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NFATs and Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Hafiz Mohmmad Abdul | Jennifer L. Furman | Michelle A. Sama | Diana M. Mathis | Christopher M. Norris
Genetic alteration of anxiety and stress-like behavior in mice lacking CaMKIV

Author(s): Shum Fanny | Ko Shanelle | Lee Yong-Seok | Kaang Bong-Kiun | Zhuo Min
Forebrain overexpression of CaMKII abolishes cingulate long term depression and reduces mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia

Author(s): Wei Feng | Wang Guo-Du | Zhang Chao | Shokat Kevan | Wang Huimin | Tsien Joe | Liauw Jason | Zhuo Min
Re-evaluating the taxonomic status of Phaeoisariopsis griseola, the causal agent of angular leaf spot of bean

Author(s): Pedro W. Crous | Merion M. Liebenberg | Uwe Braun | Johannes Z. Groenewald
Polyphasic taxonomy of Aspergillus section Usti

Author(s): J. Houbraken | M. Due | J. Varga | M. Meijer | J.C. Frisvad | R.A. Samson
Polyphasic taxonomy of Aspergillus section Fumigati and its teleomorph Neosartorya

Author(s): R.A. Samson | S. Hong | S.W. Peterson | J.C. Frisvad | J. Varga
What every psychiatrist should know about PANDAS: a review

Author(s): Moretti Germana | Pasquini Massimo | Mandarelli Gabriele | Tarsitani Lorenzo | Biondi Massimo
Computing phenomenologic Adair-Klotz constants from microscopic MWC parameters

Author(s): Stefan Melanie | Edelstein Stuart | Le Novère Nicolas
The Golgi α-1,6 mannosyltransferase KlOch1p of Kluyveromyces lactis is required for Ca2+/calmodulin-based signaling and for proper mitochondrial functionality

Author(s): Zanni Elena | Farina Francesca | Ricci Antonella | Mancini Patrizia | Frank Claudio | Palleschi Claudio | Uccelletti Daniela
Olfactory discrimination training up-regulates and reorganizes expression of microRNAs in adult mouse hippocampus

Author(s): Neil R Smalheiser | Giovanni Lugli | Angela L Lenon | John M Davis | Vetle I Torvik | John Larson
Lack of association between the CALM1 core promoter polymorphism (-16C/T) and susceptibility to knee osteoarthritis in a Chinese Han population

Author(s): Shi Dongquan | Ni Haijian | Dai Jin | Qin Jianghui | Xu Yong | Zhu Lunqing | Yao Chen | Shao Zhenxing | Chen Dongyang | Xu Zhihong | Yi Long | Ikegawa Shiro | Jiang Qing
Ortholog-based protein-protein interaction prediction and its application to inter-species interactions

Author(s): Lee Sheng-An | Chan Cheng-hsiung | Tsai Chi-Hung | Lai Jin-Mei | Wang Feng-Sheng | Kao Cheng-Yan | Huang Chi-Ying
The Role of Disordered Ribosomal Protein Extensions in the Early Steps of Eubacterial 50 S Ribosomal Subunit Assembly

Author(s): Youri Timsit | Zahir Acosta | Frédéric Allemand | Claude Chiaruttini | Mathias Springer
Progesterone after previous preterm birth for prevention of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (PROGRESS): a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Dodd Jodie | Crowther Caroline | McPhee Andrew | Flenady Vicki | Robinson Jeffrey
Calreticulin and cellular adhesion/migration-specific signalling pathways

Author(s): Eva Szabo | Sylvia Papp | Michal Opas
Transient in utero disruption of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator causes phenotypic changes in Alveolar Type II cells in adult rats

Author(s): Gad Ashraf | Callender Delon | Killeen Erin | Hudak Joseph | Dlugosz Malgosia | Larson Janet | Cohen J Craig | Chander Avinash
An in vivo mouse model of long-term potentiation at synapses between primary afferent C-fibers and spinal dorsal horn neurons: essential role of EphB1 receptor

Author(s): Liu Wen-Tao | Han Yuan | Li Hao-Chuan | Adams Brandt | Zheng Ji-Hong | Wu Yong-Ping | Henkemeyer Mark | Song Xue-Jun
Protein kinase C activation disrupts epithelial apical junctions via ROCK-II dependent stimulation of actomyosin contractility

Author(s): Ivanov Andrei | Samarin Stanislav | Bachar Moshe | Parkos Charles | Nusrat Asma
Role of ERK/MAPK in endothelin receptor signaling in human aortic smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Chen Qing-wen | Edvinsson Lars | Xu Cang-Bao
Homer regulates calcium signalling in growth cone turning

Author(s): Gasperini Robert | Choi-Lundberg Derek | Thompson Michael | Mitchell Camilla | Foa Lisa
Regulation of excitation-contraction coupling in mouse cardiac myocytes: integrative analysis with mathematical modelling

Author(s): Koivumäki Jussi | Korhonen Topi | Takalo Jouni | Weckström Matti | Tavi Pasi
Early development of Moniliophthora perniciosa basidiomata and developmentally regulated genes

Author(s): Pires Acássia | Gramacho Karina | Silva Delmira | Góes-Neto Aristóteles | Silva Mylene | Muniz-Sobrinho Jairo | Porto Ricardo | Villela-Dias Cristiano | Brendel Martin | Cascardo Júlio | Pereira Gonçalo
Calreticulin and cellular adhesion/migration-specific signalling pathways

Author(s): Eva Szabo | Sylvia Papp | Michal Opas
The multiple roles of myelin protein genes during the development of the oligodendrocyte

Author(s): Daniel Fulton | Pablo M Paez | Anthony T Campagnoni
ATP Depletion Via Mitochondrial F1F0 Complex by Lethal Factor is an Early Event in B. Anthracis-Induced Sudden Cell Death

Author(s): Mitchell W. Woodberry | Leopoldo Aguilera-Aguirre | Attila Bacsi | Ashok K. Chopra | Alexander Kurosky | Johnny W. Peterson | Istvan Boldogh
Cell cycle and Alzheimer's disease: studies in non-neuronal cells

Author(s): Natividad de las Cuevas | Ursula Munoz | Fernando Bartolome | Noemi Esteras | Carolina Alquezar | Angeles Martin-Requero
Protein Kinases as Drug Development Targets for Heart Disease Therapy

Author(s): Naranjan S. Dhalla | Alison L. Müller
Off Label Antiviral Therapeutics for Henipaviruses: New Light Through Old Windows

Author(s): Mohamad Aljofan | Michael K. Lo | Paul A. Rota | Wojtek P. Michalski | Bruce A. Mungall
Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in Penaeus monodon hemocytes after Vibrio harveyi infection

Author(s): Somboonwiwat Kunlaya | Chaikeeratisak Vorrapon | Wang Hao-Ching | Fang Lo Chu | Tassanakajon Anchalee
Altered expression of a putative progenitor cell marker DCAMKL1 in the rat gastric mucosa in regeneration, metaplasia and dysplasia

Author(s): Kikuchi Miho | Nagata Hiroshi | Watanabe Norihito | Watanabe Hiromitsu | Tatemichi Masayuki | Hibi Toshifumi
The Structure of Ca2+ Sensor Case16 Reveals the Mechanism of Reaction to Low Ca2+ Concentrations

Author(s): Lukas Leder | Wilhelm Stark | Felix Freuler | May Marsh | Marco Meyerhofer | Thomas Stettler | Lorenz M. Mayr | Olga V. Britanova | Lydia A. Strukova | Dmitriy M. Chudakov | Ekaterina A. Souslova
Phylogeny and systematics of the genus Calonectria

Author(s): L. Lombard | P.W. Crous | B.D. Wingfield | M.J. Wingfield
Plasma membrane calcium ATPase proteins as novel regulators of signal transduction pathways

Author(s): Mary Louisa Holton | Weiguang Wang | Michael Emerson | Ludwig Neyses | Angel L Armesilla
Modulation of intracellular calcium and proliferative activity of invertebrate and vertebrate cells by ethylene

Author(s): Perovic Sanja | Seack Jürgen | Gamulin Vera | Müller Werner | Schröder Heinz
Ca2+-mediated activation of ERK in hepatocytes by norepinephrine and prostaglandin F2α: role of calmodulin and src kinases

Author(s): Melien Øyvind | Nilssen Laila | Dajani Olav | Sand Kristin | Iversen Jens-Gustav | Sandnes Dagny | Christoffersen Thoralf
Association of sperm protein 17 with A-kinase anchoring protein 3 in flagella

Author(s): Lea Isabel | Widgren Esther | O'Rand Michael
Downregulation of calcineurin activity in cervical carcinoma

Author(s): Padma S | Sowjanya A Pavani | Poli Usha | Jain Meenakshi | Rao BN | Ramakrishna Gayatri
Cyclosporin A preferentially attenuates skeletal slow-twitch muscle regeneration

Author(s): Miyabara E.H. | Aoki M.S. | Moriscot A.S.
The Stability of a Stochastic CaMKII Switch: Dependence on the Number of Enzyme Molecules and Protein Turnover

Author(s): Miller Paul | Zhabotinsky Anatol M | Lisman John E | Wang Xiao-Jing
Plexin B3 promotes neurite outgrowth, interacts homophilically, and interacts with Rin

Author(s): Hartwig Christine | Veske Andres | Krejcova Sarka | Rosenberger Georg | Finckh Ulrich
Ultrafine particles cause cytoskeletal dysfunctions in macrophages: role of intracellular calcium

Author(s): Möller Winfried | Brown David | Kreyling Wolfgang | Stone Vicki
Alterations of renal phenotype and gene expression profiles due to protein overload in NOD-related mouse strains

Author(s): Wilson Karen | McIndoe Richard | Eckenrode Sarah | Morel Laurence | Agarwal Anupam | Croker Byron | She Jin-Xiong
Pim kinases phosphorylate multiple sites on Bad and promote 14-3-3 binding and dissociation from Bcl-XL

Author(s): Macdonald Andrew | Campbell David | Toth Rachel | McLauchlan Hilary | Hastie C James | Arthur J Simon
Genetic reduction of chronic muscle pain in mice lacking calcium/calmodulin-stimulated adenylyl cyclases

Author(s): Vadakkan Kunjumon | Wang Hansen | Ko Shanelle | Zastepa Evelyn | Petrovic Michele | Sluka Kathleen | Zhuo Min
Aberrant stalk development and breakdown of tip dominance in Dictyostelium cell lines with RNAi-silenced expression of calcineurin B

Author(s): Boeckeler Katrina | Tischendorf Gilbert | Mutzel Rupert | Weissenmayer Barbara
The contractile vacuole in Ca2+-regulation in Dictyostelium: its essential function for cAMP-induced Ca2+-influx

Author(s): Malchow Dieter | Lusche Daniel | Schlatterer Christina | De Lozanne Arturo | Müller-Taubenberger Annette
Calcium Binding Proteins]

Author(s): Berivan Tandoğan | N. Nuray Ulusu
Establishment of endolithic populations of extremophilic Cyanidiales (Rhodophyta)

Author(s): Yoon Hwan | Ciniglia Claudia | Wu Min | Comeron Josep | Pinto Gabriele | Pollio Antonino | Bhattacharya Debashish
The conserved protein kinase-A target motif in synapsin of Drosophila is effectively modified by pre-mRNA editing

Author(s): Diegelmann Sören | Nieratschker Vanessa | Werner Ursula | Hoppe Jürgen | Zars Troy | Buchner Erich
The Trichoderma koningii aggregate species

Author(s): Gary J. Samuels | Sarah L. Dodd | Bing-Sheng Lu | Orlando Petrini | Hans-Josef Schroers | Irina S. Druzhinina
Species of Cercospora associated with grey leaf spot of maize

Author(s): Pedro W. Crous | Johannes Z. Groenewald | Marizeth Groenewald | Pat Caldwell | Uwe Braun | Thomas C. Harrington
Proteomics Analysis of the Expression of Neurogranin in Murine Neuroblastoma (Neuro-2a) Cells Reveals Its Involvement for Cell Differentiation

Author(s): Nian-Lin Reena Han, Jing Wen, Qingsong Lin, Pei Ling Tan, Yih-Cherng Liou, Fwu-Shan Sheu
Signaling Molecules in Sulfur Mustard-Induced Cutaneous Injury

Author(s): Albert L. Ruff, PhD | James F. Dillman, PhD
Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated suppression of Ca2+/calmodulin kinase IV activity in the nucleus accumbens modulates emotional behaviour in mice

Author(s): Schneider Miriam | Spanagel Rainer | Zhang Sheng-Jia | Bading Hilmar | Klugmann Matthias
Left-right olfactory asymmetry results from antagonistic functions of voltage-activated calcium channels and the Raw repeat protein OLRN-1 in C. elegans

Author(s): Bauer Huang Sarah | Saheki Yasunori | VanHoven Miri | Torayama Ichiro | Ishihara Takeshi | Katsura Isao | van der Linden Alexander | Sengupta Piali | Bargmann Cornelia
The current status of species recognition and identification in Aspergillus

Author(s): D.M. Geiser | M.A. Klich | J.C. Frisvad | S.W. Peterson | J. Varga | R.A. Samson
Functional, genetic and bioinformatic characterization of a calcium/calmodulin kinase gene in Sporothrix schenckii

Author(s): Valle-Aviles Liz | Valentin-Berrios Shirley | Gonzalez-Mendez Ricardo | Rodriguez-del Valle Nuri
Interaction between the C-terminal region of human myelin basic protein and calmodulin: analysis of complex formation and solution structure

Author(s): Majava Viivi | Petoukhov Maxim | Hayashi Nobuhiro | Pirilä Päivi | Svergun Dmitri | Kursula Petri
Protein phosphorylation pattern in the immune cells of leprosy affected individuals

Author(s): Karuna Devi Sagili,1 Renuka Raju,1 Venkat Rami Reddy,2 Anandaraj M.P.J.S,1 Sujai Suneetha,3 Lavanya Moses Suneetha.3
Prevalence of bortezomib-resistant constitutive NF-kappaB activity in mantle cell lymphoma

Author(s): Yang David | Young Ken | Kahl Brad | Markovina Stephanie | Miyamoto Shigeki
Elucidating the mechanisms of cooperative calcium-calmodulin interactions: a structural systems biology approach

Author(s): Valeyev Najl | Bates Declan | Heslop-Harrison Pat | Postlethwaite Ian | Kotov Nikolay
Relative shortening and functional tethering of spinal cord in adolescent scoliosis – Result of asynchronous neuro-osseous growth, summary of an electronic focus group debate of the IBSE

Author(s): Chu Winnie | Lam Wynnie | Ng Bobby | Tze-ping Lam | Lee Kwong-man | Guo Xia | Cheng Jack | Burwell R Geoffrey | Dangerfield Peter | Jaspan Tim
The Role of the Entorhinal Cortex in Extinction: Influences of Aging

Author(s): Lia R. M. Bevilaqua | Janine I. Rossato | Juliana S. Bonini | Jociane C. Myskiw | Julia R. Clarke | Siomara Monteiro | Ramón H. Lima | Jorge H. Medina | Martín Cammarota | Iván Izquierdo
Charting calcium-regulated apoptosis pathways using chemical biology: role of calmodulin kinase II

Author(s): Olofsson Maria | Havelka Aleksandra | Brnjic Slavica | Shoshan Maria | Linder Stig
Effect of L-arginine on neuromuscular transmission of the chick biventer cervicis muscle

Author(s): D. Farzin | s. Asadzadeh | M. Tashfam | B. Esfandiar
Localization of Guanylate Cyclase Receptor, Inositol Trisphosphate Receptor, and Calmodulin in Boar Spermatozoa

Author(s): Ayele Gugssa | Ava Williams | Rakeb Tilahun | William Eckberg | Winston Anderson | Balwant Ahluwalia | Lalita Kaul | Diana Broomfield
Physiological role of calcium in legume-rhizobium symbiosis

Author(s): Vasil’eva G.G. | Ischenko A.A. | Glyan’ko A.K.
Polyphasic taxonomy of Aspergillus section Sparsi

Author(s): J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad | R.A. Samson
New and revisited species in Aspergillus section Nigri

Author(s): J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad | S. Kocsube | B. Brankovics | B. Toth | G. Szigeti | R.A. Samson
New species in Aspergillus section Terrei

Author(s): R.A. Samson | S.W. Peterson | J.C. Frisvad | J. Varga
New taxa in Aspergillus section Usti

Author(s): R.A. Samson | J. Varga | M. Meijer | J.C. Frisvad
Taxonomy of Penicillium section Citrina

Author(s): J. Houbraken | J.C. Frisvad | R.A. Samson
Global population structure of Aspergillus terreus inferred by ISSR typing reveals geographical subclustering

Author(s): Neal Carolyn | Richardson Aaron | Hurst Steven | Tortorano Anna | Viviani Maria | Stevens David | Balajee S Arunmozhi
Protein phosphatase 2a (PP2A) binds within the oligomerization domain of striatin and regulates the phosphorylation and activation of the mammalian Ste20-Like kinase Mst3

Author(s): Gordon Johnthan | Hwang Juyeon | Carrier Karma | Jones Candace | Kern Quiana | Moreno Carlos | Karas Richard | Pallas David

Author(s): Naderi | G. | Farzami | B. Moosavi Movahedi | A.A.
Role of calcium and calmodulin in reaction of gastric fundus contraction

Author(s): Marta Gajdus | Leszek Szadujkis-Szadurski | Rafał Szadujkis-Szadurski | Izabela Glaza | Magdalena Zalewska | Katarzyna Szadujkis-Szadurska | Natalia Gurtowska
AKAP150-mediated TRPV1 sensitization is disrupted by calcium/calmodulin

Author(s): Chaudhury Sraboni | Bal Manjot | Belugin Sergei | Shapiro Mark | Jeske Nathaniel
Exploring NMR ensembles of calcium binding proteins: Perspectives to design inhibitors of protein-protein interactions

Author(s): Isvoran Adriana | Badel Anne | Craescu Constantin | Miron Simona | Miteva Maria
A novel COMP mutation in a pseudoachondroplasia family of Chinese origin

Author(s): Dai Li | Xie Liang | Wang Yanping | Mao Meng | Li Nana | Zhu Jun | Kim Christopher | Zhang Yawei
Evaluation of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues in the proteomic analysis of parathyroid glands

Author(s): Donadio Elena | Giusti Laura | Cetani Filomena | Da Valle Ylenia | Ciregia Federica | Giannaccini Gino | Pardi Elena | Saponaro Federica | Torregrossa Liborio | Basolo Fulvio | Marcocci Claudio | Lucacchini Antonio
Gβγ subunits inhibit Epac-induced melanoma cell migration

Author(s): Baljinnyam Erdene | Umemura Masanari | De Lorenzo Mariana | Xie Lai-Hua | Nowycky Martha | Iwatsubo Mizuka | Chen Suzie | Goydos James | Iwatsubo Kousaku
Calcium/calmodulin kinase1 and its relation to thermotolerance and HSP90 in Sporothrix schenckii: an RNAi and yeast two-hybrid study

Author(s): Rodriguez-Caban Jorge | Gonzalez-Velazquez Waleska | Perez-Sanchez Lizaida | Gonzalez-Mendez Ricardo | Valle Nuri
Vasoinhibins Prevent Bradykinin-Stimulated Endothelial Cell Proliferation by Inactivating eNOS via Reduction of both Intracellular Ca2+ Levels and eNOS Phosphorylation at Ser1179

Author(s): Stéphanie Thebault | Carmen González | Celina García | David Arredondo Zamarripa | Gabriel Nava | Luis Vaca | Fernando López-Casillas | Gonzalo Martínez De la Escalera | Carmen Clapp
Psychostimulant Drugs and Neuroplasticity

Author(s): Emilio Fernandez-Espejo | Nieves Rodriguez-Espinosa

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