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General anaesthesia, analgesia and pain associated with the castration of newborn piglets

Author(s): Jäggin Nicola | Gerber Shannon | Schatzmann Urs
Local anaesthesia for pigs subject to castration

Author(s): Ranheim B | Haga HA

Author(s): Channing J Paller | Emmanuel S Antonarakis
Effect of orchiectomy on rat physical capacity

Author(s): Denny Fabrício Magalhães Veloso | Andy Petroianu | Juliano Alves Figueiredo | Fernando Henrique Oliveira Carmo Rodrigues | Bruno Gustavo Muzzi Carvalho e Carneiro | Priscila Oliveira Cardoso
Testosterone Depletion by Castration May Protect Mice from Heat-Induced Multiple Organ Damage and Lethality

Author(s): Chian-Yuh Lin | Mao-Tsun Lin | Ruei-Tang Cheng | Sheng-Hsien Chen
Genital self-mutilation

Author(s): Ajape A | Issa B | Buhari O. I. N. | Adeoye P | Babata A | Abiola O
Os caminhos da feminilidade em Clarice Lispector

Author(s): Maria Sílvia Antunes Furtado
Regulation of surfactant protein D in the rodent prostate

Author(s): Oberley Rebecca | Goss Kelli | Quintar Amado | Maldonado Cristina | Snyder Jeanne
Chronic urinary retention in eunuchs

Author(s): Patwardhan Sujata | Sawant Ajit | Nagabhushana M | Varma Radheshyam | Ismail Mohammed
Effect of castration age on carcass traits and meat quality of Simmental bulls

Author(s): S. Segato | C. Elia | C. Mazzini | C. Bianchi | I. Andrighetto

Author(s): Fabiano José Ferreira de Sant’ana | Edismair Carvalho Garcia | Rogério Elias Rabelo | Carla Afonso da Silva Bitencourt Braga | Caroline Rocha de Oliveira Lima | Yara Luíza da Costa
Legal Aspects of Surgical Castration

Author(s): Karen Harrison
Influence of hormonal therapy on the level of prostate specific antigen in patients with advanced prostatic cancer

Author(s): Vojinov Saša | Marušić Goran | Levakov Ivan | Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena

Author(s): Vanisa Maria da Gama Moret Santos

Author(s): Francisco Ramos de Farias
Role of maximum androgen blockade in advanced prostate cancer

Author(s): Ayyathurai Rajinikanth | Santos Rosely | Manoharan Murugesan
Androgen deprivation modulates the inflammatory response induced by irradiation

Author(s): Wu Chun-Te | Chen Wen-Cheng | Lin Paul-Yang | Liao Shuen-Kuei | Chen Miao-Fen
Morphological, metabolic and functional repercussions after orchiectomy in rats

Author(s): Denny Fabrício Magalhães Veloso | Luiz Ronaldo Alberti | Juliano Alves Figueiredo | Fernando Henrique Oliveira Carmo Rodrigues | Andy Petroianu
Temporal patterns of inflammatory gene expression in local tissues after banding or burdizzo castration in cattle

Author(s): Pang Wanyong | Earley Bernadette | Sweeney Torres | Gath Vivian | Crowe Mark
Stress responses in lambs castrated with three different methods

Author(s): Piero Bonelli | Corrado Dimauro | Salvatore Pau | Maria Dattena | Alessandra Mollica | Paola Sandra Nicolussi
The effects of castration on the growth parameters, carcass yield and meat chemical composition of intensively reared Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus colchicus L.)

Author(s): Kresimir Severin | Tomislav Masek | Danijela Horvatek | Dean Konjevic | Zdravko Janicki | Zeljka Cvrtila | Lidija Kozacinski | Mirza Hadziosmanovic | Renata Baric-Rafaj
Effect of castration and crossbreeding on meat quality traits of Maremmana beef cattle

Author(s): David Meo Zilio | Federico Vincenti | Silvia Ballico | Antonella Ficco | Manuel Juárez
Desempenho e características de carcaça de bovinos de corte inteiros ou castrados e suplementados ou não durante o inverno = Performance and carcass characteristics of bulls or steers supplemented or not supplemented during the winter

Author(s): Saulo Malaguido Climaco | Edson Luis de Azambuja Ribeiro | Ivone Yurika Mizubuti | Marco Antônio da Rocha | Leandro das Dores Ferreira da Silva | Elzânia Sales Pereira
Comparison of muscle amino acid and fatty acid composition of castrated and uncastrated male pigs at different slaughter ages

Author(s): Zhao-Wei Cai | Xiao-Feng Zhao | Xiao-Ling Jiang | Yu-Chang Yao | Chun-Jiang Zhao | Ning-Ying Xu | Chang-Xin Wu
Hedgehog/Gli supports androgen signaling in androgen deprived and androgen independent prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Chen Mengqian | Feuerstein Michael | Levina Elina | Baghel Prateek | Carkner Richard | Tanner Matthew | Shtutman Michael | Vacherot Francis | Terry Stéphane | de la Taille Alexandre | Buttyan Ralph
A genome-wide association study on androstenone levels in pigs reveals a cluster of candidate genes on chromosome 6

Author(s): Duijvesteijn Naomi | Knol Egbert | Merks Jan | Crooijmans Richard | Groenen Martien | Bovenhuis Henk | Harlizius Barbara
Estradiol suppresses tissue androgens and prostate cancer growth in castration resistant prostate cancer

Author(s): Montgomery Bruce | Nelson Peter | Vessella Robert | Kalhorn Tom | Hess David | Corey Eva
Les performances de la race taurine Somba en milieu paysan

Author(s): Adanléhoussi, A. | Bassowa, H. | Défly, A. | Djabakou, K. | Adoméfa, K. | Kouagou, NT.
Insulin-like growth factor II mRNA binding protein 3 (IMP3) is overexpressed in prostate cancer and correlates with higher Gleason scores

Author(s): Ikenberg Kristian | Fritzsche Florian | Zuerrer-Haerdi Ursina | Hofmann Irina | Hermanns Thomas | Seifert Helge | Müntener Michael | Provenzano Maurizio | Sulser Tullio | Behnke Silvia | Gerhardt Josefine | Mortezavi Ashkan | Wild Peter | Hofstädter Ferdinand | Burger Maximilian | Moch Holger | Kristiansen Glen
Formalin Affects the Male Reproduction of Black Bengal Goats During Prepubertal Stage Even at Low Concentration: In vivo Study

Author(s): Mohammad A. Awal | Mohammad Mizanur Rahman | Sonkor Kumar Das | Nazmul Hassan Siddiki | Masamichi Kurohmaru | Andriana B. Bibin | Yoshihiro Hayashi
Efficacy of c-Met inhibitor for advanced prostate cancer

Author(s): Tu William | Zhu Chunfang | Clark Curtis | Christensen James | Sun Zijie
LNCaP Atlas: Gene expression associated with in vivo progression to castration-recurrent prostate cancer

Author(s): Romanuik Tammy | Wang Gang | Morozova Olena | Delaney Allen | Marra Marco | Sadar Marianne
Cytochrome 450 1B1 (CYP1B1) polymorphisms associated with response to docetaxel in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) patients

Author(s): Pastina Ilaria | Giovannetti Elisa | Chioni Aldo | Sissung Tristan | Crea Francesco | Orlandini Cinzia | Price Douglas | Cianci Claudia | Figg William | Ricci Sergio | Danesi Romano
Electrochemotherapy is highly effective for the treatment of canine perianal hepatoid adenoma and epithelioma

Author(s): Tozon Nataša | Kodre Veronika | Juntes Polona | Sersa G. | Cemazar Maja
Pedophilia: analysis against pedophilic chemical castration

Author(s): Karla Ferraz dos Anjos, Vanessa Cruz Santos
O temor na tragédia

Author(s): Cristia Rosineiri null
To Die or to Survive, a Fatal Question for the Destiny of Prostate Cancer Cells after Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Author(s): Kai-Xin Zhang | Jessica Firus | Brenda Prieur | William Jia | Paul S. Rennie
Tolerability Assessment of Maximal Androgen Blockade with 50 mg Daily of Bicalutamide and Castration in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Cheng-Keng Chuang | Sheng-Hsien Chu | Chun-Te Wu | Yang-Jen Chiang | Mei-Hsiu Lin | Tsuei-Yuan Wei | Su-Jeng Lin
Effects of 3-beta-diol, an androgen metabolite with intrinsic estrogen-like effects, in modulating the aquaporin-9 expression in the rat efferent ductules

Author(s): Picciarelli-Lima Patrícia | Oliveira André | Reis Adelina | Kalapothakis Evanguedes | Mahecha Germán | Hess Rex | Oliveira Cleida
Detecting early kidney damage in horses with colic by measuring matrix metalloproteinase -9 and -2, other enzymes, urinary glucose and total proteins

Author(s): Arosalo Bela | Raekallio Marja | Rajamäki Minna | Holopainen Elina | Kastevaara Tuulia | Salonen Hanna | Sankari Satu
Changes in quality of goat meat after alterations in animal Handling

Author(s): Frederico José Beserra | Eurídice Ribeiro de Alencastro | José Maria dos Santos Filho | Selene Maia de Morais | Roselúcia Barrozo de Almeida
In vivo MRI volumetric measurement of prostate regression and growth in mice

Author(s): Nastiuk Kent | Liu Hui | Hamamura Mark | Muftuler L Tugan | Nalcioglu Orhan | Krolewski John

Author(s): Yaşar Beduk | Nural Bekiroğlu | Atif Akdaş | Haluk Özen | Tarık Esen | Cavit Can | Levent Türkeri
The androgen receptor can signal through Wnt/β-Catenin in prostate cancer cells as an adaptation mechanism to castration levels of androgens

Author(s): Schweizer Liang | Rizzo Cheryl | Spires Thomas | Platero J Suso | Wu Qiuyan | Lin Tai-An | Gottardis Marco | Attar Ricardo
Androgenic dependence of exophytic tumor growth in a transgenic mouse model of bladder cancer: a role for thrombospondin-1

Author(s): Johnson Aimee | O'Connell Mary | Miyamoto Hiroshi | Huang Jiaoti | Yao Jorge | Messing Edward | Reeder Jay

Author(s): M. A. Khan, M. Ashraf, K. Pervez, H. B. Rashid, A. K. Mahmood and M. Chaudhry1
Gender and kidney diseases: the clinical importance and mechanisms of modifying effects

Author(s): Katarzyna Grzegorczyk | Magdalena Krajewska | Wacław Weyde | Katarzyna Jakuszko | Andrzej Gniewek | Marian Klinger
Efeito da estação do ano, da idade, do método de contenção e da técnica cirúrgica na recuperação clínica e no ganho de peso de bovinos submetidos a orquiectomia.

Author(s): L. A. F. Silva | P. R. Viana Filho | A. C. Verissimo | E. B. Silva | O. C. Silva | J. T. Pádua | R. E. Rabelo | B. R. Trindade | J. N. Sousa
Loin tissue composition and carcass cuts in ram and castrated lambs, exposed to two photoperiods Composição tecidual do lombo e cortes das carcaças de cordeiros inteiros e castrados, submetidos a dois fotoperíodos

Author(s): Edson Ramos de Siqueira | Andressa Santanna Natel | Sandra Regina Souza Teixeira de Carvalho | Aline Aparecida de Oliveira | Simone Fernandes
Impact of Castration and Zeranol Implants on Bullocks: I. Behavior, Growth and Carcass Traits

Author(s): Hawkins, E. W | R. A. Field | L. E. Orme | R. E. Dyer | D. K.Lunt
Effect of the Castration on Not Wanted Behaviours in Dogs

Author(s): Alejandro Cordova-Izquierdo | Mary Silvia Cordova-Jimenez | Silvia D. Pena Betancourt | Cristian Alejandro Cordova-Jimenez | Saul Cortes Suarez | Jorge A. Saltijeral Oaxaca | Gustavo Ruiz Lang | Victor M. Xolalpa Campos
An evaluation of stress responses, simplicity and cost of pinhole castration as an alternative technique for male dog sterilization

Author(s): J. Okwee-Acai, | B. Akunu, | B. Agwai, | E. Ekakoro, | P. Sajjakambwe | J. Acon
Effect of castration on feedlot performance and some serum metabolites of Nubian male kids

Author(s): Assia I. A. M. Nasr, | M. Atta, | M. I. Elmahi | A. O. Mohammed
IL-6/IL-6R as a potential key signaling pathway in prostate cancer development

Author(s): Andreia Azevedo | Virginia Cunha | Ana Luisa Teixeira | Rui Medeiros
IL-6/IL-6R as a potential key signaling pathway in prostate cancer development

Author(s): Andreia Azevedo | Virginia Cunha | Ana Luisa Teixeira | Rui Medeiros
Androgens as therapy for androgen receptor-positive castration-resistant prostate cancer

Author(s): Chuu Chih-Pin | Kokontis John | Hiipakka Richard | Fukuchi Junichi | Lin Hui-Ping | Lin Ching-Yu | Huo Chiech | Su Liang-Cheng
Peritoneal dissemination of prostate cancer due to laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a case report

Author(s): Hiyama Yoshiki | Kitamura Hiroshi | Takahashi Satoshi | Masumori Naoya | Shindo Tetsuya | Tsujiwaki Mitsuhiro | Mitsuhashi Tomoko | Hasegawa Tadashi | Tsukamoto Taiji
Bilateral testicular self-castration due to cannabis abuse: a case report

Author(s): Ahsaini Mustapha | Tazi Fadl | Khalouk Abdelhak | Lahlaidi Karim | Bouazzaoui Abderahim | Stuurman-Wieringa Roos | Elfassi Mohammed | Farih My
Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

Author(s): O'Neill Amanda | Prencipe Maria | Dowling Catherine | Fan Yue | Mulrane Laoighse | Gallagher William | O'Connor Darran | O'Connor Robert | Devery Aoife | Corcoran Claire | Rani Sweta | O'Driscoll Lorraine | Fitzpatrick John | Watson R William
Non-invasive muscle contraction assay to study rodent models of sarcopenia

Author(s): Chiu Chi-Sung | Weber Hans | Adamski Sharon | Rauch Albert | Gentile Michael | Alves Stephen | Kath Gary | Flores Osvaldo | Wilkinson Hilary
Clinical Evaluation of Detomidine-Butorphanol-Guaifenesin-Ketamine as Short Term TIVA in Spiti Ponies

Author(s): B.P.S. Thakur | S.K. Sharma | Arvind Sharma | Adarsh Kumar
Hormone therapy in metastatic prostate cancer

Author(s): Jebelameli P | Ayatiafin M | Akhavantafti A
Acute Cold / Restraint Stress in Castrated Rats

Author(s): Farideh Zafari Zangeneh | Ashraf Amirzargar | Akram Ahangarpour
Physiological and Behavioural Responses in Piglets Submitted to Castration: Preliminary Study

Author(s): Chiara Lonardi | Marta Brscic | Simona Normando | Annalisa Scollo | Annalisa Stefani | Flaviana Gottardo
Weight Loss in the Processing of Dry-cured Mutton: Effect of Age, Gender and Processing Technology

Author(s): Marina Krvavica | Boro Mioč | Miljenko Konjačić | Emilija Friganović | Amir Ganić | Andrijana Kegalj
Phase II Study of Pomalidomide in Patients with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Robert J. Amato | L. Michael Glode | Jeremy Podolnick | Robert Knight | David Crawford
Surgical Castration in Hormone-Refractory Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients Can Be an Alternative for Medical Castration

Author(s): Masayoshi Zaitsu | Mariko Yamanoi | Koji Mikami | Yuta Takeshima | Naohiko Okamoto | Sadao Imao | Akiko Tonooka | Takumi Takeuchi
MDM2 antagonists boost antitumor effect of androgen withdrawal: implications for therapy of prostate cancer

Author(s): Tovar Christian | Higgins Brian | Kolinsky Kenneth | Xia Mingxuan | Packman Kathryn | Heimbrook David | Vassilev Lyubomir
Regulation of PBX3 expression by androgen and Let-7d in prostate cancer

Author(s): Ramberg Håkon | Alshbib Ayham | Berge Viktor | Svindland Aud | Taskén Kristin
Inverse baseline expression pattern of the NEP/neuropeptides and NFκB/proteasome pathways in androgen-dependent and androgen-independent prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Patrikidou Anna | Vlachostergios Panagiotis | Voutsadakis Ioannis | Hatzidaki Eleana | Valeri Rosalia-Maria | Destouni Chariklia | Apostolou Effie | Daliani Danai | Papandreou Christos
Effect of local anaesthesia and/or analgesia on pain responses induced by piglet castration

Author(s): Hansson Monica | Lundeheim Nils | Nyman Görel | Johansson Gunnar
Disseminated Peritoneal Leiomyomatosis

Author(s): Mozhdeh Momtahan | Maryam Nemati | Akbar Safaei
Blood lipids and fatty acid composition of abdominal fat in castrated and intact male common pheasant (Colchicus colchicus)

Author(s): Tomislav Mašek | Krešimir Severin | Josip Kos | Zdravko Janicki | Natalija Filipović | Lidija Kozačinski | Željka Cvrtila | Petar Džaja
Cellular and Some Biochemical Changes in Blood and Peritoneal Fluid Constituents in Awassi Lambs Following Elective Castration

Author(s): Mohammad B.F. AL-Zghoul | Raida K. AL-Rukibat | Abdelsalam Q. Talafha | Omar Ababneh | Zuhair A. Bani Ismail
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