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Thirteen Abstracts

Author(s): Fourtyseven Authors
Mapping as dreaming

Author(s): Andrea Mubi Brighenti
Book Reviews

Author(s): J.J. Romkes | David W. Brokensha | Ward H. Goodenough | Frederick Barth | E. Postel-Coster | Carl A. Schmitz | B. Siertsema | John J. Gumperz | J. Voorhoeve | William J. Samarin | P.J.R. Modderman | André Leroi-Gourhan | David F. Pocock | Andre Beteille | A. Trouwborst | P.C. Lloyd | F.L. van Holthoon | Darryll Forde | A.J.C. Lach de Bère | Merran Fraenkel | F.L. van Holthoon | P. Pierson-Mathy | G.J.F. Bouritius | Sidonius Schoenaker | G. van den Steenhoven | N.J. Gubser | J. Huizinga | R. Herrera Fritot | R.A.N. van Zantwijk | Frank Cancian | K.E. de Haan | Luc de Heusch | C.H.M. Nooy-Palm | Margrit de la Sablonière | Richard Franke
Female site fidelity of the Mealy Mountain caribou herd (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Labrador

Author(s): Jesse N. Popp | James A. Schaefer | Frank F. Mallory
Little Smoky Woodland Caribou Calf Survival Enhancement Project

Author(s): Kirkby G. Smith | Lois Pittaway
Proceedings of the 12th North American Caribou Workshop, Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, 2008

Author(s): Rolf Egil Haugerud (editor in chief) | Robert Otto | Sabrina Ellsworth (issue editors)
Use of island and mainland shorelines by woodland caribou during the nursery period in two northern Ontario parks

Author(s): Natasha L. Carr | Arthur R. Rodgers | Steven R. Kingston | Douglas J. Lowman
Movements of boreal caribou in the James Bay lowlands

Author(s): Megan E. Hazell | Mark E. Taylor
Forest Policy Scenario Analysis: Sensitivity of Songbird Community to Changes in Forest Cover Amount and Configuration

Author(s): Robert S. Rempel | Jim Baker | Phil C. Elkie | Michael J. Gluck | Janet Jackson | Robert S. Kushneriuk | Tom Moore | Ajith H. Perera
Acknowledgements; Preface

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg
Proceedings of the 10th North American Caribou Workshop, Girdwood, Alaska, USA, May 2004

Author(s): Rolf Egil Haugerud (ed. in chief) | Laura McCarthy | Patrick Valkenburg et al. (issue eds.)
Extraordinary movements of the Denali caribou herd following the perfect storm

Author(s): Layne G. Adams | Bruce W. Dale | Gretchen H. Roffler
Calving distribution of the Teshekpuk caribou herd, 1994-2003

Author(s): Geoff M. Carroll | Lincoln S. Parrett | J. Craig George | Dave A. Yokel
Where the wild things are: Seasonal variation in caribou distribution in relation to climate change

Author(s): Philippa McNeil | Don E. Russell | Brad Griffith | Anne Gunn | Gary P. Kofinas
Distribution and relative abundance of caribou in the Hudson Plains Ecozone of Ontario

Author(s): Audrey J. Magoun | Kenneth F. Abraham | John E. Thompson | Justina C. Ray | Michel E. Gauthier | Glen S. Brown | Gillian Woolmer | Christopher J. Chenier | F. Neil Dawson
Rebuilding the Fortymile caribou herd: A model of cooperative management planning

Author(s): Ruth M. Gronquist | Terry L. Haynes | Craig L. Gardner
Morphological change in Newfoundland caribou: Effects of abundance and climate

Author(s): Shane P. Mahoney | Jackie N. Weir | J. Glenn Luther | James A. Schaefer | Shawn F. Morrison
Woodland caribou calf recruitment in relation to calving/post-calving landscape composition

Author(s): Sara C. McCarthy | Robert B. Weladji | Christine Doucet | Paul Saunders
Modeling the decline of the Porcupine Caribou Herd, 1989-1998: the importance of survival vs. recruitment

Author(s): Stephen M. Arthur | Kenneth R. Whitten | Francis J. Mauer | Dorothy Cooley
Population dynamics of caribou herds in southwestern Alaska

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Richard A. Sellers | Ronald C. Squibb | James D. Woolington | Andrew R. Aderman | Bruce W. Dale
Population growth, movements, and status of the Nushagak Peninsula Caribou Herd following reintroduction, 1988 - 2000

Author(s): Gail H. Collins | Michael T. Hinkes | Andrew R. Aderman | James D. Woolington
Natality and calf mortality of the Northern Alaska Peninsula and Southern Alaska Peninsula caribou herds

Author(s): Richard A. Sellers | Patrick Valkenburg | Ronald C. Squibb | Bruce W. Dale | Randall L. Zarnke
Body size of female calves and natality rates of known-aged females in two adjacent Alaskan caribou herds, and implications for management

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Robert W. Tobey | Robert W. Tobey | Bruce W. Dale | Bruce W. Dale | Bradley D. Scotton | Bradley D. Scotton | Jay M. Ver Hoef | Jay M. Ver Hoef
Mapping caribou habitat north of the 51st parallel in Québec using Landsat imagery

Author(s): Stéphanie Chalifoux | Isabelle Saucier | G. Jean Doucet | Pierre Lamothe
Caribou and Man

Author(s): Serge Couturier | Quentin van Ginhoven
Proceedings - the Ninth North American Caribou Workshop, Kuujjuaq, Québec, April 2001

Author(s): Rolf Egil Haugerud (ed. in chief) | Serge Couturier | Quentin van Ginhoven (iss. eds.)
Genetic relationships of three Yukon caribou herds determined by DNA typing

Author(s): Keri Zittlau | John Coffin | Richard Farnell | Gerald Kuzyk | Curtis Strobeck
Session One - Population Dynamics

Author(s): 23 Authors
Session Two - Co-Management

Author(s): 14 Authors
Increases in body weight and nutritional status of transplanted Alaskan caribou

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Ted H. Spraker | Michael T. Hinkes | Lawrence H. Van Daele | Robert W. Tobey | Richard A. Sellers
Wetland habitat selection by woodland caribou as characterized using the Alberta Wetland Inventory

Author(s): W. Kent Brown | W. James Rettie | Bob Wynes | Kim Morton
Session Six - Habitat

Author(s): 23 Authors
Feeding site selection by woodland caribou in north-central British Columbia

Author(s): Chris J. Johnson | Katherine L. Parker | Douglas C. Heard
Conflicts between reindeer herding and an expanding caribou herd in Alaska

Author(s): Greg L. Finstad | Harry R. Bader | Alexander K. Prichard
Towards a protocol for community monitoring of caribou body condition

Author(s): Gary Kofinas | Phil Lyver | Don Russell | Robert White | Augie Nelson | Nicholas Flanders
Use of satellite telemetry to evaluate movements of caribou within subsistence hunting areas in northern Alaska

Author(s): Alexander K. Prichard | Geoffry M. Carroll | John C. George | Stephen M. Murphy | Mike D. Smith | Robert S. Suydam | David A. Yokel
Use of satellite telemetry data, GIS, and HTML to create an interactive display of caribou movements

Author(s): Alexander K. Prichard | Geoffry M. Carroll | John C. George | Stephen M. Murphy | Mike D. Smith | Robert S. Suydam | David A. Yokel
Experimental log hauling through a traditional caribou wintering area

Author(s): Harold G. Cumming | Bruce T. Hyer
Proceedings of the Eighth North American Caribou Workshop, Whitehorse, Canada 1998

Author(s): R.E. Haugerud (ed. in chief) | R. Farnell et al. (iss. eds.)

Author(s): Rick Farnell
Elder's story; The boy who went to the moon

Author(s): Mary Vittrekwa | Louise Profeit-LeBlanc
Status of endangered and threatened caribou on Canada's arctic islands

Author(s): Anne Gunn | Frank L. Miller | John Nishi
Predation rate by wolves on the Porcupine caribou herd

Author(s): Robert D. Hayes | Donald E. Russell
Rangifer and human interests

Author(s): David G. Anderson
Energy expenditure of free-living reindeer estimated by the doubly labelled water method

Author(s): Geir Gotaas | Eric Milne | Paul Haggarty | Nicholas J.C. Tyler
Scent marking by male caribou: an experimental test of rubbing behavior

Author(s): Craig A. Adams | R. Terry Bowyer | Jan E. Rowell | William E. Hauer | Jonathan A. Jenks
Modeling growth of mandibles in the Western Arctic caribou herd

Author(s): Jay M. Ver Hoef | Patrick Valkenburg | James R. Dau
Caribou reactions to provocation by snowmachines in Newfoundland

Author(s): S.P. Mahoney | K. Mawhinney | C. McCarthy | Doug Anions | S. Taylor
Status of woodland caribou in Ontario: 1996

Author(s): Harold G. Cumming
Status of woodland caribou in Saskatchewan

Author(s): Jim Rettie | Terry Rock | Francois Messier
Caribou in British Columbia: A 1996 status report

Author(s): Douglas C. Heard | Kathryn L. Vagt
The status of Rangifer tarandus caribou in Yukon, Canada

Author(s): R. Farnell | R. Florkiewicz | G. Kuzyk | K. Egli
Fractal measures of female caribou movements

Author(s): Steven H. Ferguson | W. James Rettie | Francois Messier
Trade-offs between wood supply and caribou habitat in northwestern Ontario

Author(s): Daniel McKenney | Bryan Nippers | Gerald Racey | Rob Davis
Using caribou knowledge in expanding the Wabakimi protected area

Author(s): Peter N. Duinker | Ted R. Armstrong | Bruce T. Hyer | Bruce Petersen
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