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Acclimatory responses of the Daphnia pulex proteome to environmental changes. I. Chronic exposure to hypoxia affects the oxygen transport system and carbohydrate metabolism

Author(s): Zeis Bettina | Lamkemeyer Tobias | Paul Rüdiger | Nunes Frank | Schwerin Susanne | Koch Marita | Schütz Wolfgang | Madlung Johannes | Fladerer Claudia | Pirow Ralph
Changes in the Activities of Some Carbohydrate Degrading Enzymes During Ripening of Musa paradisiaca and Musa sapientum

Author(s): A.A. Omonkhua | B.O. Agoreyo | O.Y. Adeniran | A.O. Lawal | O. Adeyemi | A. Ologundudu
Identification of Carbohydrate Metabolism Genes in the Metagenome of a Marine Biofilm Community Shown to Be Dominated by Gammaproteobacteria and Bacteroidetes

Author(s): Jennifer L. Edwards | Darren L. Smith | John Connolly | James E. McDonald | Michael J. Cox | Ian Joint | Clive Edwards | Alan J. McCarthy
Thermal control of some post-harvest rot pathogens of Irish potato (solanum tuberosum l.)

Author(s): Salami Olusola Abiodun | Popoola Omololu Olumide
Tamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein Enhances PMN Phagocytosis by Binding to Cell Surface-Expressed Lactoferrin and Cathepsin G That Activates MAP Kinase Pathway

Author(s): Syue-Cian Siao | Ko-Jen Li | Song-Chou Hsieh | Cheng-Han Wu | Ming-Chi Lu | Chang-Youh Tsai | Chia-Li Yu
Carbohydrate-active enzymes from the zygomycete fungus Rhizopus oryzae: a highly specialized approach to carbohydrate degradation depicted at genome level

Author(s): Battaglia Evy | Benoit Isabelle | van den Brink Joost | Wiebenga Ad | Coutinho Pedro | Henrissat Bernard | de Vries Ronald
Carbohydrase Systems of Saccharophagus degradans Degrading Marine Complex Polysaccharides

Author(s): Steven W. Hutcheson | Haitao Zhang | Maxim Suvorov
Ligninolytic Enzymes of Lentinus polychrous Grown on Solid Substrates and its Application in Black Liquor Treatment

Author(s): Wipawadee Budda | Rakrudee Sarnthima | Saranyu Khammuang | Nipa Milintawisamai | Sawait Naknil

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