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Fabrication and Characterisation of Titanium Dioxide Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell using Flame of the Forest Dye

Author(s): Baba Alfa | Matthew Tersoo Tsepav | Raymond Limen Njinga | Ibrahim Abdulrauf
Design of Fault Tolerant Reversible Multiplier

Author(s): H. P. Sinha | Nidhi Syal
Stepper Motor Controller using XC9572 CPLD through Mobile As a Remote

Author(s): Mohini Ratna Chaurasia | Nitin Naiyar
Photovoltaic module V-I and P-V characterization through instrumentation control toolkit of MATLAB

Author(s): Genci Sharko | Nako Hobdari | Nike Shanku | Miranda Ekmekciu | Elton Dasho
Power System for Intelligent House

Author(s): Michal Jahelka
Comparison of an Analog Behavioral and Transistor Level Model of Operational Amplifier

Author(s): Daniela Durackova | Karol Kovac | Viktor Smiesko
Commutation Processes in Multiresonant ZVS Bridge Converter

Author(s): Miroslaw Luft | Elzbieta Szychta
High-Freqeuncy Analysis of Three-Winding Autotransformers 400/121/34 kV

Author(s): Miroslav Gutten | Martin Brandt | Roman Polansky | Pavel Prosr
On the Damper Cage Bar´s Currents Calculation Forsalient Pole Large Synchronous Machina

Author(s): Liliana Vicol | Attila Banyai | Ioan-Adrian Viorel | Jean Jacques Simond
Electromechanical Model of Blood Flow in Vessels

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Barbora Czippelova
Integral Solution of 3D Electric Field of a Disconnector

Author(s): Pavel Karban | Martina Donatova
Theoretical and Probability Analysis of Frequency Selective Circuits

Author(s): Galina Petkova Cherneva | Antonio Vladimirov Andonov
Experimental Analysis of Communitation Process of Power Semiconductor Transistor’s Structures

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Branislav Dobrucky | Michal Frivaldsky | Peter Drgona | Ivan Lokseninec
Unequal Input Voltages Distribution Between the Serial Connected Halfbridges

Author(s): Radovan Ovcarcik | Pavol Spanik | Robert Sul | Filippo Chimento
Development of Electrical Breakdown in Transformer Oil

Author(s): Jozef Kudelcik | Miroslav Gutten | Martin Brandt
Basic Circuit for Silicon Cochlea

Author(s): Daniela Durackova | Peter Kruzlic
Using of Finite Automation at Programming PLC

Author(s): Karol Rastocny | Juraj Zdansky
Usign Planar Transformers in Soft Switching DC/DC Power Converters

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Ivan Feno | Gabriel Kacor
Modern Trends in Circuit Systems

Author(s): Dasa Ticha
Capacitive Coupling in Double-Circuit Transmission Lines

Author(s): Zdenka Benesova | Lenka Sroubova
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester

Author(s): Vaclav Havlicek | Martin Pokorny
Instantaneous Switching Processes in Quasi-Linear Circuits

Author(s): Rositsa Angelova | Todor Gichev
The Dispersion Characteristics of the Complex Permeability of NiZnCu Ferrite and its Composite Materials

Author(s): Rastislav Dosoudil | Marianna Usakova | Elemir Usak | Vladimir Jancarik
Application of Open Circuit Voltage Decay to the Characterization of p/n+ and n/p+ Epitaxial Layer

Author(s): Milan Tapajna | Jaroslav Pjencak | Andrej Vrbicky | Pavol Kudela | Ladislav Harmatha
Analysis of Transient Actions Influence in Power Transformer

Author(s): Josef Jurcik | Miroslav Gutten | Daniel Korenciak
Fuzzy Controlled Parallel AC-DC Converter for PFC

Author(s): M Subba Rao | Ch Sai Babu | S Satyanarayana | P. V.S Sobhan
Power Flow Controller/Short Circuit Current Limiter

Author(s): G.Akhilesh | V.Suresh | P.Anvesh
Equivalent Lumped Element Network Synthesis for Distributed Passive Microwave Circuits

Author(s): Johannes Russer | Nebojša Dončov | Farooq Mukhtar | Biljana Stošić | Tatjana Asenov | Bratislav Milovanović | Peter Russer
The Multiplexing Of OFDM Signals On The Downlink In UTRAN-FDD

Author(s): Ouesse Mohamed El - Amine | Ngom Agnes | Bouallegue Ridha | FARSSI Sidi Mohamed | Ouya Samuel
Implementation Of Low Power And Low Energy Synchronous Sapt Logic

Author(s): Chitambara Rao.K | Nagendra.K | Sreenivasa Rao.Ijjada
A K-Band RF-MEMS-Enabled Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Low-Noise Amplifier Hybrid Circuit

Author(s): R. Malmqvist | C. Samuelsson | A. Gustafsson | P. Rantakari | S. Reyaz | T. Vähä-Heikkilä | A. Rydberg | J. Varis | D. Smith | R. Baggen
Fault Rid Through Protection of DFIG Based Wind Generation System

Author(s): S. Sajedi | F. Khalifeh | T. Karimi | Z. Khalifeh
Simulation of Organic Solar Cells Using AMPS-1D Program

Author(s): Samah G. Babiker | Yong Shuai
Assessment of Inrush Current for Power Transformers by Three-Dimensional Representation

Author(s): Mohammad Yazdani-Asrami | Arjang Yousefi-Talouki | Mohammad Mirzaie
Used in Image Acquisition Area CCD Driving Circuit Design

Author(s): Yan Yan Liu | Guo ning Li
VHDL Modeling of EMG Signal Classification using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M.R. Ahsan | M.I. Ibrahimy | O.O. Khalifa | M.H. Ullah
Integrating Metal-Oxide-Decorated CNT Networks with a CMOS Readout in a Gas Sensor

Author(s): Hyunjoong Lee | Sanghoon Lee | Dai-Hong Kim | David Perello | Young June Park | Seong-Hyeon Hong | Minhee Yun | Suhwan Kim
Phase-Synchronizer based on gm-C All-Pass Filter Chain

Author(s): JOVANOVIC, G. S. | MITIC, D. B. | STOJCEV, M. K. | ANTIC, D. S.
Novel Approach for Electromagnetic Actuators Analysis in Transient Behavior


Author(s): B. Sathiyabama | Dr. S. Malarkkan
Computational Modeling of Cell Survival Using VHDL

Author(s): Shruti Jain1, | Pradeep K. Naik | Sunil V. Bhooshan

Author(s): Mrs Jaya N. Ingole | Mrs Dr. Madhuri A. Choudhary | Dr. R.D. Kanphade
Theoretical Design and Simulation of an Overcurrent Relay with Dynamic Setting

Author(s): Conde-Enriquez A. | Vázquez-Martínez E. | Cantú-Gutiérrez V.P.
Barrido de frecuencia en coordenadas de fase Frequency scan on phase-coordinates

Author(s): Ignacio Pérez Abril | Jandecy Cabral Leite
Current Conveyor Equivalent Circuits

Author(s): Tejmal S. Rathore | Uday P. Khot
Airway pressure distribution during xenon anesthesia: The insufflation phase at constant flow (volume controlled mode)

Author(s): Ira M. Katz | Andrew R. Martin | Chia-Hsiang Feng | Caroline Majoral | Georges Caillibotte | Thomas Marx | Jean-Etienne Bazin | Christian Daviet
Performance and cost analysis of all-optical switching: OBS and OCS

Author(s): Ekularn Dhavarudha | Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut | Suwan Runggeratigul
An Improved Squaring Circuit for Binary Numbers

Author(s): Kabiraj Sethi | Rutuparna Panda
Novel Threshold-Based Standard-Cell Flash ADC

Author(s): François-Raymond Boyer | Hung Tien Bui | Marcel Siadjine Njinowa
Switching Optimization for Class-G Audio Amplifiers with Two Power Supplies

Author(s): Sophie Taupin | Nacer Abouchi | Gael Pillonnet | Patrice Russo | Firas Yengui
Design of a Low Loss RF Mixer in Ku-Band (12 - 18 GHz)

Author(s): Lalit Pandey | Sandeep Singh | Sanjay Singh | Sanjeev Kumar Shah | Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan
Ferrofluid Actuated Thermal Overload Relay

Author(s): Praveenkumar Mahesh | Hayagrivan Mugundhan | Rajagopalan Badrinarayanan
Ferrofluid Actuated Thermal Overload Relay

Author(s): Praveenkumar Mahesh | Hayagrivan Mugundhan | Rajagopalan Badrinarayanan
Technical Study on Low Power VLSI methods

Author(s): T.Kapilachander | I.Hameem Shanavas | V.Venkataraman
Rectificador monofásico para UPS con reducción de contenido armónico en la corriente de entrada

Author(s): Fredy Hernán Martínez Sarmiento | Mariela Castiblanco Ortiz
Temperature-Frequency Converter Using a Liquid Crystal Cell as a Sensing Element

Author(s): Carlos Marcos | José M. Sánchez Pena | Juan C. Torres | José Isidro Santos
Performance Evaluation and Synthesis of Vedic Multiplier

Author(s): Umesh Akare | T. V. More | R. S. Lonkar
Front-End MIMO Transceivers in CDMA

Author(s): Abu Najib Kaifi | Priyanka Sambhag
High Performance Op Amp Design Review

Author(s): Rajashri Deshmukh | Deepak Dandekar
Design Methods for Low-Power Implementation

Author(s): N. A. Mohota | T. N. Mohota
TFET based Ternary Logic Gates & Arithmetic Circuits

Author(s): Rashmi Deshpande | Pravin K. Dakhole | Sonali Dhobale
High Performance DCT Implementation using NEDA on FPGA

Author(s): Monika Zope | P. S. Mahajani
Noise deduction using Quantum check Bits

Author(s): T.Godhavari | N.R.Alamelu
A Novel Architecture of I2C Slave using One-Hot Encoding Technique

Author(s): Devashree Mahato | Sulipta Das | Durga Prasad Dash
Potential Applications of Proteins in IT

Author(s): Shalini Katoch | Arpana Chaturvedi | Sonam Pareek | Arpana Deshmukh
Design of Control Circuit for Torsion Bar Testing Machine

Author(s): P.Maran | E.Madhankumar | P.Mathivanan
Implementation of Binary Multiplication using Booth and Systolic Algorithm on FPGA using VHDL

Author(s): Jayashree Taralabenchi | Kavana Hegde | Soumya Hegde | Siddalingesh S. Navalgund
Channelization and Frequency Tuning using FPGA for UMTS Baseband Application

Author(s): Mahesh M.Gadag | S. Ganesh Naik | Vinayak Miskin | Dundesh S. K
Effect of Pulse Reverse Plating Using Silver On Printed Circuit Boards

Author(s): S. Jayapoorani | Dalim Kumar Ghosh
Optimized photolithographic fabrication process for carbon nanotube devices

Author(s): S. M. Khamis | R. A. Jones | A. T. Charlie Johnson
Effect of DC bias on electrical conductivity of nanocrystalline α-CuSCN

Author(s): T. Prakash | S. Ramasamy | B. S. Murty
Position and Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Motors, State Space Approach

Author(s): Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi | Aliakbar Rahmani
Flux Balance Analysis of Melanogenesis Pathway

Author(s): Prashana Balaji V. | Anvita Gupta Malhotra | Khushhali Menaria
Performance Analysis of an InGaAs Based p-i-n Photodetector

Author(s): Diponkar Kundu | Dilip Kumar Sarker | Md. Galib Hasan | Pallab Kanti Podder | Md. Masudur Rahman
Caracterización de una delta endotoxina mutante de Bacillus thuringiensis con estabilidad y toxicidad aumentadas

Author(s): Syed Rehan A. Hussain | Flórez Álvaro M. | Osorio Cristina | Dean Donald H. | Alzate Óscar
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