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Hepatic osteodystrophy: An important matter for consideration in chronic liver disease

Author(s): Germán López-Larramona | Alfredo J Lucendo | Sonia González-Castillo | José M Tenias
Non surgical Periodontal Therapy

Author(s): Rajababu P | Harinath Reddy S | Satyanarayana D | Sunil Kumar P
Miliary osteoma cutis of the face: A case report

Author(s): Saadia Bouraoui | Mona Mlika | Rim Kort | Fayka Cherif | Ahlem Lahmar | Sabeh Mzabi-Regaya
Manejo práctico del paciente con diabetes mellitus en la Atención Primaria de Salud

Author(s): Elodia María Rivas Alpizar | Gisela Zerquera Trujillo | Caridad Hernández Gutiérrez | Belkis Vicente Sánchez
Circumcision in children with bleeding diathesis

Author(s): Gül Nihal | Emre | Murat | Dilek | Rahşan | Tiraje
Update on Pharmaceutical and Minimally Invasive Management Strategies for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author(s): Rokhsara Rafii | Timothy E. Albertson | Samuel Louie | Andrew L. Chan
Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation – rehabilitation models and shortcomings in outpatient aftercare

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
The importance of growth factors for the treatment of chronic wounds in the case of diabetic foot ulcers

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Follmann, Markus | Freyer, Daniela | Huppertz, Hendrik | Ehm, Alexandra | Wasem, Jürgen
What part of the total care consumed by type 2 diabetes patients is directly related to diabetes? Implications for disease management programs

Author(s): Christel van Dijk | Robert Verheij | Ilse Swinkels | Mieke Rijken | François Schellevis | Peter Groenewegen | Dinny de Bakker
Sudden death prevention in heart failure: The case of CIBIS III

Author(s): Emilio Vanoli | Livio Dei Cas | Ronnie Willenheimer
Evaluating adherence to ocular hypotensives using the Travatan dosing aid

Author(s): O'Dell L | Hennessy AL | Robin AL
Metabolic syndrome and its components associated with endothelial dysfunction in chronic kidney disease patients

Author(s): Bai Q | Lai X | Zhang AH | Lu XH | Tian SL | Fan MH | Wang Y | Wang T
Managing diabetes with inhaled insulin

Author(s): Lucy D Mastrandrea

Author(s): Martínez- González Laura | Cuevas-Ruiz Beatriz
Cutaneous Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Author(s): Emine Çölgeçen | Ayten Ferahbaş
Aplicação de rede social no manejo da hipertensão Applying social network in the management of hypertension

Author(s): Angela Beatriz Papaleo Wagner | Hamilton Lima Wagner | Yves R. Talbot | Anousca E. do Carmo

Author(s): Laurenzi M
Coping in patients with heart failure

Author(s): Farcaş, A.D. | Năstasă, L.E.
Urticarin in Children

Author(s): M Rohani
Chronic Kidney Disease in Southwestern Iranian Children

Author(s): Ali Ahmadzadeh | Ehsan Valavi | Mehrnaz Zangeneh Kamali | Azin Ahmadzadeh

Author(s): Shailendra Wasnik | Ashwani Patel | Seema Kohli
Evolving role of platelet function testing in coronary artery interventions

Author(s): Sharma RK | Voelker DJ | Sharma R | Reddy HK | Dod H | Marsh JD
Improving patient–physician dialog: commentary on the results of the MS Choices survey

Author(s): Lugaresi A | Ziemssen T | Oreja-Guevara C | Thomas D | Verdun E
SRT1720, A SIRT1 Activator, Aggravates Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Takashi Kondo | Masakiyo Sasahara | Kazuyuki Tobe | Hirofumi Ogawa | Ryuji Hayashi | Shingo Imanishi | Kensuke Suzuki | Tomomi Ichikawa
SRT1720, A SIRT1 Activator, Aggravates Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Takashi Kondo | Masakiyo Sasahara | Kazuyuki Tobe | Hirofumi Ogawa | Ryuji Hayashi | Shingo Imanishi | Kensuke Suzuki | Tomomi Ichikawa
State-of-the-art chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and management

Author(s): D. Jenkins | E. Mayer | N. Screaton | M. Madani

Author(s): Madhava Reddy A | David Banji | Otilia J F Banji | Kumar K | Mandava Ragini
Complicación mucosa de la leishmaniasis cutánea Mucosal complication of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Author(s): Diego Fernando Zea | Martín Prager | Roger Adrian Figueroa | María Consuelo Miranda
Experiences and needs of diabetic patients and healthcare professionals: a qualitative study in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland)

Author(s): Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux | Stéphanie Lauvergeon | Désirée Mettler | Bernard Burnand
Host Modulation Therapy - Restriction of Periodontal Destruction

Author(s): Harinath Reddy S | Satyanarayana D | Vidya Sagar S | Surykanth M
Interaction between Primary Care Physicians and Specialists for Diagnosis and Management of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Author(s): Keiko Morii | Kozo Yoshimori | Miyako Sudo | Hideo Ogata | Masao Okumura | Akihiko Gemma | Shoji Kudoh | Kozui Kida
Emerging Drug Therapies for Heart Failure

Author(s): Pitchai Balakumar | Manjeet Singh
Fungal infection of the sinus and anterior skull base

Author(s): Morteza Javadi | Shabahang Mohammadi
Computerized clinical decision support systems for chronic disease management: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Roshanov Pavel | Misra Shikha | Gerstein Hertzel | Garg Amit | Sebaldt Rolf | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Haynes R Brian
South Yorkshire Cohort: a 'cohort trials facility' study of health and weight - Protocol for the recruitment phase

Author(s): Relton Clare | Bissell Paul | Smith Christine | Blackburn Joanna | Cooper Cindy | Nicholl Jon | Tod Angela | Copeland Rob | Loban Amanda | Chater Tim | Thomas Kate | Young Tracy | Weir Carol | Harrison Gill | Millbourn Alison | Manners Rachel
Non-Invasive markers for hepatic fibrosis

Author(s): Baranova Ancha | Lal Priyanka | Birerdinc Aybike | Younossi Zobair
Rationale and methods of the multicenter randomised trial of a heart failure management programme among geriatric patients (HF-Geriatrics)

Author(s): Pascual Carlos | Galán Emilio | Guerrero Jose | Colino Rocio | Soler Pedro | Calvo Mercedes | Jaurieta Juan | Arambarri Jorge | Casado Jose | Rodríguez-Artalejo Fernando
High frequency chest wall oscillation for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations: a randomized sham-controlled clinical trial

Author(s): Mahajan Amit | Diette Gregory | Hatipoğlu Umur | Bilderback Andrew | Ridge Alana | Harris Vanessa | Dalapathi Vijay | Badlani Sameer | Lewis Stephanie | Charbeneau Jeff | Naureckas Edward | Krishnan Jerry
The relationship of ethnicity to the prevalence and management of hypertension and associated chronic kidney disease

Author(s): Hull Sally | Dreyer Gavin | Badrick Ellena | Chesser Alistair | Yaqoob Muhammad
Adverse health consequences in COPD patients with rapid decline in FEV1 - evidence from the UPLIFT trial

Author(s): Kesten Steven | Celli Bartolome | Decramer Marc | Liu Dacheng | Tashkin Donald
Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Hogg William | Russell Grant | Wells George | Armstrong Catherine | Akbari Ayub | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica | Mayo-Bruinsma Liesha | Singh Jatinderpreet | Cornett Alex
An analysis of Liberia's 2007 national health policy: lessons for health systems strengthening and chronic disease care in poor, post-conflict countries

Author(s): Lee Patrick | Kruse Gina | Chan Brian | Massaquoi Moses | Panjabi Rajesh | Dahn Bernice | Gwenigale Walter
Cough management: a practical approach

Author(s): De Blasio Francesco | Virchow Johann | Polverino Mario | Zanasi Alessandro | Behrakis Panagiotis | Kilinç Gunsely | Balsamo Rossella | De Danieli Gianluca | Lanata Luigi
Stressors and resources mediate the association of socioeconomic position with health behaviours

Author(s): Mulder Bob | de Bruin Marijn | Schreurs Hanneke | van Ameijden Erik | van Woerkum Cees
Inhibition of p38-MAPK signaling pathway attenuates breast cancer induced bone pain and disease progression in a murine model of cancer-induced bone pain

Author(s): Sukhtankar Devki | Okun Alec | Chandramouli Anupama | Nelson Mark | Vanderah Todd | Cress Anne | Porreca Frank | King Tamara
Anti-asthma medication prescribing to children in the Lombardy Region of Italy: chronic versus new users

Author(s): Bianchi Marina | Clavenna Antonio | Sequi, Marco | Bortolotti Angela | Fortino Ida | Merlino Luca | Bonati Maurizio
Predicting complete loss to follow-up after a health-education program: number of absences and face-to-face contact with a researcher

Author(s): Park MJ | Yamazaki Yoshihiko | Yonekura Yuki | Yukawa Keiko | Ishikawa Hirono | Kiuchi Takahiro | Green Joseph
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Older adults who persistently present to the emergency department with severe, non-severe, and indeterminate episode patterns

Author(s): Kaskie Brian | Obrizan Maksym | Jones Michael | Bentler Suzanne | Weigel Paula | Hockenberry Jason | Wallace Robert | Ohsfeldt Robert | Rosenthal Gary | Wolinsky Fredric
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan
Pay-for-performance in disease management: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): de Bruin Simone | Baan Caroline | Struijs Jeroen
Chronic disease and recent addiction treatment utilization among alcohol and drug dependent adults

Author(s): Reif Sharon | Larson Mary Jo | Cheng Debbie | Allensworth-Davies Donald | Samet Jeffrey | Saitz Richard
Kimura' S Disease A Case Report With Parotid Involvement

Author(s): KhlkhaliK | Sadr Hosseini S M | Azizi M R | Dashti Khoidaki G A
The Etiologies And Outcome Of ESRD In Children Medical Center From 1988 To 2003

Author(s): Madani A | Shakiba M | taei N | Esfehani T | Mohseni P
"Helicobacter Pylori Attachment To 7 Mamalian Cell Lines "

Author(s): N. Rahimi-Fard | A. Mirsalehian | P. Maleknejad N. Ebrahimi-Daryani
"Behavior, Metabolic Control and Health-related Quality of Life in Diabetic Patients at Bandar Abbas Diabetic Clinic"

Author(s): T Aghamollaei | H Eftekhar | D Shojaeizadeh | K Mohammad | M Nakhjavani | F Ghofrani Pour

Author(s): Aghamolaei T. | Eftekhar H. | Mohammad K. | Sobhani A. | Shojaeizadeh D. | Nakhjavani M. Ghofranipour F
Partial Splenic Artery Embolization

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Rasekhi | Gh. Shadmani
Management of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases and their Complications

Author(s): J.A. Ansari | Mateen Sayyed | Faizan Sayeed
Prediction of bone loss using biochemical markers of bone remodeling in patients with multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Majid Assadi | Hooman Salimipour | Iraj Nabipour | Samad Akbarzadeh | Zahra Nemati | Hamid Javadi | Reza Nemati | Mohammad Seyedabadi | Moloud Abbaszadeh | Mahsan Assadi
Successful Management of Neutropenia in a Patient with CD40 Ligand Deficiency by Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy

Author(s): Lida Atarod | Asghar Aghamohammadi | Mostafa Moin | Hiro Kanegane | Nima Rezaei | Kiara Rezaei Kalantari | Ali Akbar Amirzagar | Takishi Futatani | Toshio Miyawaki
A Survey of Pediatricians’ Knowledge on Asthma Management in Children

Author(s): Mohammad Gharagozlou | Hengameh Abdollahpour | Zahra Moinfar | Mohammad Hassan Bemanian | Mojtaba Sedaghat
The Prevalence, Management and Burden of Asthma-A Nigerian Study

Author(s): Alexander O. Oni | G.E. Erhabor | E.E. Egbagbe

Author(s): T. Aghamolaei | H. Eftekhar | K. Mohammad | M. Nakhjavani | D. Shojaeizadeh1 | F. Ghofranipour | O. Safa

Author(s): M. Mohammadi Ardehali | J. Mahdizade Seraj | M. Kiani Asiabar | H. Adibi
Identification of enhanced cytokine generation following sepsis. Dream of magic bullet for mortality prediction and therapeutic evaluation

Author(s): H Hamishehkar | M.T Beigmohammadi | M Abdollahi | A Ahmadi | A Mahmoodpour | M.R Mirjalili | R Abrishami | M.R Khoshayand | K Eslami | M Kanani | M Baeeri | M Mojtahedzadeh
Update and management of psoriasis: A perspective

Author(s): R. Ramesh1 *, Subash Vijaya Kumar 2, E. Deepthi2
An Altered Pulmonary Function – A Cause or Consequence of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Author(s): H. Manjunath | D. Venkatesh | Umesh Jalihal | M. Prashanth Kumar
Frostbites in circumpolar areas

Author(s): Tiina Maria Ikäheimo | Juhani Hassi
Malignant mucosal melanoma of the paranasal sinuses: Two case presentations

Author(s): Anna Gasparyan | Farzad Amiri | Joseph Safdieh | Vincent Reid | Elizabeth Cirincione | Dhiru Shah
Evaluation of a clinical decision support tool for osteoporosis disease management: protocol for an interrupted time series design

Author(s): Kastner Monika | Sawka Anna | Thorpe Kevin | Chignel Mark | Marquez Christine | Newton David | Straus Sharon
Measuring organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Labarthe Jenni | Légaré France | Ouimet Mathieu | Estabrooks Carole | Roch Geneviève | Ghandour El Kebir | Grimshaw Jeremy
Pathways leading to coronary revascularisation among patients with diabetes in Finland: a longitudinal register-based study

Author(s): Vehko Tuulikki | Sund Reijo | Manderbacka Kristiina | Häkkinen Unto | Keskimäki Ilmo
Early and late mortality in elderly patients after hip fracture: a cohort study using administrative health databases in the Lazio region, Italy

Author(s): Castronuovo Esmeralda | Pezzotti Patrizio | Franzo Antonella | Di Lallo Domenico | Guasticchi Gabriella
COPD uncovered: an international survey on the impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] on a working age population

Author(s): Fletcher Monica | Upton Jane | Taylor-Fishwick Judith | Buist Sonia | Jenkins Christine | Hutton John | Barnes Neil | Van Der Molen Thys | Walsh John | Jones Paul | Walker Samantha
Predicting disease risks from highly imbalanced data using random forest

Author(s): Khalilia Mohammed | Chakraborty Sounak | Popescu Mihail
Anaesthetic management of a patient with Eisenmenger syndrome and β-thalassemia major for splenectomy

Author(s): Gupta Nishkarsh | Kaur Sarbjot | Goila Ajay | Pawar Mridula
Pulmonary aspergillosis: a clinical review

Author(s): M. Kousha | R. Tadi | A.O. Soubani
Beyond corticosteroids: future prospects in the management of inflammation in COPD

Author(s): N. Roche | R. Marthan | P. Berger | A. Chambellan | P. Chanez | B. Aguilaniu | P-Y Brillet | P-R Burgel | A. Chaouat | P. Devillier | R. Escamilla | R. Louis | H. Mal | J-F Muir | T. Pérez | T. Similowski | B. Wallaert | M. Aubier
Night-time symptoms: a forgotten dimension of COPD

Author(s): A. Agusti | J. Hedner | J.M. Marin | F. Barbé | M. Cazzola | S. Rennard
Experiences and needs of diabetic patients and healthcare professionals: a qualitative study in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland)

Author(s): Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux | Stéphanie Lauvergeon | Désirée Mettler | Bernard Burnand
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