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HbA1c and Average Blood glucose

Author(s): Verma Abhyuday | J. Muthukrishnan | KVS Harikumar | Modi K.D
Autoconocimiento, monitorización y complicaciones de la diabetes en la jornada No más ciegos por diabetes en Antioquia, 2005 Self-knowledge, control and complications of diabetes at no more blind by diabetes session in Antioquia, 2005

Author(s): Carlos Alfonso Builes Barrera | Alejandro Román González | Catalina Montoya Tamayo | Yudy Llamas Osorio | Marta Galeano Ochoa | Federico Uribe Londoño | Alberto Villegas Perrasse | Juan David Bravo Acosta | Guillermo Latorre Sierra
Self-care coping strategies in people with diabetes: a qualitative exploratory study

Author(s): Collins Margaret | Bradley Colin | O'Sullivan Tony | Perry Ivan
Effects of self-monitoring of glucose in non-insulin treated patients with type 2 diabetes: design of the IN CONTROL-trial

Author(s): Malanda Uriëll | Bot Sandra | Kostense Piet | Snoek Frank | Dekker Jacqueline | Nijpels Giel
Biological mechanisms of disease and death in Moscow: rationale and design of the survey on Stress Aging and Health in Russia (SAHR)

Author(s): Shkolnikova Maria | Shalnova Svetlana | Shkolnikov Vladimir | Metelskaya Victoria | Deev Alexander | Andreev Evgueni | Jdanov Dmitri | Vaupel James
Barriers to Optimal Control of Type 2 Diabetes in Malaysian Malay Patients

Author(s): Salmiah Mohd Ali | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Central blood pressure and pulse wave velocity: relationship to target organ damage and cardiovascular morbidity-mortality in diabetic patients or metabolic syndrome. An observational prospective study. LOD-DIABETES study protocol

Author(s): Gómez-Marcos Manuel | Recio-Rodríguez José | Rodríguez-Sánchez Emiliano | Castaño-Sánchez Yolanda | de Cabo-Laso Angela | Sánchez-Salgado Benigna | Rodríguez-Martín Carmela | Castaño-Sánchez Carmen | Gómez-Sánchez Leticia | García-Ortiz Luis
5. Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) as a stable indicator of type 2 diabetes

Author(s): P. Pasupathi | P. Manivannan | M. Uma | M. Deepa
Impact of state mandatory insurance coverage on the use of diabetes preventive care

Author(s): Li Rui | Zhang Ping | Barker Lawrence | Hartsfield DeKeely
The value of episodic, intensive blood glucose monitoring in non-insulin treated persons with type 2 diabetes: Design of the Structured Testing Program (STeP) Study, a cluster-randomised, clinical trial [NCT00674986]

Author(s): Polonsky William | Fisher Lawrence | Schikman Charles | Hinnen Deborah | Parkin Christopher | Jelsovsky Zhihong | Amstutz Linda | Schweitzer Matthias | Wagner Robin
Assessing glycemia in type 1 diabetic patients using a microdialysis system for continuous glucose monitoring

Author(s): Radman Maja | Jurisic Dubravka | Ljutic Dragan | Jerkovic Romana | Kovacic Natasa | Hozo Izet
Glucose Biosensors: An Overview of Use in Clinical Practice

Author(s): Eun-Hyung Yoo | Soo-Youn Lee
Use of Sensors in the Treatment and Follow-up of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Isabel Torres | Maria G. Baena | Manuel Cayon | Jose Ortego-Rojo | Manuel Aguilar-Diosdado
Glycaemic Trend During Ramadan in Fasting Diabetic Subjects: A Study from Pakistan

Author(s): M.Y. Ahmadani | M. Riaz | A. Fawwad | M.Z.I. Hydrie | R. Hakeem | A. Basit
Randomised controlled trial of an automated, interactive telephone intervention to improve type 2 diabetes self-management (Telephone-Linked Care Diabetes Project): study protocol

Author(s): Bird Dominique | Oldenburg Brian | Cassimatis Mandy | Russell Anthony | Ash Susan | Courtney Mary | Scuffham Paul | Stewart Ian | Wootton Richard | Friedman Robert
Self-monitoring of blood glucose in noninsulin-treated type 2 diabetes: an overview

Author(s): Nanne Kleefstra | Johanna Hortensius | Kornelis JJ van Hateren | et al
Selection effects may account for better outcomes of the German Disease Management Program for type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Schäfer Ingmar | Küver Claudia | Gedrose Benjamin | von Leitner Eike-Christin | Treszl András | Wegscheider Karl | van den Bussche Hendrik | Kaduszkiewicz Hanna
Effect of screening and management of diabetes during pregnancy on stillbirths

Author(s): Syed Madiha | Javed Hasan | Yakoob Mohammad Yawar | Bhutta Zulfiqar
Cardiometabolic results from an armband-based weight loss trial

Author(s): Sieverdes JC | Sui X | H | GA | Barry VW | Wilcox S | Meriwether RA | Hardin JW | McClain AC | Blair SN
Barriers to self-monitoring of blood glucose among adults with diabetes in an HMO: A cross sectional study

Author(s): Adams Alyce | Mah Connie | Soumerai Stephen | Zhang Fang | Barton Mary | Ross-Degnan Dennis
Barriers to Diabetes Self-management Education Programs in Underserved Rural Arkansas: Implications for Program Evaluation

Author(s): Appathurai Balamurugan, MD, MPH | Mark Rivera, PhD | Leonard Jack, Jr, PhD, MSc | Kristen Allen, RD, CDE | Sharon Morris
The Prevalence and Cost of Diabetes in Metropolitan France: What Trends Between 1998 and 2000?

Author(s): Ricordeau Ph | Weill A | Vallier N | Bourrel R | Guilhot J | Fender P | Allemand H
Diabetes and urbanization in the Omani population: an analysis of national survey data

Author(s): Al-Moosa Siba | Allin Sara | Jemiai Nadia | Al-Lawati Jawad | Mossialos Elias
The Health Behavior Schedule-II for Diabetes Predicts Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose

Author(s): Maxwell T. Frank | Sungkun Cho | Elaine M. Heiby | Chun-I Lee | Adrienne L. Lahtela
Assessing differential attrition in clinical trials: self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation and type II diabetes

Author(s): Heneghan Carl | Perera Rafael | Ward A Alison | Fitzmaurice David | Meats Emma | Glasziou Paul
Educational disparities in health behaviors among patients with diabetes: the Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) Study

Author(s): Karter Andrew | Stevens Mark | Brown Arleen | Duru O Kenrik | Gregg Edward | Gary Tiffany | Beckles Gloria | Tseng Chien-Wen | Marrero David | Waitzfelder Beth | Herman William | Piette John | Safford Monika | Ettner Susan

Author(s): Anthi Peppa | Katerina Asonitou | Dimitra Koutsouki
Cost-effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring and intensive insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes

Author(s): McQueen R Brett | Ellis Samuel | Campbell Jonathan | Nair Kavita | Sullivan Patrick
Health economic evaluations comparing insulin glargine with NPH insulin in patients with type 1 diabetes: a systematic review

Author(s): Hagenmeyer Ernst-Günther | Koltermann Katharina C | Dippel Franz-Werner | Schädlich Peter K
"Behavior, Metabolic Control and Health-related Quality of Life in Diabetic Patients at Bandar Abbas Diabetic Clinic"

Author(s): T Aghamollaei | H Eftekhar | D Shojaeizadeh | K Mohammad | M Nakhjavani | F Ghofrani Pour

Author(s): Aghamolaei T. | Eftekhar H. | Mohammad K. | Sobhani A. | Shojaeizadeh D. | Nakhjavani M. Ghofranipour F
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