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Diagnosis of Airway Malacia by Virtual Bronchoscopy

Author(s): Nemat Bilan | Afshin G. Behbahan | Zinat Miabi
Childhood idiopathic steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome in Southwestern Nigeria

Author(s): Olowu Wasiu | Adelusola Kayode | Adefehinti Olufemi
Chrysotherapy in psoriasis

Author(s): Kaur S | Minocha Y | Minocha K | Dogra A
High-dose-rate brachytherapy for soft tissue sarcoma in children: a single institution experience

Author(s): Viani Gustavo | Novaes Paulo | Jacinto Alexandre | Antonelli Celia | Pellizzon Antonio | Saito Elisa | Salvajoli João
Clinical characteristics and survival of children with Langerhans cell hystiocytosis

Author(s): Krstovski Nada | Janić Dragana | Dokmanović Lidija | Brdar Radivoj
Impact of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder on the patient and family: results from a European survey

Author(s): Coghill David | Soutullo Cesar | d'Aubuisson Carlos | Preuss Ulrich | Lindback Trygve | Silverberg Maria | Buitelaar Jan
The content of African diets is adequate to achieve optimal efficacy with fixed-dose artemether-lumefantrine: a review of the evidence

Author(s): Premji Zulfiqarali | Abdulla Salim | Ogutu Bernhards | Ndong Alice | Falade Catherine | Sagara Issaka | Mulure Nathan | Nwaiwu Obiyo | Kokwaro Gilbert
Comparison the Efficacy of Polyethylene Glycol and Paraffin for the Treatment of Childhood Functional Constipation

Author(s): Karami Hassan | Karami Hussein | Alam Alireza | Khademloo Mohammad | Tale Ali | Niari Parisan | Saneian Hussein
Lubrication of Circumcision Site for Prevention of Meatal Stenosis in Children Younger Than 2 Years Old

Author(s): Hassan Bazmamoun | Manoochehr Ghorbanpour | Seyed Habibollah Mousavi-Bahar
Normal right- and left ventricular volumes and myocardial mass in children measured by steady state free precession cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Buechel Emanuela | Kaiser Thomas | Jackson Clare | Schmitz Achim | Kellenberger Christian
Polyethylene Glycol versus Paraffin for the Treatment of Childhood Functional Constipation

Author(s): Hasan Karami | Mohammad Khademloo | Parisa Niari
Adenovirus infection in children with diarrhea disease in Northwestern Nigeria

Author(s): Aminu M | Ahmad A | Umoh J | de Beer M | Esona M | Steele A
Systemic T-helper and T-regulatory cell type cytokine responses in rhinovirus vs. respiratory syncytial virus induced early wheezing: an observational study

Author(s): Jartti Tuomas | Paul-Anttila Maria | Lehtinen Pasi | Parikka Vilhelmiina | Vuorinen Tytti | Simell Olli | Ruuskanen Olli
Evaluation of immunization coverage within the Expanded Program on Immunization in Kita Circle, Mali: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Koumaré Abdel | Traore Drissa | Haidara Fatouma | Sissoko Filifing | Traoré Issa | Dramé Sékou | Sangaré Karim | Diakité Karim | Coulibaly Bréhima | Togola Birama | Maïga Aguissa
One size does not fit all: local determinants of measles vaccination in four districts of Pakistan

Author(s): Cockcroft Anne | Andersson Neil | Omer Khalid | Ansari Noor | Khan Amir | Chaudhry Ubaid Ullah | Ansari Umaira
Evidence-based discussion increases childhood vaccination uptake: a randomised cluster controlled trial of knowledge translation in Pakistan

Author(s): Andersson Neil | Cockcroft Anne | Ansari Noor | Omer Khalid | Baloch Manzoor | Ho Foster Ari | Shea Bev | Wells George | Soberanis José
Assessment of factors associated with complete immunization coverage in children aged 12-23 months: a cross-sectional study in Nouna district, Burkina Faso

Author(s): Sanou Aboubakary | Simboro Seraphin | Kouyaté Bocar | Dugas Marylène | Graham Janice | Bibeau Gilles
Rates of coverage and determinants of complete vaccination of children in rural areas of Burkina Faso (1998-2003)

Author(s): Sia Drissa | Fournier Pierre | Kobiané Jean-François | Sondo Blaise
Risk factors for childhood obesity at age 5: Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Cooksey Roxanne | Gravenor Michael | Mistry Rupal | Thomas Non | Lyons Ronan | Williams Rhys
Severe neurological sequelae and behaviour problems after cerebral malaria in Ugandan children

Author(s): Idro Richard | Kakooza-Mwesige Angelina | Balyejjussa Stephen | Mirembe Grace | Mugasha Christine | Tugumisirize Joshua | Byarugaba Justus
Are we doing enough? Evaluation of the Polio Eradication Initiative in a district of Pakistan's Punjab province: a LQAS study

Author(s): Mushtaq Muhammad Umair | Majrooh Muhammad Ashraf | Ullah Mohsin Zia Sana | Akram Javed | Siddiqui Arif Mahmood | Shad Mushtaq Ahmad | Waqas Muhammad | Abdullah Hussain Muhammad | Ahmad Waqar | Shahid Ubeera | Khurshid Usman
Cluster Sampling -A Modified Method In An Urban Area

Author(s): Taneja D K | Meena G S | Gulati Neena
Reversion and conversion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis IFN-γ ELISpot results during anti-tuberculous treatment in HIV-infected children

Author(s): Connell Tom | Davies Mary-Ann | Johannisen Christine | Wood Kathryn | Pienaar Sandy | Wilkinson Katalin | Wilkinson Robert | Zar Heather | Beatty David | Nicol Mark | Curtis Nigel | Eley Brian
The incidence of HIV among women recruited during late pregnancy and followed up for six years after childbirth in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Munjoma Marshall | Mhlanga Felix | Mapingure Munyaradzi | Kurewa Edith | Mashavave Grace | Chirenje Mike | Rusakaniko Simbarashe | Stray-Pedersen Babill
Ultrasound-Assisted Peripheral Venous Access in Young Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial and Pilot Feasibility Study

Author(s): Bair, Aaron E | Rose, John S | Vance, Cheryl W | Andrada-Brown, Emily | Kuppermann, Nathan
Does High Altitude Protect Against Irreversible Pulmonary Hypertension?

Author(s): Heath Alexandra | Stewart K | Mendes J | Ramirez M | Freudenthal F
Childhood vaccination in informal urban settlements in Nairobi, Kenya: Who gets vaccinated?

Author(s): Mutua Martin | Kimani-Murage Elizabeth | Ettarh Remare
Treatment and disease progression in a birth cohort of vertically HIV-1 infected children in Ukraine

Author(s): Mahdavi Saboura | Malyuta Ruslan | Semenenko Igor | Pilipenko Tatyana | Thorne Claire
Childhood intussusception in Uzbekistan: Analysis of retrospective surveillance data

Author(s): Latipov Renat | Khudoyorov Rajabboy | Flem Elmira
A clinico-epidemiological study of bites by spiders of the genus Phoneutria

Author(s): BUCARETCHI Fábio | DEUS REINALDO Cláudia Regina de | HYSLOP Stephen | MADUREIRA Paulo Roberto | DE CAPITANI Eduardo Mello | VIEIRA Ronan José
Vitamin A deficiency and anemia among children 12-71 months old in Honduras

Author(s): Nestel Penelope | Melara Alejandro | Rosado Jorge | Mora Jose O.
Otitis media in young Aboriginal children from remote communities in Northern and Central Australia: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Morris Peter | Leach Amanda | Silberberg Peter | Mellon Gabrielle | Wilson Cate | Hamilton Elizabeth | Beissbarth Jemima
Maternal smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of recurrent wheezing during the first years of life (BAMSE)

Author(s): Lannerö Eva | Wickman Magnus | Pershagen Goran | Nordvall Lennart
Ocular manifestations of congenital rubella syndrome in a developing country.

Author(s): Vijayalakshmi P | Kakkar Gaurav | Samprathi Arun | Banushree R
Malaria vectors and transmission dynamics in coastal south-western Cameroon

Author(s): Bigoga Jude | Manga Lucien | Titanji Vincent | Coetzee Maureen | Leke Rose
Practice development plans to improve the primary care management of acute asthma: randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Foster Juliet | Hoskins Gaylor | Smith Barbara | Lee Amanda | Price David | Pinnock Hilary
A study on determinants of immunization coverage among 12-23 months old children in urban slums of Lucknow district, India

Author(s): Nath Bhola | Singh J | Awasthi Shally | Bhushan Vidya | Kumar Vishwajeet | Singh S
Complications of Hip Fractures in Children

Author(s): Feng-Chih Kuo | Shu-Jui Kuo | Jih-Yang Ko | To Wong
Polyethylene Glycol versus Paraffin for the Treatment of Childhood Functional Constipation

Author(s): Hasan Karami | Mohammad Khademloo | Parisa Niari
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
Immunization Coverage in Selected Communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinwumi Fajola | Edet Edet | Angela Oyo-Ita | Babatunde Fakunle
The child with chronic cough: when does double-channel pH monitoring rule out gastroesophageal reflux

Author(s): Richard Kitz | Peter Ahrens | Olaf Eickmeier | Hansjosef Boehles | Markus A. Rose
Factors Influencing Receipt of Iron Supplementation by Young Children and their Mothers in Rural India: Local and National Cross-Sectional Studies

Author(s): Pasricha Sant-Rayn | Biggs Beverley-Ann | Prashanth NS | Sudarshan H | Moodie Rob | Black Jim | Shet Arun
Utility of total lymphocyte count as a surrogate marker for CD4 counts in HIV-1 infected children in Kenya

Author(s): Githinji Nyawira | Maleche-Obimbo Elizabeth | Nderitu Moses | Wamalwa Dalton | Mbori-Ngacha Dorothy
Long-term treatment of childhood refractory and steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome with Cyclosporin A

Author(s): Madani A | Ataei N | Esfahani ST | Mortezavi F | Mohseni P
Clinical and Laboratory Findings in Iranian Children with Cyclic Neutropenia

Author(s): Nima Rezaei | Abolhassan Farhoudi | Zahra Pourpak | Asghar Aghamohammadi | Asghar Ramyar | Mostafa Moin | Mohammad Gharagozlou | Masoud Movahedi | Behzad Mohammadpour | Bahram MirSaeid Ghazi | Mina Izadyar | Maryam Mahmoudi
Risk factors for asthmatic children requiring hospitalization

Author(s): Moein M | Aghamohammadi A | Atarod L | Zehtab A

Author(s): N. Ataei | A. Madani | S. T. Esfahani | A. Kejbafzadeh | M. Kamali A. Safa
Radiologic Manifestation of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Children Admitted in Pediatric Ward-Massih Daneshvari Hospital: A 5-Year Retrospective Study

Author(s): Mohmmad Reza Boloursaz | Soheila Khalilzadeh | Nooshin Baghaie | Amir Ali Khodayari | Ali Akbar Velayati
Assessment of immunization Status of Children between 12-23 months in Bareilly District

Author(s): Hari S Joshi | Rakesh Gupta | Arun Singh | Vipul Mahajan
Cost-effectiveness of intensive inpatient treatments for severely obese children and adolescents in the Netherlands; a randomized controlled trial (HELIOS)

Author(s): Makkes Sabine | Halberstadt Jutka | Renders Carry | Bosmans Judith | van der Baan-Slootweg Olga | Seidell Jacob
Mineral trioxyde aggregate versus calcium hydroxide in apexification of non vital immature teeth: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Beslot-Neveu Aurélie | Bonte Eric | Baune Bruno | Serreau Raphaël | Aissat Fawzia | Quinquis Laurent | Grabar Sophie | Lasfargues Jean-Jacques

Author(s): C.K. Dhanapal | J. Mathew | S. Madhusudhan | R. Manavalan | V. Roy
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