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Data on the Limanu Cave mineralogy

Author(s): Gabriel Diaconu | Ştefan Marincea | Delia Dumitraş
Mineralogical analyses in various caves from the Băile Herculane area, the Cerna Passage

Author(s): Gabriel Diaconu | Delia Georgeta Dumitraş | Ştefan Marincea
Siliciclastic micro- stromatolites in a sandstone cave: role of trapping and binding of detrital particles in formation of cave deposits

Is it always dark in caves?

Author(s): Badino Giovanni
Peştera Liliecilor (Liliecilor Cave) from the Olteţului Gorges. Mineralogical data.

Author(s): Gabriel Diaconu | Delia Georgeta Dumitraş | Ştefan Marincea
Mineralogical analyses in two caves from the Perşani Mountains

Author(s): Gabriel Diaconu | Delia Georgeta Dumitraş | Ştefan Marincea
Vashegyite from Gaura cu Muscă Cave (Locvei Mountains, Romania): a new and rare phosphate occurrence

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Zaharia Luminiţa | Kearns Joe | Veres Daniel
Paleokarst: cessation and rebirth?

Author(s): Osborne, R.A.L.
Oсhtiná Aragonite Cave (Slovakia): morphology, mineralogy and genesis

Author(s): Bosák,P. | Bella,P. | Cilek,V. | Ford,D.C. | Hercman,H. | Kadlec,J. | Osborne,A. | Pruner,P.
Minerogenesis of volcanic caves of Kenya.

Author(s): Forti Paolo | Galli Ermanno | Rossi Antonio
Chemical deposits in volcanic caves of Argentina

Author(s): Carlos Benedetto | Paolo Forti | Ermanno Galli | Antonio Rossi
Revisiting three minerals from Cioclovina Cave (Romania)

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Effenberger Herta S. | Collins Nathan C. | Kearns Joe B. | Breban Radu C.
The present day genesis and evolution of cave minerals inside the Ojo de la Reina Cave (Naica Mine, Mexico)

Author(s): Badino Giovanni | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Garofalo Paolo | Sanna Laura
Mineralogy of Iza Cave (Rodnei Mountains, N. Romania)

Author(s): Tamas Tudor | Kristaly Ferenc | Barbu-Tudoran Lucian
Minerals and speleothems of the József-hegy Cave (Budapest, Hungary).

Author(s): Leél-Őssy Szabolcs | Szanyi Gyöngyvér | Surányi Gergely

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