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The Return of Caribou to Ungava

Author(s): Eigil Reimers
En memoria de Alejandro Rossi

Author(s): Camps, Victoria
Victoria Camps, La voluntad de vivir

Author(s): Guisán, Esperanza
Crítica de Libros

Author(s): del Palacio Martín, Jorge | Álvarez Yágüez, Jorge | Bordes, Montserrat | Camps, Victoria | Casado da Rocha, Antonio | Escolar, Guillermo | Esquirol, Josep M. | Giménez Merino, Antonio
Crítica de libros

Author(s): Vargas-Machuca Ortega, Ramón | Camps, Victoria | Acinas, Juan Claudio | Hernández, Mirtha | Gómez, Amparo | Peña, Lorenzo
The Archaeological Record Speaks: Bridging Anthropology and Linguistics

Author(s): Sergio Balari | Antonio Benítez-Burraco | Marta Camps | Víctor M. Longa | Guillermo Lorenzo | Juan Uriagereka
Preventive palliation in the elderly - Organizing health camps for the rural aged

Author(s): Dam Abhijit | Datta Nivedita | Mohanty Usha | Karn R | Singh Dara | Kumar Sanjay
Description and Performance of an L-Band Radiometer with Digital Beamforming

Author(s): Xavier Bosch-Lluis | Isaac Ramos-Perez | Adriano Camps | Nereida Rodriguez-Alvarez | Enric Valencia | Juan F. Marchan-Hernandez
Reviving the United States' Commitment to Pakistan and Afghanistan

Author(s): Dr. Steve Young | Dr. Imdad Hussain Sahito
Opium De-Addiction Camps In Rural Himachal Pradesh

Author(s): Mohan Y | Sharma R.C | Dhatwalia R.S | Rajput G.C
Psychiatric morbidity in adult Kashmiri migrants living in a migrant camp at Jammu

Author(s): Banal Rakesh | Thappa Jagdish | Shah H | Hussain Arshid | Chowhan Abhishek | Kaur Harneet | Bharti Mala | Thappa Sushant
A replication study confirms the association of TNFSF4 (OX40L) polymorphisms with Systemic Sclerosis in a large European cohort

Author(s): Bossini-Castillo L | Broen JCA | Simeon C | Beretta L | Vonk M | Ortego-Centeno N | Espinosa G | Carreira P | Camps M | Navarrete N | González-Escribano M | Vicente-Rabaneda E | Rodríguez L | Tolosa C | Román-Ivorra J | Gómez-Gracia I | García-Hernández F | Castellví I | Gallego M | Fernández-Nebro A | Egurbide M | Follonosa V | García de la Peña P | Pros A | González-Gay M | Hesselstrand R | Riemekasten G | Witte T | Coenen MJH | Koeleman B | Houssiau F | Smith V | De Keyser F | Westhovens R | De Langhe E | Voskuyl A | Schuerwegh A | Chee M | Madhok R | Shiels P | Fonseca C | Denton C | Claes K | Padykov L | Nordin A | Palm Ø | Lie B | Airó P | Scorza R | van Laar J | Hunzelmann N | Kreuter A | Herrick A | Worthington J | Radstake TRDJ | Martín J | Rueda B
La política como moral

Author(s): Camps, Victoria
Mas d’Is (Penàguila, Alicante): farms and Early Neolithic causewayed camps in the Serpis valley

Author(s): Bernabeu Auban, Joan | Orozco Köhler, Teresa | Díez Castillo, Agustín | Gómez Puche, Magdalena | Molina Hernández, Francisco Javier
Reporting on Music Therapy in Kenya

Author(s): David Otieno Akombo
Experience in screening for cervical cancer in rural areas of Barsi Tehsil (Maharashtra).

Author(s): Nene B | Jayant K | Malvi S | Dale P | Deshpande R
Design and First Results of an UAV-Borne L-Band Radiometer for Multiple Monitoring Purposes

Author(s): Rene Acevo-Herrera | Albert Aguasca | Xavier Bosch-Lluis | Adriano Camps | José Martínez-Fernández | Nilda Sánchez-Martín | Carlos Pérez-Gutiérrez
Nuevas aportaciones sobre las murallas y el sistema defensivo de Santa Fe (Granada)

Author(s): García Pulido, Luis José | Orihuela Uzal, Antonio
Rapid Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability in Palestinian Refugee Camps

Author(s): Jalal N. Al-Dabbeek | Radwan J. El-Kelani
Incidence of Infectious Diseases One Month after the Bam Earthquake (2004)

Author(s): N. Jonaidi Jafari | M.H. Radfar | H. Ghofrani
Another reptile translocation to a national park

Author(s): W.R Branch | H.H Braack
Effect of Theophylline and Cyclic AMP Analogue 8-Br-cAMP on Dermatophagoides Farinae induced IL-5 mRNA of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Author(s): T.P. Markova | Y. Aragane | A. Niwa | M. Tabuchi | M. Orita | K. Ooshima | H. Higashino
The lived experiences of late-adolescent female suicide survivors: ‘A part of me died’

Author(s): Willem A. Hoffmann | Chris Myburgh | Marie Poggenpoel
Camp Sports Injuries: Analysis of Causes, Modes and Frequencies

Author(s): Panagiota Papageorgiou | George Mavrommatis | George Costa
Summer Camp at Sport injuries: a Tool for Safety Planning

Author(s): Panagiota Papageorgiou | George Mavrommatis | George Costa
¿Qué hay de malo en la eugenesia?

Author(s): Camps, Victoria
The cameroon mobile phone sms (CAMPS) trial: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial of mobile phone text messaging versus usual care for improving adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy

Author(s): Mbuagbaw Lawrence | Thabane Lahana | Ongolo-Zogo Pierre | Lester Richard | Mills Edward | Volmink Jimmy | Yondo David | Essi Marie | Bonono-Momnougui Renée-Cecile | Mba Robert | Ndongo Jean | Nkoa Francois | Ondoa Henri
Detection of EGFR mutations with mutation-specific antibodies in stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer

Author(s): Simonetti Sara | Molina Miguel | Queralt Cristina | de Aguirre Itziar | Mayo Clara | Bertran-Alamillo Jordi | Sanchez José | Gonzalez-Larriba Jose | Jimenez Ulpiano | Isla Dolores | Moran Teresa | Viteri Santiago | Camps Carlos | Garcia-Campelo Rosario | Massuti Bartomeu | Benlloch Susana | y Cajal Santiago | Taron Miquel | Rosell Rafael
War related sexual violence and it's medical and psychological consequences as seen in Kitgum, Northern Uganda: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kinyanda Eugene | Musisi Seggane | Biryabarema Christine | Ezati Isaac | Oboke Henry | Ojiambo-Ochieng Ruth | Were-Oguttu Juliet | Levin Jonathan | Grosskurth Heiner | Walugembe James
Malaria transmission and insecticide resistance of Anopheles gambiae in Libreville and Port-Gentil, Gabon

Author(s): Mourou Jean-Romain | Coffinet Thierry | Jarjaval Fanny | Pradines Bruno | Amalvict Rémi | Rogier Christophe | Kombila Maryvonne | Pagès Frédéric
Measurement of serum paraoxonase-1 activity in the evaluation of liver function

Author(s): Jordi Camps, Judit Marsillach, Jorge Joven
Recursos web i metadades : informe del projecte

Author(s): Estivill Rius, Assumpció | Andreu i Daufí, Jordi | Gascón, Jesús | Rodríguez Gairín, Josep Manuel | Urbano Salido, Cristóbal
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea III: maternal health

Author(s): Howard Natasha | Woodward Aniek | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | Blankhart David | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Generation of novel cationic antimicrobial peptides from natural non-antimicrobial sequences by acid-amide substitution

Author(s): Ueno Satoshi | Minaba Masaomi | Nishiuchi Yuji | Taichi Misako | Tamada Yasushi | Yamazaki Toshimasa | Kato Yusuke
Industrialización en la vivienda social de Madrid

Author(s): Montes, J. | Camps, I. P. | Fúster, A.
Collective Micro-Optics Technologies for VCSEL Photonic Integration

Author(s): V. Bardinal | T. Camps | B. Reig | D. Barat | E. Daran | J. B. Doucet

Author(s): Sim Wan Jie, Huam Hon Tat, Amran Rasli | Lee Thean Chye
A Novel Security Framework Using Trust And Fuzzy Logic In Manet

Author(s): Manoj V | Mohammed Aaqib | Raghavendiran N | Vijayan R
PPARs in Regulation of Paraoxonases: Control of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Pathways

Author(s): Jordi Camps | Anabel García-Heredia | Anna Rull | Carlos Alonso-Villaverde | Gerard Aragonès | Raúl Beltrán-Debón | Esther Rodríguez-Gallego | Jorge Joven
Maternal education and childbirth care in Uganda

Author(s): Bbaale E | Guloba A

Book Reviews

Author(s): K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | Freek L. Bakker | Samuel Wälty | René van den Berg | Linda Barsel | Martin van Bruinessen | Darul Aqsha | Martin van Bruinessen | Niels Mulder | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Craig A, Lockard | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Tenas Effendy | Rens Heringa | Roy W. Hamilton | Bernice de Jong Boers | Willemijn de Jong | C. de Jonge | A.Th. Boone | Nico Kaptein | Peter G. Riddell | Hugo Klooster | Janny de Jong | Jean Robert Opgenort | L. Smits | Pim Schoorl | Albert Hahl | Elly Touwen-Bouwsma | Dieuwke Wendelaar Bonga | Freek Colombijn | Anthony J. Whitten | David Henley | Anthony J. Whitten | Peter Boomgaard | Tony Whitten | Han Knapen | Kathy MacKinnon | Bernice de Jong Boers | Manon Ossewiejer | Kathryn A. Monk | Freek Colombijn | Tomas Tomascik
Antiretroviral treatment-induced dyslipidemia in HIV-infected patients is influenced by the APOC3-related rs10892151 polymorphism

Author(s): Aragonès Gerard | Alonso-Villaverde Carlos | Pardo-Reche Pedro | Rull Anna | Beltrán-Debón Raúl | Rodríguez-Gallego Esther | Fernández-Sender Laura | Camps Jordi | Joven Jorge
Vulnerability to high risk sexual behaviour (HRSB) following exposure to war trauma as seen in post-conflict communities in eastern uganda: a qualitative study

Author(s): Muhwezi Wilson | Kinyanda Eugene | Mungherera Margaret | Onyango Patrick | Ngabirano Emmanuel | Muron Julius | Kagugube Johnson | Kajungu Rehema
Performance of UNHCR nutrition programs in post-emergency refugee camps

Author(s): Doocy Shannon | Tappis Hannah | Haskew Christopher | Wilkinson Caroline | Spiegel Paul

Author(s): Stanciulescu Gabriela Cecilia | Molnar Elisabeta | Bunghez Magdalena
Evidence of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus Antibodies in Small Ruminants in Amuru and Gulu Districts, Uganda

Author(s): Robert Sande, Chrisostom Ayebazibwe1*, Charles Waiswa2, Francis Ejobi2, Frank Norbert Mwiine2, William Olaho-Mukani1
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Impact of Wind-Driven Mixing in the Arctic Ocean

Author(s): Luc Rainville | Craig M. Lee | Rebecca A. Woodgate

Author(s): Sümmani EKİCİ | Tekin ÇOLAKOĞLU | Akan BAYRAKTAR
Improved molecular toolkit for cAMP studies in live cells

Author(s): Hong Kwan | Spitzer Nicholas | Nicol Xavier
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea IV: Peer education and HIV knowledge, attitudes, and reported practices

Author(s): Woodward Aniek | Howard Natasha | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Woodland caribou persistence and extirpation in relic populations on Lake Superior

Author(s): Arthur T. Bergerud | W. J. Dalton | H. Butler | L. Camps | R. Ferguson
Radio-Frequency Interference Detection and Mitigation Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radiometers

Author(s): Adriano Camps | Jerome Gourrion | Jose Miguel Tarongi | Mercedes Vall Llossera | Antonio Gutierrez | Jose Barbosa | Rita Castro
Philosophy for the Body, Food for the Mind

Author(s): Montserrat Camps-Gaset | Sergi Grau
Malaria in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana, Kenya: facilitation of Anopheles arabiensis vector populations by installed water distribution and catchment systems

Author(s): Nabie Bayoh M | Akhwale Willis | Ombok Maurice | Sang David | Engoki Sammy | Koros Dan | Walker Edward | Williams Holly | Burke Heather | Armstrong Gregory | Cetron Martin | Weinberg Michelle | Breiman Robert | Hamel Mary
Moneda ibérica y gens mariana (107-90 a.C.)

Author(s): López Sánchez, Fernando
Une tragédie ignorée.

Author(s): Jean-Louis Margolin

Author(s): Zachary Patterson
From the Third World Studies Desk

Author(s): Fernando V. Cao
Crítica de libros

Author(s): Guerra Palmero, María José | Barbudo, Carlos | Méndez, Javier | Milla, Ricardo | Bonet, José V. | Thiebaut, Carlos | Prior Olmos, Ángel | Teruel, Pedro Jesús | Orsi, Rocío | Torres Aldave, Mikel | Gómez-Heras, José María | Camps, Victoria
A General Analysis of the Impact of Digitization in Microwave Correlation Radiometers

Author(s): Xavier Bosch-Lluis | Isaac Ramos-Perez | Adriano Camps | Nereida Rodriguez-Alvarez | Enric Valencia | Hyuk Park
Application of CART Algorithm in Blood Donors Classification

Author(s): T. Santhanam | Shyam Sundaram
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