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CAF: Temas críticos para América Latina

Author(s): Manzano , Osmel
Expression of Heat Shock Proteins in Chronic Atrial Fibrillation

Author(s): Roman Laszlo | Mathias C. Busch | Stefan Wohrl | Sabine B. Schleicher | Ralf E. We�el | Ralph F. Bosch
Effect of short term caffeine supplementation and intermittent exercise on muscle damage markers

Author(s): M Machado | JFF Vigo | AC Breder | JR Simões | MC Ximenes | AC Hackney
Role of the tokamak ISTTOK on the EURATOM Fusion Programme

Author(s): Fernandes H. | Varandas C.A.F. | Cabral J.A.C.
Doppler findings in a rare Coronary Artery Fistula

Author(s): Jung Christian | Jorns Carl | Huhta James
A case of neurofibromatosis 1 presenting with optic pathway glioma with an early onset and an aggressive course

Author(s): Ganesh Suma | Gupta Archana | Sharma Manish | Bhuttan Sandeep
Borderline lepromatous leprosy with neurofibromatosis

Author(s): Angoori Gnaneshwar | Danturty Indira | Rekha Singh T
Variables associated with the risk of eating disorders in adolescence

Author(s): Alfredo Goñi | Arantzazu Rodríguez
Highly variable response to cytotoxic chemotherapy in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) from lung and breast

Author(s): Sonnenberg Maike | van der Kuip Heiko | Haubeiß Silke | Fritz Peter | Schroth Werner | Friedel Godehard | Simon Wolfgang | Mürdter Thomas | Aulitzky Walter
Quality of Life and Neutropenia in Patients with Early Stage Breast Cancer: A Randomized Pilot Study Comparing Additional Treatment with Mistletoe Extract to Chemotherapy Alone

Author(s): Wilfried Tröger | Svetlana Jezdić | Zdravko Ždrale | Nevena Tišma | Harald J. Hamre | Miodrag Matijašević
Combined Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Celecoxib in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Author(s): N Ahmadloo | MA Nazer Mozaffari | M Mohammadianpanah | SH Omidvari | A Mosalaei | MA Mosleh Shirazi
Standard guidelines of care: Lasers for tattoos and pigmented lesions

Author(s): Aurangabadkar Sanjeev | Mysore Venkataram
Overexpression of Chromatin Assembly Factor-1/p60 helps to predict the prognosis of melanoma patients

Author(s): Mascolo Massimo | Vecchione Maria | Ilardi Gennaro | Scalvenzi Massimiliano | Molea Guido | Di Benedetto Maria | Nugnes Loredana | Siano Maria | De Rosa Gaetano | Staibano Stefania
Coronally advanced flap and subepithelial connective tissue graft in the treatment of multiple recession-type defects

Author(s): Diogo Godoy ZANICOTTI | Tatiana Miranda DELIBERADOR | João César ZIELAK | Allan Fernando GIOVANINI | Cícero de Andrade URBAN
Dasatinib reverses Cancer-associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) from primary Lung Carcinomas to a Phenotype comparable to that of normal Fibroblasts

Author(s): Haubeiss Silke | Schmid Jens | Mürdter Thomas | Sonnenberg Maike | Friedel Godehard | van der Kuip Heiko | Aulitzky Walter
Inoculated mammary carcinoma-associated fibroblasts: contribution to hormone independent tumor growth

Author(s): Fabris Victoria | Sahores Ana | Vanzulli Silvia | Colombo Lucas | Molinolo Alfredo | Lanari Claudia | Lamb Caroline
Autoconcepto físico según la actividad físicodeportiva realizada y la motivación hacia ésta

Author(s): Juan Gregorio Fernández | Onofre Ricardo Contreras | Luis Miguel García | Sixto González Villora
The effects of a high dosage of creatine and caffeine supplementation on the lean body mass composition of rats submitted to vertical jumping training

Author(s): Franco Frederico | Costa Neuza | Ferreira Susana | Carneiro-Junior Miguel | Natali Antônio
Downregulation of TGF-beta receptor types II and III in oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral carcinoma-associated fibroblasts

Author(s): Meng Wenxia | Xia Qingjie | Wu Lanyan | Chen Sixiu | He Xin | Zhang Lin | Gao Qinghong | Zhou Hongmei
Fitossociologia de cerrado sensu stricto no município de Abaeté-MG

Author(s): Saporetti Jr Amilcar Walter | Meira Neto João Augusto Alves | Almado Roosevelt de Paula
Carcinoma Microinvasor no Cone Pós Biópsia Dirigida Compatível com NIC 3

Author(s): Figueiredo Priscila Garcia | Gontijo Renata Clementino | Derchain Sophie Françoise Mauricette | Nakano Fabiana Yumi | Teixeira Julio César | Martinez Edson Zangiacomi
Bone mineral density in Brazilian men 50 years and older

Author(s): Zerbini C.A.F. | Latorre M.R.O. | Jaime P.C. | Tanaka T. | Pippa M.G.B.
Coccidiosis and performance in broilers with anticoccidial medicated feed starting at different ages

Author(s): Costa C.A.F. | Guidoni A.L. | Paiva D.P. | Ávila V.S.

Author(s): Netto JMB | Tucci Jr S | Cologna AJ | Suaid HJ | Martins ACP | Molina CAF | Roselino JES
Reproducibilidad y sensibilidad de un cuestionario de actividad física en población mexicana

Author(s): López-Alvarenga Juan Carlos | Reyes-Díaz Susana | Castillo-Martínez Lilia | Dávalos-Ibáñez Armando | González-Barranco Jorge
Valor do dilatador higroscópico para visualização do canal endocervical na conização com cirurgia de alta freqüência

Author(s): Ferreira Maria Silvana Cardoso | Ribalta Julisa Chamorro Lascasas | Focchi José | Taha Saadi Abrahão | Stávale João Norberto | Linhares Elizabete Rautman Cezarino | Baracat Edmund Chada
Role of Tax protein in human T-cell leukemia virus type-I leukemogenicity

Author(s): Azran Inbal | Schavinsky-Khrapunsky Yana | Aboud Mordechai
Approach to the role of the pharmacist in health related quality of life

Author(s): Tafur Valderrama E | Garcia Jimenez E
Effect of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex on HIV-1 Tat activated transcription

Author(s): Agbottah Emmanuel | Deng Longwen | Dannenberg Luke | Pumfery Anne | Kashanchi Fatah
Changes in knowledge after attending a community pharmacists’ asthma workshop

Author(s): Garcia Corpas JP | Ocaña Arenas A | Gonzalez Garcia L | Lopez Dominguez E | Garcia Jimenez E | Amariles P | Faus MJ
Quality management in services – requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2000 and the model CAF

Author(s): Gabriela Bogdanovská | Ľubica Floreková | Ján Terpák
Crecimiento y desarrollo de cebada y trigo

Author(s): Castañeda Saucedo, Ma. Claudia | Colinas León, Teresa B. | Livera Hernández, Adrián | López Castañeda, Cándido | Molina Moreno, Juan
Doppler ultrasound scoring to predict chemotherapeutic response in advanced breast cancer

Author(s): Kumar Anand | Singh Seema | Pradhan Satyajit | Shukla Ram | Ansari Mumtaz | Singh Tej | Shyam Rohit | Gupta Saroj
Cyclostationarity-Inducing Transmission Methods for Recognition among OFDM-Based Systems

Author(s): Koji Maeda | Anass Benjebbour | Takahiro Asai | Tatsuo Furuno | Tomoyuki Ohya
Control of trichome branching by Chromatin Assembly Factor-1

Author(s): Exner Vivien | Gruissem Wilhelm | Hennig Lars

Author(s): A. N. Ahmad, I. Hussain, M. Siddique and M. S. Mahmood

Author(s): Leandro Ricardo Altimari | Eduardo Bodnariuc Fontes | Alexandre Hideki Okano | Ricardo Okada Triana | Mara Patricia Traína Chacon-Mikahil | Antonio Carlos de Moraes
Postoperative Complications Following Gingival Grafts: A Prospective Cohort Study

Author(s): Alexandra ROMAN | Andrada SOANCA | Radu CÂMPIAN | Cosmin CIOBAN | Robert BALAZSI
Stroma-Directed Molecular Targeted Therapy in Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Yasuhiko Kitadai | Michiyo Kodama | Kei Shinagawa
Cyclostationarity-Inducing Transmission Methods for Recognition among OFDM-Based Systems

Author(s): Maeda Koji | Benjebbour Anass | Asai Takahiro | Furuno Tatsuo | Ohya Tomoyuki
Coronary Artery Fistula with Double Outlet Right Ventricle: a Case Report

Author(s): Yaser Jenab | Ali Kazemi Khaledi | Hassan Ranjbarnejad | Arezu Zoroufian | Mahmood Shahzadi
Coronary Artery Fistula from Left Circumflex to Coronary Sinus

Author(s): Saeed Davoodi | Yaddollah Dadashi | Manouchehr Madani Civi | Seyed Hesameddin Abbasi | Amir Hossien Sami | Kyomars Majdi
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