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Radon in caves: clinical aspects

Author(s): Craven Stephen A. | Smit Berend J.
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas of Albania

Author(s): M. Parise | P. Qiriazi | S. Sala

Author(s): Jace HARGIS
Radon in Caves.

Author(s): Cigna Arrigo A.
Origen bacteriano de espelotemas tipo moonmilk en ambiente karstico (Cueva de Altamira, Cantabria, España)

Author(s): Cuezva, S. | Cañaveras, C. | González, R. | Lario, J. | Luque, L. | Sáiz-Jiménez, C. | Sánchez-Moral, S. | Soler, V.
Myoxus glis as a cave dwelling animal

Author(s): Dino Scaravelli | Sandro Bassi
The Value of Memory for Society

Author(s): Kostas Theologou
Ultraviolet Radiation Sensitivity in Cave Bacteria: Evidence of Adaptation to the Subsurface?

Author(s): Snider Jessica R. | Goin Caitlin | Miller Robert V. | Boston Penelope J. | Northup Diana E.
Features of deep cave sediments: their influence on fossil preservation

Author(s): Torres, T. | Ortiz, J. E. | Cobo, R.
Cottonballs, a unique subaqeous moonmilk, and abundant subaerial moonmilk in Cataract Cave, Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Author(s): Curry M.D. | Boston P.J. | Spilde M.N. | Baichtal J.F. | Campbell A.R.
Isotope hydrology of dripwaters in a Scottish cave and implications for stalagmite palaeoclimate research

Author(s): L. Fuller | A. Baker | I. J. Fairchild | C. Spötl | A. Marca-Bell | P. Rowe | P. F. Dennis
Isotope hydrology of dripwaters in a Scottish cave and implications for stalagmite palaeoclimate research

Author(s): L. Fuller | A. Baker | I. J. Fairchild | C. Spötl | A. Marca-Bell | P. Rowe | P. F. Dennis
Economic valuation of Parque Nacional El Gúacharo, Monagas state, Venezuela

Author(s): Ángel Francisco PARADA | Jesús A. RODRÍGUEZ V.
Building generic anatomical models using virtual model cutting and iterative registration

Author(s): Xiao Mei | Soh Jung | Meruvia-Pastor Oscar | Schmidt Eric | Hallgrímsson Benedikt | Sensen Christoph
A comparative integrated geophysical study of Horseshoe Chimney Cave, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

Author(s): Brown Wesley A. | Stafford Kevin W. | Shaw-Faulkner Mindy | Grubbs Andy
The Environment Specialities in the Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

Author(s): Bobro Milan | Hanèu¾ák Jozef | Kupka Daniel
Paleokarst: cessation and rebirth?

Author(s): Osborne, R.A.L.
Contribution to the speleology of Sterkfontein Cave, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Author(s): Martini,J.E.J. | Wipplinger,P.E. | Moen,H.F.G. | Keyser,A.
Oсhtiná Aragonite Cave (Slovakia): morphology, mineralogy and genesis

Author(s): Bosák,P. | Bella,P. | Cilek,V. | Ford,D.C. | Hercman,H. | Kadlec,J. | Osborne,A. | Pruner,P.
Minerogenesis of volcanic caves of Kenya.

Author(s): Forti Paolo | Galli Ermanno | Rossi Antonio
Contribution to the speleology of Sterkfontein cave, Gauteng province, South Africa.

Author(s): Martini Jacques E. J. | Wipplinger Paul E. | Moen Herni F.J. | Keyser André
Biogenic speleothems: an overview.

Author(s): Forti Paolo
Deposition of calcium carbonate in karst caves: role of bacteria in Stiffe's cave.

Author(s): Ercole Claudia | Cacchio Paola | Cappuccio Giorgio | Lepidi Aldo
Hydrodynamic aspect of caves

Author(s): Mitja Prelovsek | Janez Turk | Franci Gabrovsek
The Place Metaphor in 3D CVEs: a Pedagogical Case Study of the Virtual Stage

Author(s): Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland | Theodor Wyeld
Cave fauna in Yachang Nature Reserve, Guangxi

Author(s): Xuezhen Li | Changying Niu | Zhongjiu Jiao | Chaoliang Lei | Xuefeng Tan
Microscopy and Molecular Biology Techniques for the Study of Biocenosis Diversity in Semi-Confined Environments

Author(s): Franco Palla | Noemi Billeci | Francesco Paolo Mancuso | Lorella Pellegrino | Lucia Cecilia Lorusso
Revisiting three minerals from Cioclovina Cave (Romania)

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Effenberger Herta S. | Collins Nathan C. | Kearns Joe B. | Breban Radu C.
The present day genesis and evolution of cave minerals inside the Ojo de la Reina Cave (Naica Mine, Mexico)

Author(s): Badino Giovanni | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Garofalo Paolo | Sanna Laura
Secondary halite deposits in the Iranian salt karst: general description and origin

Author(s): Filippi Michal | Bruthans Jiri | Palatinus Lukas | Zare Muhamad | Asadi Naser
Mineralogy of Iza Cave (Rodnei Mountains, N. Romania)

Author(s): Tamas Tudor | Kristaly Ferenc | Barbu-Tudoran Lucian
The Spider Loxosceles adelaida GERSTCH, 1967 (Araneae, Sicariidae) in the Karstic Area of Ribeira Valley, PETAR, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Rute Maria Goncalves-de-Andrade | Fernando Delgado Pretel | Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi

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