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Genome wide exploration of the origin and evolution of amino acids

Author(s): Liu Xiaoxia | Zhang Jingxian | Ni Feng | Dong Xu | Han Bucong | Han Daxiong | Ji Zhiliang | Zhao Yufen
Política industrial e desenvolvimento

Author(s): Suzigan Wilson | Furtado João
Evidence of the role of tick subolesin in gene expression

Author(s): de la Fuente José | Maritz-Olivier Christine | Naranjo Victoria | Ayoubi Patricia | Nijhof Ard | Almazán Consuelo | Canales Mario | de la Lastra José | Galindo Ruth | Blouin Edmour | Gortazar Christian | Jongejan Frans | Kocan Katherine
Evolution of the holozoan ribosome biogenesis regulon

Author(s): Brown Seth | Cole Michael | Erives Albert
Evolutionary origin and genomic organisation of runt-domain containing genes in arthropods

Author(s): Duncan Elizabeth | Wilson Megan | Smith James | Dearden Peter
Emergence, development and diversification of the TGF-β signalling pathway within the animal kingdom

Author(s): Huminiecki Lukasz | Goldovsky Leon | Freilich Shiri | Moustakas Aristidis | Ouzounis Christos | Heldin Carl-Henrik
Co-regulated expression of HAND2 and DEIN by a bidirectional promoter with asymmetrical activity in neuroblastoma

Author(s): Voth Harald | Oberthuer André | Simon Thorsten | Kahlert Yvonne | Berthold Frank | Fischer Matthias
Mutations in many genes affect aggressive behavior in Drosophila melanogaster

Author(s): Edwards Alexis | Zwarts Liesbeth | Yamamoto Akihiko | Callaerts Patrick | Mackay Trudy
Zebrafish RNase T2 genes and the evolution of secretory ribonucleases in animals

Author(s): Hillwig Melissa | Rizhsky Ludmila | Wang Ying | Umanskaya Alisa | Essner Jeffrey | MacIntosh Gustavo
FGFRL1 is a neglected putative actor of the FGF signalling pathway present in all major metazoan phyla

Author(s): Bertrand Stephanie | Somorjai Ildiko | Garcia-Fernandez Jordi | Lamonerie Thomas | Escriva Hector
Lineage-specific co-evolution of the Egf receptor/ligand signaling system

Author(s): Laisney Juliette | Braasch Ingo | Walter Ronald | Meierjohann Svenja | Schartl Manfred
Gene duplication and the origins of morphological complexity in pancrustacean eyes, a genomic approach

Author(s): Rivera Ajna | Pankey M Sabrina | Plachetzki David | Villacorta Carlos | Syme Anna | Serb Jeanne | Omilian Angela | Oakley Todd
The gene transformer-2 of Anastrepha fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) and its evolution in insects

Author(s): Sarno Francesca | Ruiz María | Eirín-López José | Perondini André | Selivon Denise | Sánchez Lucas
The C. elegans Hox gene ceh-13 regulates cell migration and fusion in a non-colinear way. Implications for the early evolution of Hox clusters

Author(s): Tihanyi Borbála | Vellai Tibor | Regős Ágnes | Ari Eszter | Müller Fritz | Takács-Vellai Krisztina
Naturalness Consumption and Biodiversity in an Ecoregion of Central Italy

Author(s): Roberto Mancinelli | Enio Campiglia | Vincenzo Di Felice | Fabio Caporali
Naturalness Consumption and Biodiversity in an Ecoregion of Central Italy

Author(s): Roberto Mancinelli | Enio Campiglia | Vincenzo Di Felice | Fabio Caporali
A role for p38 MAPK in the regulation of ciliary motion in a eukaryote

Author(s): Ressurreição Margarida | Rollinson David | Emery Aidan | Walker Anthony
Preface, MSM 2011

Author(s): Editor, MSM
Evolutionary cores of domain co-occurrence networks

Author(s): Wuchty Stefan | Almaas Eivind
Nitrogen fixation in eukaryotes – New models for symbiosis

Author(s): Kneip Christoph | Lockhart Peter | Voß Christine | Maier Uwe-G
Evidence of recombination within human alpha-papillomavirus

Author(s): Angulo Manuel | Carvajal-Rodríguez Antonio
Inter- and intra-combinatorial regulation by transcription factors and microRNAs

Author(s): Zhou Yiming | Ferguson John | Chang Joseph | Kluger Yuval
Analysis of Schistosoma mansoni genes shared with Deuterostomia and with possible roles in host interactions

Author(s): Venancio Thiago | DeMarco Ricardo | Almeida Giulliana | Oliveira Katia | Setubal João | Verjovski-Almeida Sergio
Expression and function of nr4a2, lmx1b, and pitx3 in zebrafish dopaminergic and noradrenergic neuronal development

Author(s): Filippi Alida | Dürr Katrin | Ryu Soojin | Willaredt Marc | Holzschuh Jochen | Driever Wolfgang
Identifying candidate genes affecting developmental time in Drosophila melanogaster: pervasive pleiotropy and gene-by-environment interaction

Author(s): Mensch Julián | Lavagnino Nicolás | Carreira Valeria | Massaldi Ana | Hasson Esteban | Fanara Juan
Building a model: developing genomic resources for common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) with low coverage genome sequencing

Author(s): Straub Shannon | Fishbein Mark | Livshultz Tatyana | Foster Zachary | Parks Matthew | Weitemier Kevin | Cronn Richard | Liston Aaron
A mutation degree model for the identification of transcriptional regulatory elements

Author(s): Zhang Changqing | Wang Jin | Hua Xu | Fang Jinggui | Zhu Huaiqiu | Gao Xiang
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