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Genetic diversity, introgression and relationships among West/Central African cattle breeds

Author(s): Ibeagha-Awemu Eveline | Jann Oliver | Weimann Christina | Erhardt Georg
The combined use of embryos and semen for cryogenic conservation of mammalian livestock genetic resources

Author(s): Boettcher Paul | Stella Alessandra | Pizzi Flavia | Gandini Gustavo
Microsatellite based genetic diversity and population structure of the endangered Spanish Guadarrama goat breed

Author(s): Serrano Magdalena | Calvo Jorge | Martínez Marta | Marcos-Carcavilla Ane | Cuevas Javier | González Carmen | Jurado Juan | de Tejada Paloma
Geographical patterning of sixteen goat breeds from Italy, Albania and Greece assessed by Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Author(s): Pariset Lorraine | Cuteri Antonella | Ligda Christina | Ajmone-Marsan Paolo | Valentini Alessio
Reticulate phylogeny of gastropod-shell-breeding cichlids from Lake Tanganyika – the result of repeated introgressive hybridization

Author(s): Koblmüller Stephan | Duftner Nina | Sefc Kristina | Aibara Mitsuto | Stipacek Martina | Blanc Michel | Egger Bernd | Sturmbauer Christian
Gross and Histomorphological Studies of Femoral Head Resurfacing in Dog

Author(s): D. Sharifi | A. Razaei | D. Savadkouhi | R. Sadkhanloo | M. Rezaeyan
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