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Author(s): Ugur Demiray
BisoGenet: a new tool for gene network building, visualization and analysis

Author(s): Martin Alexander | Ochagavia Maria | Rabasa Laya | Miranda Jamilet | Fernandez-de-Cossio Jorge | Bringas Ricardo
Securing the Multilevel Information System

Author(s): Mohan H.S. | A. Raji Reddy
The Architectural Design of an Integrated Virtual Classroom System

Author(s): A.I. Obasa | A.A. Eludire | Mbing Isaac
Advertisement Data Management and Application Design in WBCs

Author(s): Zhanlin Ji | Ivan Ganchev | Mairtin O’Droma
e-Learning Management System Using Service Oriented Architecture

Author(s): Mohammed A. Jabr | Hussein K.A. Omari

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