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Novel Brønsted-acidic ionic liquids based on benzothiazolium cations as catalysts for esterification reactions

Author(s): Zhou Xian Si | Liu Bing Jia | Luo Feng Wen | Zhang Wen Yi | Song Hang
Mg-Fe-mixed oxides derived from layered double hydroxides: A study of the surface properties

Author(s): Hadnađev-Kostić Milica S. | Vulić Tatjana J. | Marinković-Nedučin Radmila P. | Nikolić Aleksandar D. | Jović Branislav
Microwave sinthesys and characterization of Pt and Pt-Rh-Sn electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation

Author(s): Stevanović Sanja | Tripković Dušan | Poleti Dejan | Rogan Jelena | Tripković Amalija | Jovanović Vladislava M.
Accelerated Weathering of Coated and Uncoated Beech Wood Modified with Citric Acid

Author(s): Josip Miklečić | Vlatka Jirouš-Rajković
Investigation of the Performance of Aucore-Pdshell/C as the Anode Catalyst of Direct Borohydride-Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell

Author(s): Hong Wang | Ying Wang | Xianyou Wang | Peiying He | Lanhua Yi | Wei Yi | Xue Liu
Pt/TiO2 Coupled with Water-Splitting Catalyst for Organic Pollutant Photodegradation: Insight into the Primary Reaction Mechanism

Author(s): Zizhong Zhang | Xuxu Wang | Jinlin Long | Xianliang Fu | Zhengxin Ding | Zhaohui Li | Ling Wu | Xianzhi Fu
Hydrogen Production via Steam Reforming of Ethyl Alcohol over Palladium/Indium Oxide Catalyst

Author(s): Tetsuo Umegaki | Yusuke Yamada | Atsushi Ueda | Nobuhiro Kuriyama | Qiang Xu
An efficient synthesis of quinoxalines catalyzed by monoammonium salt of 12-tungstophosphoric acid

Author(s): Vijayalakshmi Kunkuma | Lakshmi Anu Prabhavathi Devi Bethala | Yadagiri Bhongiri | Badari Narayana Prasad Rachapudi | Seetharamanjaneya Sai Prasad Potharaju

Author(s): Saúl Angel-Cuevas | Mirella Gutiérrez-Arzaluz | Julia Aguilar-Pliego | Violeta Mugica-Álvarez | Luis E. Noreña-Franco | Miguel Torres-Rodríguez

Author(s): Carolina Noya | Andrea De León | Marta Sergio | Juan Bussi

Author(s): Damelis López | Walter Lozada | Sergio Blanco | Gabriela Durán | Lorean Madriz | Ronald Vargas
Molecule phylogenetic analysis of gene encoding aspartate aminotransferase

Author(s): Ding Xiaosheng | Duan Hongying | Yanqing Zhou | Jianying Song | Chune Zhou
Factors Affecting Biodiesel Production

Author(s): M.Mathiyazhagan | A.Ganapathi
Application of Ultrasound Waves to Increase the Efficiency of Oxidative Desulfurization Process

Author(s): Mahmood Amani | Iman Najafi | Mohammad Amin Makarem
The Effect of Electronic Commerce in Business Value and Supply Chain Process: Evidence from Iran

Author(s): Parisa Yaghoubi Manzari | Behrooz Dini | Mohammad Reza Jalilvand
Photocatalytic Oxidation Performance to Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Environment

Author(s): Arafa Awadalla Bakheet | Muhammad Fauzi Mohd Zain | Abdul Amir Kadhum | Zeinab Abdalla
Iron as an agent of oxidative injury in experimental atherosclerosis

Author(s): Vučević Danijela | Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović D. | Čolić Jelena | Milovanović I. | Pešić B.Č. | Ješić-Vukićević Rada
SiC synthesis using domestic mineral resources

Author(s): Aleksandar Devečerski | Milica Pošarac | Adela Egelja | Milena Rosić | Tatjana Volkov-Husović | Branko Matović
Performance evaluation of commercial copper chromites as burning rate catalyst for solid propellants

Author(s): Eunice Aparecida Campos | Rita de Cássia L. Dutra | Luis Cláudio Rezende | Milton Faria Diniz | Wilma Massae Dio Nawa | Koshun Iha
Alumina ceramics prepared with new pore-forming agents

Author(s): Zuzana Živcová | Eva Gregorová | Willi Pabst
A Comparative Study of In Situ and Ex Situ Impregnation for Lldpe/Silica Composites Production

Author(s): Ekrachan Chaichana | Takeshi Shiono | Piyasan Praserthdam | Bunjerd Jongsomjit
Curing kinetics of two commercial urea-formaldehyde adhesives studied by isoconversional method

Author(s): Popović Mlađan | Budinski-Simendić Jaroslava | Jovičić Mirjana | Mursics Joszef | Điporović-Momčilović Milanka | Pavličević Jelena | Ristić Ivan
Enhancement of 4-Nitrophenol Ozonation in Water by Nano ZnO Catalyst

Author(s): S. M. Tabatabaei | S. Dastmalchi | A. Mehrizad | P. Gharbani
Comparative study of the methanolysis and ethanolysis of Maize oil using alkaline catalysts

Author(s): Rashid, U. | Ibrahim, M. | Ali, S. | Adil, M. | Hina, S. | Bukhari, I. H. | Yunus, R.
Pengembangan Sistem Suplai Brown Gas Model 6 Ruang Tersusun pada Mesin Mobil 1300cc dengan Sistem Karburator

Author(s): Harus Laksana Guntur | Rasiawan . | B. Sampurno | I Nyoman Sutantra
Production of Biodiesel through Transesterification of Avocado (Persea gratissima) Seed Oil Using Base Catalyst

Author(s): H. M. Rachimoellah | Dyah Ayu Resti | Ali Zibbeni | I Wayan Susila
Chiroptical Switches: Applications in Sensing and Catalysis

Author(s): Zhaohua Dai | Jennifer Lee | Wenyao Zhang
Turning the museum indside out: The biological sciences at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Author(s): Andrew Simpson | Sara Estrada-Arevalo | Vicki Michael
Experimental verification of mathematical model of the heat transfer in exhaust system

Author(s): Petković Snežana | Pešić Radivoje | Lukić Jovanka
Understanding the Mechanism of the Intramolecular Stetter Reaction. A DFT Study

Author(s): Luis R. Domingo | Ramón J. Zaragozá | Jose A. Saéz | Manuel Arnó
Preparation and Determination of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Margarine

Author(s): Weihnacht, Z. | Petelinc Rupčić, S. | Habazin, S.
Influence of n-Hexane on in Situ Transesterification of Marine Macroalgae

Author(s): Angel Sánchez | Rocio Maceiras | Angeles Cancela | Mónica Rodríguez
Enantioselective Synthesis of 2,2-Disubstituted Terminal Epoxides via Catalytic Asymmetric Corey-Chaykovsky Epoxidation of Ketones

Author(s): Toshihiko Sone | Akitake Yamaguchi | Shigeki Matsunaga | Masakatsu Shibasaki
Sorbate Transport in Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes and FAU/EMT Intergrowth by Diffusion NMR

Author(s): Robert Mueller | Rohit Kanungo | Amrish Menjoge | Mayumi Kiyono-Shimobe | William J. Koros | Steven A. Bradley | Douglas B. Galloway | John J. Low | Sesh Prabhakar | Sergey Vasenkov
Analog based pharmacophore strategy to identify novel leukotriene a4 hydrolase (LTA4H) inhibitors

Author(s): Kranthi Raj K, Pathak LP, Muttineni Ravikumar, Ramachandrana D
Acidity of Solid and Liquid Acids Probed by P-31 NMR Chemical Shifts of Phosphine Oxides

Author(s): Chih-Yi Yang | Chih-Chung Chang | Ningdong Feng | Shing-Jong Huang | Anmin Zheng | Yu-Chi Chang | Kuei-Chi Lee | Feng Deng | Shang-Bin Liu
One step for the synthesis of epichlorhydrin-styrene copolymers

Author(s): Mohammed Issam Ferrahi | Mohamed Benadda | Abdelghani Benyoucef | Mohamed Belbachir
Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowire Arrays Grown by Plasma―assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Author(s): ZHENG Zhi-Yuan, CHEN Tie-Xin, CAO Liang, HAN Yu-Yan, XU Fa-Qiang
Functionalized Cellulose: PET Polymer Fibers with Zeolites for Detoxification Against Nerve Agents

Author(s): Agarwal Satya R, Sundarrajan Subramanian, Ramakrishna Seeram
Geomaterials: their application to environmental remediation

Author(s): Hirohisa Yamada, Kenji Tamura, Yujiro Watanabe, Nobuo Iyi and Kazuya Morimoto
Biodiesel Production in Batch Tank Reactor Equipped to Helical Ribbon-like Agitator

Author(s): Mehdi Hosseini | Ali Mohammad Nikbakht | Meisam Tabatabaei
The car catalyst–students’ misconceptions and how to challenge them

Production of ethyl ester from crude palm oil by two-step reaction using continuous microwave system

Author(s): Kittiphoom Suppalakpanya | Sukritthira Ratanawilai | Ruamporn Nikhom | Chakrit Tongurai
Highly Regio- and Stereoselective Diels-Alder Cycloadditions via Two-Step and Multicomponent Reactions Promoted by Infrared Irradiation under Solvent-Free Conditions

Author(s): Maria Ines Flores-Conde | Leonor Reyes | Rafael Herrera | Hulme Rios | Miguel A. Vazquez | Rene Miranda | Joaquin Tamariz | Francisco Delgado
Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles and Its Beneficial Role in Cementitious Materials

Author(s): L. P. Singh | S. K. Agarwal | S. K. Bhattacharyya | U. Sharma | S. Ahalawat
On the CVD Growth of C Nanotubes Over Fe-Loaded Montmorillonite Catalysts

Author(s): Saveria Santangelo | Elpida Piperopoulos | Maurizio Lanza | Giuliana Faggio | Giacomo Messina | Candida Milone
Synthesis, Characterization and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures

Author(s): Anima Johari | Vikas Ran | Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Calcium oxide based catalysts for ethanolysis of soybean oil

Author(s): Kornkanok Watcharathamrongkul | Bunjerd Jongsomjit | Muenduen Phisalaphong
The potential of restaurant trap grease as biodiesel feedstock

Author(s): Parichart Hasuntree | Vichuta Toomthong | Sukanda Yoschoch | Usarat Thawornchaisit
Parametric Sensitivity Studies in a Commercial FCC Unit

Author(s): Sawaran Chopra | Ajay Dalai | Deoki Saraf | Prabha K Dasila | Indranil Choudhury
The Influence of Ceric Oxide on Phase Composition and Activity of Iron Oxide Catalysts

Author(s): Olga V. Kuzmina | Rinat R. Gilmullin | Ekaterina A. Pavlova | Aleksandr A. Lamberov | Ekaterina V. Dementyeva | Dmitriy I. Vavilov
Oxidation of Amino Acids by Chlorpromazine Cation Radical and Co-Catalysis by Chlorpromazine

Author(s): Fernanda S. Graciani | Manoel L. de Menezes | Valdecir F. Ximenes | Giovana B. Quaggio
Crystalline Manganese Carbonate a Green Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Author(s): Dasharath Dattatraya Kondhare | Deshmukh Shivagi Sushma | Jakku Narender Reddy | Yerraguntla Rajeshwer Rao | Pudukulathan Kader Zubaidha
Lowering Gasifier Tars and Particulates Using Heated Dololmite Catalyst and a Particulate Filter

Author(s): Chandra S. Theegala | Beatrice G. Terigar | Christopher O. Akudo
Crystalline Manganese Carbonate a Green Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Author(s): Dasharath Dattatraya Kondhare | Deshmukh Shivagi Sushma | Jakku Narender Reddy | Yerraguntla Rajeshwer Rao | Pudukulathan Kader Zubaidha
Lowering Gasifier Tars and Particulates Using Heated Dololmite Catalyst and a Particulate Filter

Author(s): Chandra S. Theegala | Beatrice G. Terigar | Christopher O. Akudo
A Microwave-Assisted Bismuth Nitrate-Catalyzed Unique Route Toward 1,4-Dihydropyridines

Author(s): Debasish Bandyopadhyay | Stephanie Maldonado | Bimal K. Banik
Global CO2 Recycling Through Methanation Reaction Using Neodymium Doped Nickel Oxide Catalyst

On the kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction on Ni-MoOx composite catalysts in alkaline solutions

Author(s): Jović Borka M. | Lačnjevac Uroš Č. | Jović Vladimir D. | Gajić-Krstajić Ljiljana M. | Krstajić Nedeljko V.
Biodiesel Production from Acidified Oils via Supercritical Methanol

Author(s): Jincheng Ding | Benqiao He | Jianxin Li
Use of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis on the Remediation of Model Textile Wastewaters Containing Azo Dyes

Author(s): Enrico Mendes Saggioro | Anabela Sousa Oliveira | Thelma Pavesi | Cátia Gil Maia | Luis Filipe Vieira Ferreira | Josino Costa Moreira
Reformado auto-térmico de metano con CO2, vapor y O2 a gas de síntesis, sobre catalizadores estructurados basados en perovskitas

Author(s): Adriana García | Luis García | Estefanía López | Norymar Becerra | Ini Ojeda | Mireya Goldwasser | Carmen M. López
Isomerización de m-xileno sobre MCM-48 impregnada con ácido tungstenofosfórico

Author(s): Edder García | Pedro Rodríguez | Alirio Lobo | Pedro Hoffman | Álvaro Uzcategui | Marlin Villarroel | Héctor Del Castillo | Sergio González Cortes | Freddy E. Imbert

Author(s): Ashish Ratnaparkhe | Archana Tiwari
Onboard measurement system of atmospheric carbon monoxide in the Pacific by voluntary observing ships

Author(s): H. Nara | H. Tanimoto | Y. Nojiri | H. Mukai | T. Machida | Y. Tohjima
Hydrogen Sorption Properties of the Intermetallic Mg2Ni Obtained by Using a Simoloyer Ball Milling

Author(s): Martínez–Franco E. | Klassen T. | Jaramillo–Vigueras D. | Bormann R.
Indirect Iodination on the Vinyl Double Bond of Andrographolide

Author(s): Jutti Levita | Ni Made Widiastuti | Ilma Nugrahani | Amir Musadad | As'ari Nawawi | Abdul Mutalib | Slamet Ibrahim
Oxidation of Phenol by Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Metal-Containing Poly(amidoxime) Grafted Starch

Author(s): Hany El-Hamshary | Mohamed H. El-Newehy | Salem S. Al-Deyab
An Overview on Metal Cations Extraction by Azocalixarenes

Author(s): Hasalettin Deligöz | Shahabuddin Memon
Oxidative Coupling of Methane over Different Supported Mn/Na2WO4 Catalysts

Author(s): Hamid Reza Bozorgzadeh | Reza Ahmadi | Mohammad M. Golkar | Mohammad Reza Khodagholi
Hydrolysis - Hydrogenation of soybean oil and tallow

Author(s): Gisel Chenard Díaz | Rodolfo Salazar Perez | Neyda de la C. Om Tapanes | Donato Alexandre Gomes Aranda | Angel Almarales Arceo
Control of an Industrial SCR Catalyst Using Ceramic NOx Sensors

Author(s): Joshua Schmitt | Daniel B. Olsen
Influence of Catalyst and Temperature on Gasification Performance by Externally Heated Gasifier

Author(s): Yu Feng | Bo Xiao | Klaus Goerner | Gong Cheng | Jingbo Wang
Sol-Gel Processing of Silica Nuclear Waste Glasses

Author(s): Andrzej Deptuła | Magdalena Miłkowska | Wiesława Łada | Tadeusz Olczak | Danuta Wawszczak | Tomasz Smolinski | Fabio Zaza | Marcin Brykala | Andrzej G. Chmielewski | Kenneth C. Goretta
Phase Transfer Catalysis of Henry and Darzens Reactions

Author(s): Layla Mhamdi | Hafedh Bohli | Younes Moussaoui | Ridha ben Salem
Pineapple Juice as a Natural Catalyst: An Excellent Catalyst for Biginelli Reaction

Author(s): Suresh Patil | Swati D. Jadhav | Sanjeevani Y. Mane
Eco-friendly Synthesis of Cyclododecanone from Cyclododecatriene

Author(s): Qi Feng | De-Kai Yuan | Dao-Quan Wang | Xiao-Mei Liang | Jian-Jun Zhang | Jin-Ping Wu | Fu-Heng Chen
Structured Perovskite-Based Oxides: Use in the Combined Methane Reforming

Author(s): Adriana García | Norymar Becerra | Luis García | Ini Ojeda | Estefanía López | Carmen M. López | Mireya R. Goldwasser
Study on Co-Effect of K2SO4 Deposition and Low Concentration SO2 on Performances of V2O5/AC Catalysts for Low Temperature SCR

Author(s): Xianlong Zhang | Bowen Shi | Xueping Wu | Zhanggen Huang | Zhenyu Liu | Baojun Yang | Cuiping Zhang
Formation and Elimination of Pollutant during Sludge Decomposition in the Presence of Cement Raw Material and Other Catalysts

Author(s): Juan A. Conesa | Araceli Gálvez | Ignacio Martín-Gullón | Rafael Font
High-throughput technology for novel SO2 oxidation catalysts

Author(s): Jonas Loskyll, Klaus Stoewe and Wilhelm F Maier
Preparation of Pt Ag alloy nanoisland/graphene hybrid composites and its high stability and catalytic activity in methanol electro-oxidation

Author(s): Feng Lili | Gao Guo | Huang Peng | Wang Xiansong | Zhang Chunlei | Zhang Jiali | Guo Shouwu | Cui Daxiang
Pharmacokinetic and technical comparison of Sandostatin® LAR® and other formulations of long-acting octreotide

Author(s): Petersen Holger | Bizec Jean-Claude | Schuetz Helmut | Delporte Marie-Laure
Effects of substrate annealing on the gold-catalyzed growth of ZnO nanostructures

Author(s): Weigand Christian | Skåre Daniel | Ladam Cecile | Grepstad Jostein | Weman Helge
Correlation between Fischer-Tropsch catalytic activity and composition of catalysts

Author(s): Ali Sardar | Mohd Zabidi Noor | Subbarao Duvvuri
Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Cu―doped BiVO4 Photocatalysts Prepared by Hydrothermal Method

Author(s): CHEN Yuan, ZHOU Ke-Chao, HUANG Su-Ping, LI Zhi-You, LIU Guo-Cong
A Five-Layered Business Intelligence Architecture

Author(s): In Lih Ong | Pei Hwa Siew | Siew Fan Wong
Biomolecule-Assisted Synthesis of Nanocrystalline CdS and Bi2S3 for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

Author(s): Caolong Li | Wei Chen | Jian Yuan | Mingxia Chen | Wenfeng Shangguan

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