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New synchronization method for Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Ranford-Cartwright Lisa | Sinha Abhinav | Humphreys Georgina | Mwangi Jonathan
Wood Polymer Composites Technology Supporting the Recovery and Protection of Tropical Forests: The Amazonian Phoenix Project

Author(s): Marcia C. Branciforti | Alessandra L. Marinelli | Marcio Kobayashi | Jose D. Ambrosio | Marcos R. Monteiro | Antonio D. Nobre
Development and validation of a headspace gas chromatographic method for the determination of residual solvents in arterolane (RBx11160) maleate bulk drug

Author(s): Gupta Abhishek | Singh Yogendra | Srinivas Kona | Jain Garima | Sreekumar V | Semwal Vinod
Molecular and bioengineering strategies to improve alginate and polydydroxyalkanoate production by Azotobacter vinelandii

Author(s): Galindo Enrique | Peña Carlos | Núñez Cinthia | Segura Daniel | Espín Guadalupe
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