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Capitation by any other name....

Author(s): Mulligan PK
Changes in the oral phase of swallowing in children with cerebral palsy

Author(s): Karise Santos Vasconcelos | Izabella Santos Nogueira de Andrade
A retrospective analysis of health systems in Denmark and Kaiser Permanente

Author(s): Frølich Anne | Schiøtz Michaela | Strandberg-Larsen Martin | Hsu John | Krasnik Allan | Diderichsen Finn | Bellows Jim | Søgaard Jes | White Karen
Do list size and remuneration affect GPs' decisions about how they provide consultations?

Author(s): van den Berg Michael | de Bakker Dinny | Westert Gert | van der Zee Jouke | Groenewegen Peter
An evaluation of gender equity in different models of primary care practices in Ontario

Author(s): Dahrouge Simone | Hogg William | Tuna Meltem | Russell Grant | Devlin Rose | Tugwell Peter | Kristjansson Elisabeth
Primary care capitation payments in the UK. An observational study

Author(s): Rhys Gwion | Beerstecher Hendrik | Morgan Claire
Antimicrobial activity of bioactive component from flower of linum capitatum kit

Author(s): Ilić Slavica V. | Konstantinović Sandra S. | Todorović Zoran B.
Family physician views about primary care reform in Ontario: a postal questionnaire

Author(s): Hunter Duncan | Shortt Samuel | Walker Peter | Godwin Marshall
Primary care reform. Physicians' participation in Hamilton-Wentworth.

Author(s): Neimanis IM | Paterson JM | Allega RL
Randomized pilot study to disseminate caries-control services in dentist offices

Author(s): Grembowski David | Spiekerman Charles | del Aguila Michael | Anderson Maxwell | Reynolds Debra | Ellersick Allison | Foster James | Choate Leslie
The internet as informational source for MIS: the processes of capitation and the forms of evaluation

Author(s): Edson Crescitelli | Érica Custódia de Oliveira | Iná Futino Barreto
Determination of the ultrasonic effectiveness in advanced wastewater treatment

Author(s): S. Nasseri, F. Vaezi, A. H. Mahvi, R. Nabizadeh, S. Haddadi
Quantitative and qualitative investigation of industrial solid waste in industrial plants located between Tehran and Karaj

Author(s): M.A. Karami | M. Farzadkia | A. Jonidi | R. Nabizadeh | M.R. Gohari | M. Karimaee
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Did changing primary care delivery models change performance? A population based study using health administrative data

Author(s): Jaakkimainen R Liisa | Barnsley Jan | Klein-Geltink Julie | Kopp Alexander | Glazier Richard
The Evolution of Today's Health Care Economy

Author(s): Eldo E. Frezza | Maurizio Chiriva-Internati
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