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Common Parasitic Diseases of Camel

Author(s): Parsani | H.R. | Veer Singh and Momin,R.R.
Chronic Hematuria in a Camel

Author(s): Sudhakar G. Bhandare
Pharmacokinetics of Amoxycillin in Camel

Author(s): Mohammed H. Al-Nazawi
Ostrich Feeding and Nutrition

Author(s): A. A. Aganga | A. O. Aganga | U. J. Omphile
Banana Frozen Yoghurt from Camel Milk

Author(s): Salma Kh Ahmed | Rea Haroun | Mohamed O. Eisa
Performance Evaluation of Banking Sector in Pakistan: An Application of Bankometer

Author(s): Amir Hussain Shar | Muneer ali Shah | Hajan Jamali
Reproduction in Camel

Author(s): A.V. Khanvilkar | S. R. Samant and B. N. Ambore
Biochemical adaptation of camelids during periods where feed is withheld

Author(s): J. Wensvoort | D.J. Kyle | E.R. Ørskov | D.A. Bourke
Pathology of Experimental Trypanosoma evansi Infection in Savannah Brown Buck

Author(s): S.A. Shehu | N.D.G. Ibrahim | K.A.N. Esievo | G. Mohammed
Seasonal Variation in Blood Constituents of One-humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): Alia S.A. Amin | Khalid A. Abdoun | Abdalla M. Abdelatif
Microbial and Sensory Characteristics of Camel Meat During Refrigerated Storage as Affected by Gamma Irradiation

Author(s): Aziz A . Fallah | Hossein Tajik | Seyed Mehdi Razavi Rohani | Mohammad Rahnama
Study of the Effect of Processing on the Chemical Quality of Soft Unripened Cheese Made from Camel Milk

Author(s): Saima Inayat | Muhammad Akbar Arain | M. Khaskheli | Alamdar Hussain Malik
Effect of Dried Dates Extract on the Growth and Viability of Bifidobacteria in Different Milk Types

Author(s): Meshref A. Al-Rwaily | Saqer | M. Herzallah | Mohammed Ali Humeid | Mohammad I. Yamani
Changes in Chemical Composition of Camel’s Raw Milk During Storage

Author(s): Rea Haroun Omer | Abdullah Hamid Eltinay
Analyse moléculaire de la diversité génétique des dromadaires (Camelus dromedarius) en Tunisie

Author(s): Ould Ahmed, M. | Ben Salem, F. | Bedhiaf, S. | M'Naouer D.  
Economic Importance of Camel: A Unique Alternative under Crisis

Author(s): S. Ahmad*, M. Yaqoob, N. Hashmi1, S. Ahmad2, M. A. Zaman3 and M. Tariq
Effect of Camel Milk on Oxidative Stresses in Experimentally Induced Diabetic Rabbits

Author(s): El-Said El-Sherbini El-Said | Gehad Ramadan El-Sayed | Esraa Tantawy
Study on the Use of Dried Poultry Litter in the Camel's Ration

Author(s): Abdel-Baset Nasr Sayed | Abbas Seif Fathy
Swelling studies of camel and bovine corneal stroma

Author(s): Turki Almubrad | Mohammad Faisal Jamal Khan | Saeed Akhtar
US smokers' reactions to a brief trial of oral nicotine products

Author(s): O'Connor Richard | Norton Kaila | Bansal-Travers Maansi | Mahoney Martin | Cummings K Michael | Borland Ron
Paleoseismology of the Xorxol Segment of the Central Altyn Tagh Fault, Xinjiang, China

Author(s): Z. Washburn | J. R. Arrowsmith | G. Dupont-Nivet | W. X. Feng | Z. Y. Qiao | C. Zhengle
Biometric and Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Testis of One-humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): Riaz Hussain Pasha, Anas Sarwar Qureshi*, Laeeq Akbar Lodhi1 and Huma Jamil1
Incidence of Hydatid cyst disease in food animals slaughtered at Sokoto Central Abattoir, Sokoto State, Nigeria

Author(s): Abdullahi Alhaji Magaji | Oboegbulem | S.I. | Daneji | A.I. | Garba | H.S. | Salihu | M.D. | Junaidu,A.U. | Mohammed | A.A. | Lawal | M. | Aminu S. | Yakubu | Y. | and Mamuda | A.
Molecular epidemiology of camel trypanosomiasis based on ITS1 rDNA and RoTat 1.2 VSG gene in the Sudan

Author(s): Salim Bashir | Bakheit Mohammed | Kamau Joseph | Nakamura Ichiro | Sugimoto Chihiro
Botulinum Neurotoxins and Botulism: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

Author(s): Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul | Wanpen Chaicumpa
Structure Based Antibody-Like Peptidomimetics

Author(s): Ramachandran Murali | Mark I. Greene
Physical and Biochemical Contents of Camel, Cattle, Goat and Human Urine

Author(s): Salwa | M. E. K. | M. S. Ali | H. A. Samia | A. M. Majid
Alterations in the Pituitary- Thyroid Axis in Camel Camelus dromedarius Infected by Larvae of Nasal Bot Fly Cephalopina titillator

Author(s): Ghada M. El Bassiony | Othman A. Al Sagair | Ezzat S. El Daly | Asmaa M. El Nady
Rotavirus-Associated Camel Calf Diarrhoea in Sudan

Author(s): Ali Y. H. | A. I. Khalafalla | M. E. Gaffar | I. Peenze | A. D. Steele
Intoxication by Consumption of Raw Camel Liver

Author(s): Salah El Din Abd El Hag | S.A. Shaddad | T. Hassan
Morphological and Quantitative Study of Neurons in the Gracile Nucleus of the Camel Brain Stem

Author(s): Sami I. Zaqout | Raith A. Al-Saffar | Saleh M. Al-Hussain
Morphological and Quantitative Study of Neurons in the Gracile Nucleus of the Camel Brain Stem

Author(s): Sami I. Zaqout | Raith A. Al-Saffar | Saleh M. Al-Hussain
Some Reproductive and Productive Traits of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Western Sudan

Author(s): H. H. Musa | E. S. Shuiep | Ibtisam, E. M. El Zubier | G.H. Chen
Gross Anatomical Studies on Duodenum of one Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): T. Althnaian | K.M. Alkhodair | I.F. Albokhadaim | R.O. Ramdan | A.M. Ali
Morphological studies on the seasonal changes in the epididymal duct of the one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): Ahmed El-Zuhry Zayed | Khaled Hamdy Aly | Ismael Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim | Fatma Mohammed Abd El-maksoud
First field investigation report on the prevalence of trypanosomosis in camels in northern Tanzania

Author(s): E. S. Swai, | W. Moshy, | E. Mbise, | J. Kaaya | S. Bwanga
Haematological and serum biochemical indices of growing rabbits fed camel blood-rumen content mixture

Author(s): Mohammed Gambo, | Igwebuike Joseph Uchechi, | Alade Nurudeen Kehinde, | Adamu Shaibu Bala | Raji Abdulrazaq Onimisi
Amino acid analysis and group function of camel insulin

Author(s): A. E. A. Baragob, | O. Y. Mohammed, | A. F. Mustafa, | S. M. E. Khojali | H. A. Samia
Constraints of camel pastoralists in Gedarif state, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. O. Eisa, | A. B. Mustafa | A. M. Salih
Ultrastructure of the Interstitial Tissue in the Testis of the Egyptian Dromedary Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): M. I. Abd-Elaziz, A. M. Kassem, D. M. Zaghloul*, A. E. Derbalah and M. H. Bolefa

Author(s): Derek K. Baker
Study of brucellosis in serum of camels in southeast of Iran

Author(s): Ahmad Rafieipour | Nemat Ziaei
A Partitioning Methodology That Optimises the Area on Reconfigurable Real-Time Embedded Systems

Author(s): Tanougast Camel | Berviller Yves | Weber Serge | Brunet Philippe
Antiserum production in immunized camel by the venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion: evaluation of neutralizing test in vivo

Author(s): Behdani M | Hosseininejad chafi M | Zeinali S | Karimipour M | Khanahmad Shahreza H | Ghasemi P | Asadzadeh N | Ghamnak A | Pooshang Bagheri K | Ahari H | Shahbazzadeh D
One-Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Infestation withLinguatula serrata in Tabriz, Iran

Author(s): HR Haddadzadeh | SS Athari | R Abedini | S Khazraii nia | P Khazraii nia | S Nabian | B Haji-Mohamadi
Hard Ticks on Domestic Ruminants and their SeasonalPopulation Dynamics in Yazd Province, Iran

Author(s): Y Salim abadi | Z Telmadarraiy | H Vatandoost | S Chinikar | MA Oshaghi | M Moradi | E Mirabzadeh Ardakan | S Hekmat | A Nasiri
Watermarking for Multimedia Security Using Complex Wavelets

Author(s): Alastair Ian Thompson | Ahmed Bouridane | Fatih Kurugollu | Camel Tanougast
Soft tissue mass of the chest wall as the sole manifestation of brucellosis in a 7-year-old boy

Author(s): Al-Ayed Mohammed | Bin-Hussain Ibrahim | Al Hajjar Sami | Al Nassar Saleh
Biochemical adaptation of camelids during periods where feed is withheld

Author(s): J. Wensvoort | D.J. Kyle | E.R. Ørskov | D.A. Bourke
Camel Milk Is a Safer Choice than Goat Milk for Feeding Children with Cow Milk Allergy

Author(s): Mohammad Ehlayel | Abdulbari Bener | Khalid Abu Hazeima | Fatima Al-Mesaifri
Retail promotions and perceptions of R.J. Reynolds' novel dissolvable tobacco in a US test market

Author(s): Romito Laura | Saxton M Kim | Coan Lorinda | Christen Arden
Assessment of the In Vivo Toxicity of Gold Nanoparticles

Author(s): Chen Yu-Shiun | Hung Yao-Ching | Liau Ian | Huang G
Contamination of Camel Milk (Heavy Metals, Organic Pollutants and Radionuclides) in Kazakhstan

Author(s): Gaukhar Konuspayeva | Stefan Jurjanz | Gerard Loiseau | Vincent Barci | Shynar Akhmetsadykova | Aliya A. Meldebekova | Bernard Faye
One-Humped Camels (Camelus dromedaries) Hard Ticks Infestation in Qeshm Island, Iran

Author(s): Saeed Nazifi | Amin Tamadon | Mohammad-Amin Behzadi | Shahram Haddadi | Ali-Reza Raayat-Jahromi
Serobiochemical Alterations in Subclinically Affected Dromedary Camels with Trypanosoma Evansi in Iran

Author(s): Ali Reza Sazmand, Aria Rasooli٭1, Mohammad Nouri1, Hosein Hamidinejat2 and Seyyed Hosein Moghaddam Hekmati3
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of cDNA Encoding a Putative Stress-Induced Heat-Shock Protein from Camelus dromedarius

Author(s): Mohamed S. Elrobh | Mohammad S. Alanazi | Wajahatullah Khan | Zainularifeen Abduljaleel | Abdullah Al-Amri | Mohammad D. Bazzi
Some Ectoparasites of Camelus dromedarius in Sokoto, Nigeria

Author(s): M.D. Lawal | I.G. Ameh | A. Ahmed
Effects of Parasitic Infections on Erythrocyte Indices of Camels in Nigeria

Author(s): Jalailudeen Lawal Rabana | Hussein Adam Kumshe | Joshua Kamani | Grema Hafsat | Usman A Turaki | Harrison K Dilli
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