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The Study of Bookbinding

Author(s): Barrios, Pamela
The Transcendental Drum Leaf

Author(s): Ely, Timothy
A Traveling Punching Jig

Author(s): Conn, Donia
Tunnel Book: A Theatrical Structure

Author(s): Huebsch, Rand
Molded Paper Spine

Author(s): Conn, Donia
Tying up with Velcro

Author(s): Minter, William
Practical Press

Author(s): Schermerhorn, Charles
William Anthony Fine Binder

Author(s): Verheyen, Peter
Notes on the Limp Vellum Binding

Author(s): Barrios, Pamela
In Memoriam David P. Bourbeau

Author(s): Blumenthal, Barbara B. | Lyman, Henry
An Overview of Fibers, Yarns, and Textiles for the Book Artist

Author(s): Thompson, Amanda | Embree, Anna
2008 Bind-O-Rama

Author(s): Verheyen, Peter
2009 Bind-O-Rama

Author(s): Verheyen, Peter D.
Bookbinding Education in North America

Author(s): Altepeter, Jeffrey
The Edelpappband, or

Author(s): Verheyen, Peter
The Practical Bench

Author(s): Lavadour, Roberta
New Possibilities for Board Slotting

Author(s): Peachey, Jeff
Bill Anthony: The Lineage of a Master

Author(s): Leonard, Julie | Yerkes, Lawrence
Cairo in August

Author(s): Miller, Julia | Spitzmueller, Pamela
Making Your Own Finishing Tools

Author(s): Pullman, Jana
Gold Tooling Without Fear

Author(s): Kamph, Jamie
A Woodworker Makes Bookbinding Tools

Author(s): Walp, Robert
Surface Gilding

Author(s): Reid-Cunningham, James
The Simplified Binding Examined

Author(s): Wait, Laura
Big Books: Constructing a Four Foot Springback

Author(s): Matthews, Charlene
Cuban Book Arts Collaborations

Author(s): Daiber, Steven
The New Oriental Binding Structure

Author(s): Lallier, Monique | Barrios, Pamela
Tomorrow’s Past

Author(s): Gledhill, Charles
Evolution of an Artist’s Book

Author(s): Bryant, Sarah
Bookbinding in Estonia

Author(s): Erma, Illu
Modern Portuguese Bookbindings

Author(s): Ellenport, Sam
A Tale of Two Boards: A Study of A Bookbinding

Author(s): Huttner, Sidney F.
How Do I Make It Stick?

Author(s): Brewer, Tish
A Bookbinder’s Gamble

Author(s): Govey, Gavin
Reliquary for a Book

Author(s): Wolper, Florian
Of the Bookbinder

Author(s): Collyer, Joseph
Bind-O-Rama 2011 - Artistically Reversible: Where Conservation and Art Meet

Author(s): Verheyen, Peter D, | Abbott, Kathy | Metzger, Chela
Wallace, Eileen. Masters: Book Arts.

Author(s): Siegel, Jules

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