metalloproteinase 9 reduces risk of scarring sequelae of ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Author(s): Natividad Angels | Cooke Graham | Holland Martin | Burton Matthew | Joof Hassan | Rockett Kirk | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Mabey David | Bailey Robin
Country development and manuscript selection bias: a review of published studies

Author(s): Yousefi-Nooraie Reza | Shakiba Behnam | Mortaz-Hejri Soroush
Chinese red yeast rice (Monascus purpureus) for primary hyperlipidemia: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Author(s): Liu Jianping | Zhang Jing | Shi Yi | Grimsgaard Sameline | Alraek Terje | Fønnebø Vinjar
How effective is tetracaine 4% gel, before a venipuncture, in reducing procedural pain in infants: a randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial

Author(s): Lemyre Brigitte | Hogan Debora | Gaboury Isabelle | Sherlock Rebecca | Blanchard Colline | Moher David
Pragmatic trials in primary care. Methodological challenges and solutions demonstrated by the DIAMOND-study

Author(s): Fransen Gerdine | van Marrewijk Corine | Mujakovic Suhreta | Muris Jean | Laheij Robert | Numans Mattijs | de Wit Niek | Samsom Melvin | Jansen Jan | Knottnerus J André
Internet-based randomised controlled trials for the evaluation of complementary and alternative medicines: probiotics in spondyloarthropathy

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Burrows Claire | Brooks Caroline | Gravenor Michael | Siebert Stefan | Allen Stephen
An assessment of the quality of randomised controlled trials conducted in China

Author(s): Zhang Dalu | Yin Peng | Freemantle Nick | Jordan Rachel | Zhong Nanshan | Cheng KK
The relative timing of VMO and VL in the aetiology of anterior knee pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Chester Rachel | Smith Toby | Sweeting David | Dixon John | Wood Sarah | Song Fujian
Correcting non cephalic presentation with moxibustion: study protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial in general practice

Author(s): Vas Jorge | Aranda José | Barón Mercedes | Perea-Milla Emilio | Méndez Camila | Ramírez Carmen | Aguilar Inmaculada | Modesto Manuela | Lara Ana | Martos Francisco | García-Ruiz Antonio
Epidemiological study of ocular trauma in an urban slum population in Delhi, India

Author(s): Vats S | Murthy GVS | Chandra M | Gupta S | Vashist P | Gogoi M
What every urologist should know about surgical trials Part I: Are the results valid?

Author(s): Bajammal Sohail | Bhandari Mohit | Dahm Philipp
Informative value of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Author(s): Brettschneider, Christian | Lühmann, Dagmar | Raspe, Heiner
Over-, under- and misuse of pain treatment in Germany

Author(s): Dietl, Markus | Korczak, Dieter
Prevention of alcohol misuse among children, youths and young adults

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Complementary and alternative medicine for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: A systematic review

Author(s): Alraek Terje | Lee Myeong | Choi Tae-Young | Cao Huijuan | Liu Jianping
Pleural fluid soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 as a marker of bacterial infection: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Summah Hanssa | Tao Li-Li | Zhu Ying-Gang | Jiang Hong-Ni | Qu Jie-Ming
Onchocerciasis in the Americas: from arrival to (near) elimination

Author(s): Gustavsen Ken | Hopkins Adrian | Sauerbrey Mauricio
The Zithromax® donation for trachoma elimination

Author(s): Lisa A Rotondo | Rachel Seligson

Author(s): S A Tabatabaii | S A Rasoolnejad | S Moghimi | H Faghihi | A Mirshahi | M Riazi-Esfahani | R Karkhane | M Nili-Ahmadabadi | A Javadian | M S Farahvash | M R Mansouri | Z Alami-Harandi | M Movasat | A Abdollahi | H Shams
Scoliosis and dental occlusion: a review of the literature

Author(s): Saccucci Matteo | Tettamanti Lucia | Mummolo Stefano | Polimeni Antonella | Festa Felice | Salini Vincenzo | Tecco Simona
Study Protocol: Phase III single-blinded fast-track pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention for breathlessness in advanced disease

Author(s): Farquhar Morag | Prevost A Toby | McCrone Paul | Higginson Irene | Gray Jennifer | Brafman-Kennedy Barbara | Booth Sara
Image-guided versus blind corticosteroid injections in adults with shoulder pain: A systematic review

Author(s): Soh Edmund | Li Wenyun | Ong Keh | Chen Wen | Bautista Dianne
Individually integrated traditional chinese medicine approach in the management of knee osteoarthritis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Yuelong Cao | Hongsheng Zhan | Jian Pang | Feiyue Li | Shaojian Xu | Jinghua Gao | Zhanwang Xu | Gang Li | Ting Liu | Chaoqing Guo | Yinyu Shi
Inhaled nitric oxide for the adjunctive therapy of severe malaria: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Hawkes Michael | Opoka Robert | Namasopo Sophie | Miller Christopher | Thorpe Kevin | Lavery James | Conroy Andrea | Liles W Conrad | John Chandy | Kain Kevin

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