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Spastic Paraparesis Following Cocaine Inhalation

Author(s): Henry Oluwasefunmi Savage | Malin Roesner | David Cohen
Entre santos y ‘traquetos’.

Author(s): Hernán Moreano.
Epidemiological aspects of illicit psychoactive substance dependents the interned in psychiatric institution of Criciúma-SC

Author(s): Zunei Votri | Izabel Scarabeloti Medeiros | Ana Regina Losso | Sônia Maria Correa | Magada Tessmann Schwalm | Luciane Bisognin Ceretta | Josete Mazon
Tendencias del consumo de drogas de 1998 a 2005 en tres ciudades de la zona norte de México: Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey y Tijuana

Author(s): Estela Rojas Guiot | Clara Fleiz Bautista | Jorge Villatoro Velázquez | María de Lourdes Gutiérrez López | María Elena Medina-Mora Icaza
The Health Effect of Psychostimulants: A Literature Review

Author(s): Thierry Favrod-Coune | Barbara Broers
Multifocal multi-organ ischaemia and infarction in a preterm baby due to maternal intravenous cocaine use: a case report

Author(s): Reynolds Ben | Penman Dawn | Howatson Allan | Jackson Lesley | Skeoch Charles
A little-known new components of the appetite control

Author(s): Marcin Nylec | Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz

Author(s): Isaza Carlos | Suarez Pedro | Henao Julieta | Gonzalez Martha
Acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia, and elevated liver enzymes after concurrent abuse of alcohol and cocaine

Author(s): Alireza Hosseinnezhad | Rajakrishnan Vijayakrishnan | Mary Jo S. Farmer
Aplasia Cutis Congenita: a Case Report

Author(s): Tahereh Esmaeilnia Shirvany | Yadollah Zahedpasha | Mohammadhosein Lookzadeh
Violence, Psychological Features, and Substance Use in High School Students in Hatay: a Cross-sectional Study

Author(s): Tacettin İNANDI | Cahit ÖZER | Asena AKDEMİR | Sabahat AKOĞLU | Cenk BABAYİGİT | Ebru TURHAN | Özlem SANGÜN
An unusual suicidal death by automobile antenna: a case report

Author(s): Lingamfelter Daniel | Duddlesten Erin | Quinton Reade
Long-term cocaine use is associated with premature alterations in regional aortic strain and distensibility measured by magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Redheuil Alban | Liu Chia-Ying | Mousseaux Elie | Bluemke David | Lima Joao | Lai Shenghan
Cocaine use as an independent predictor of cardiac steatosis: initial experience by 1H spectroscopy

Author(s): Liu Chia-Ying | Redheuil Alban | Ouwerkerk Ronald | Lima Joao | Bluemke David | Lai Shenghan
Septum nasal perforation: treatments and literature' review

Author(s): Martinez Neto, Eulógio Emílio | Dolci, Luiz Eduardo Lutaif | Murta, Alexandre Antonio | Zanini, Fábio Duro
Pneumomediastinum after cocaine use: an unusual aetiology

Author(s): Chudasama K | Seenath M | Gourevitch D
Cellular Phone-Based Image Acquisition and Quantitative Ratiometric Method for Detecting Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine for Biological and Forensic Applications

Author(s): Brian A. Cadle | Kristin C. Rasmus | Juan A. Varela | Leah S. Leverich | Casey E. O’Neill | Ryan K. Bachtell | Donald C. Cooper
Role of endocannabinoids in regulating drug dependence

Author(s): Daniela Parolaro | Daniela Vigano’ | Natalia Realini | Tiziana Rubino
Inhibitory Effects of Coptidis rhizoma and Berberine on Cocaine-Induced Sensitization

Author(s): Bombi Lee | Chae Ha Yang | Dae-Hyun Hahm | Eun Sang Choe | Hye-Jung Lee | Kwang-Ho Pyun | Insop Shim
The impact of cocaine and heroin on the placental transfer of methadone

Author(s): Malek Antoine | Obrist Cristina | Wenzinger Silvana | von Mandach Ursula
Elevated HIV risk behaviour among recently incarcerated injection drug users in a Canadian setting: a longitudinal analysis

Author(s): Milloy M-J | Buxton Jane | Wood Evan | Li Kathy | Montaner Julio | Kerr Thomas
The context of illicit drug overdose deaths in British Columbia, 2006

Author(s): Buxton Jane | Skutezky Trevor | Tu Andrew | Waheed Bilal | Wallace Alex | Mak Sunny
Using molecular similarity to highlight the challenges of routine immunoassay-based drug of abuse/toxicology screening in emergency medicine

Author(s): Krasowski Matthew | Pizon Anthony | Siam Mohamed | Giannoutsos Spiros | Iyer Manisha | Ekins Sean
Black race as a predictor of poor health outcomes among a national cohort of HIV/AIDS patients admitted to US hospitals: a cohort study

Author(s): Oramasionwu Christine | Hunter Jonathan | Skinner Jeff | Ryan Laurajo | Lawson Kenneth | Brown Carolyn | Makos Brittany | Frei Christopher
A Phase 1 Trial of pharmacologic interactions between transdermal selegiline and a 4-hour cocaine infusion

Author(s): Harris Debra | Everhart Thomas | Jacob Peyton | Lin Emil | Mendelson John | Jones Reese
Update on effects of cocaine use during pregnancy

Author(s): Silvia García-Valle | Joaquín Lopez – Marcos | Douglas Morales Belloso | Beatriz Valladares Lobera | Angel García – Iglesias
Effect of Ocimum sanctum, ascorbic acid, and verapamil on macrophage function and oxidative stress in mice exposed to cocaine

Author(s): Bhattacharya S | Rathi N | Mahajan P | Tripathi A | Paudel K | Rauniar G | Das B
Etiological characterization of acute poisonings in the emergency department

Author(s): Khlifi Malek | Zun Leslie | Johnson Giffe | Harbison Raymond
Shelter-based convalescence for homeless adults in Amsterdam: a descriptive study

Author(s): van Laere Igor | de Wit Matty | Klazinga Niek
Levamisole tainted cocaine causing severe neutropenia in Alberta and British Columbia

Author(s): Knowles Lewinda | Buxton Jane | Skuridina Nataliya | Achebe Ifeoma | LeGatt Donald | Fan Shihe | Yan Zhu Nancy | Talbot James
Cuantificacion paramétrica de los cambios en la perfusión cerebral producidos por abstinencia y con activación cognitiva en dependientes a cocaína.

Author(s): Juan Carlos Quintana. | Rodrigo Jaimovich. | Jaime Pereira. | Julio Pallavicini. | Mónica Servat. | Isabel Alliende. | Teresa Massardo.
Evaluation of screening for drugs of abuse and benzodiazepines in forensic blood samples using Evidence InvestigatorTM analyser

Author(s): Stanislas Grassin Delyle | Bertille Mathieu | Emuri Abe | Jean-Claude Alvarez
Substance Use and Mental Health Outcomes for Comorbid Patients in Psychiatric Day Treatment

Author(s): Stephen Magura | Andrew Rosenblum | Thomas Betzler
Isolation of Hepatitis C Virus in Norjizac Vials

Author(s): Katayoon Tayeri | Seyed Ramin Radfar | Majid Yaran | Nazila Kassaian | Zary Nokhodian | Behrooz Ataei
Drug problems among homeless individuals in Toronto, Canada: prevalence, drugs of choice, and relation to health status

Author(s): Grinman Michelle | Chiu Shirley | Redelmeier Donald | Levinson Wendy | Kiss Alex | Tolomiczenko George | Cowan Laura | Hwang Stephen
Gene expression changes in the medial prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens following abstinence from cocaine self-administration

Author(s): Freeman Willard | Lull Melinda | Patel Kruti | Brucklacher Robert | Morgan Drake | Roberts David | Vrana Kent
Giving away used injection equipment: missed prevention message?

Author(s): Strike Carol | Buchman Daniel | Callaghan Russell | Wender Cass | Anstice Susan | Lester Brian | Scrivo Nick | Luce Janine | Millson Margaret
Cocaine residue in plasma, cardiac and tracheal tissues of chronic cocaine-treated guinea-pigs

Author(s): Malinee Wongnawa | Sawpheeyah Nima | Peerarat Thaina | Methi Sunbhanich
Why do we need to control alcohol use through legislative measures? A south east asia perspective?

Author(s): Saddichha Sahoo | Manjunatha Narayana | Khess Christoday Raja
Cross-national differences in clinically significant cannabis problems: epidemiologic evidence from 'cannabis-only' smokers in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia

Author(s): Fiestas Fabian | Radovanovic Mirjana | Martins Silvia | Medina-Mora Maria | Posada-Villa Jose | Anthony James
Assisted injection in outdoor venues: an observational study of risks and implications for service delivery and harm reduction programming

Author(s): Lloyd-Smith Elisa | Rachlis Beth | Tobin Diane | Stone Dave | Li Kathy | Small Will | Wood Evan | Kerr Thomas
Identification of genetic modifiers of behavioral phenotypes in serotonin transporter knockout rats

Author(s): Homberg Judith | Nijman Isaäc | Kuijpers Sylvia | Cuppen Edwin
Manejo de contingencias para el tratamiento de la adicción a la cocaína en un contexto sanitario público.

Author(s): Emilio Sánchez-Hervás | Francisco Zacarés | Roberto Secades-Villa | Olaya García-Rodríguez | Gloria García-Fernández | Francisco José Santonja
Testing and optimization of methods for extraction and mineralisation in determination of cocaine in hair by EUV-VIS and fast test

Author(s): María L. Di Bernardo N | Ronick A. Ruiz | Néstor A. Uzcateguí V. | María Y Gladys Becerra | F. García | Alexis R, Morales | Lester Y. Rodríguez V
Dietary n-3:n-6 fatty acid ratios differentially influence hormonal signature in a rodent model of metabolic syndrome relative to healthy controls

Author(s): Burghardt Paul | Kemmerer Elyse | Buck Bradley | Osetek Andrew | Yan Charles | Koch Lauren | Britton Steven | Evans Simon
The Effects of Lamotrigine on the Acquisition and Expression of Morphine-Induced Place Preference in Mice

Author(s): S. Pournaghash Tehrani | M. Daryaafzoon | A. Bakhtiarian | S. Ejtemaeemehr | H. Sahraei
The Household Survey of Drug Abuse in Kerman, Iran

Author(s): Hasan Ziaaddini | Mohammad Reza Ziaaddini
Sub-tenon anesthesia in the operation of cataract using phacoemulsification technique

Author(s): Avramović Siniša | Vukosavljević Miroslav
Cocaine-Associated Seizures and Incidence of Status Epilepticus

Author(s): Majlesi, Nima DO | Shih, Richard D MD | Fiesseler, Frederick W DO | Hung, Oliver MD | Debellonia, Renato R. MD
Examination of Over-the-Counter Drug Misuse Among Youth

Author(s): Erin J. Farley | Daniel J. O'Connell
Risk factors for hepatitis C virus infection

Author(s): Mijailović Željko D. | Čanović Predrag S. | Gajović Olgica M. | Todorović Zoran V. | Nešić Ljiljana
Localisation and morphology of cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) peptide immunoreactive neurons in rat amygdala

Author(s): Puškaš Nela S. | Puškaš Laslo | Malobabić Slobodan | Đulejić V. | Todorović Vera N.
Smoked cocaine in socially-depressed areas

Author(s): Delas Jordi | Adán Elena | Díaz Olga | Aguas Margarita | Pons Montserrat | Fuertes Ricardo
Excited delirium: Consideration of selected medical and psychiatric issues

Author(s): Edith Samuel | Robert B Williams | Richard B Ferrell
Kalrn promoter usage and isoform expression respond to chronic cocaine exposure

Author(s): Mains Richard | Kiraly Drew | Eipper-Mains Jodi | Ma Xin-Ming | Eipper Betty
Study design and participant characteristics of a randomized controlled trial of directly administered antiretroviral therapy in opioid treatment programs

Author(s): Mullen Bernadette | Cook Katie | Moore Richard | Rand Cynthia | Galai Noya | McCaul Mary | Glass Sheldon | Oursler Krisann | Lucas Gregory
Gender differences in health related quality of life of young heroin users

Author(s): Domingo-Salvany Antònia | Brugal M Teresa | Barrio Gregorio | González-Saiz Francisco | Bravo M José | de la Fuente Luís
Gender-specific profiles of tobacco use among non-institutionalized people with serious mental illness

Author(s): Johnson Joy | Ratner Pamela | Malchy Leslie | Okoli Chizimuzo | Procyshyn Ric | Bottorff Joan | Groening Marlee | Schultz Annette | Osborne Marg
A genetic network model of cellular responses to lithium treatment and cocaine abuse in bipolar disorder

Author(s): McEachin Richard | Chen Haiming | Sartor Maureen | Saccone Scott | Keller Benjamin | Prossin Alan | Cavalcoli James | McInnis Melvin

Author(s): A.I. Navazo Eguía | F. García Vicario | E.Suárez Muñiz | M.C. Gutiérrez Ortega
Prevalence of substance use among college students in Eldoret, western Kenya

Author(s): Atwoli Lukoye | Mungla Prisca | Ndung'u Moses | Kinoti Kiende | Ogot Evans
Public crack cocaine smoking and willingness to use a supervised inhalation facility: implications for street disorder

Author(s): DeBeck Kora | Buxton Jane | Kerr Thomas | Qi Jiezhi | Montaner Julio | Wood Evan
Dexmedetomidine Use in the Setting of Cocaine-Induced Hypertensive Emergency and Aortic Dissection: A Novel Indication

Author(s): Fahad Javed | Alexandre Miguel Benjo | Kiran Reddy | Muhammad Shoaib Akram | Shahzeb Afsar Khan | Manpreet Singh Sabharwal | Girish Nadkarni | Emad F. Aziz | Eyal Herzog
Using biological samples in epidemiological research on drugs of abuse

Author(s): Hallvard Gjerde | Elisabeth Leere Øiestad | Asbjørg S. Christophersen
The current status of community drug testing via the analysis of drugs and drug metabolites in sewage

Author(s): Malcolm J. Reid Reid | Christopher Harman | Merete Grung | Kevin V. Thomas
The effect of cocaine on gastric mucosal PGE2, LTC4 and ulcerations

Author(s): L. D. G. Angus | T. A. Stein | L. J. Auguste | J. Gintautas | J. Westervelt | L. Wise | G. W. Shaftan
Aplasia Cutis Congenita: a Case Report

Author(s): Tahereh Esmaeilnia Shirvany | Yadollah Zahedpasha | Mohammadhosein Lookzadeh
Designing and Evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Visual Cue-Induced Craving Assessment Task for Methamphetamine Smokers

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Zahra Alam-Mehrjerdi | Mehri Nouri | Sanju George | Azarakhsh Mokri
A body-packer with a cocaine bag stuck in the stomach

Author(s): Yan Beauverd | Pierre-Alexandre Poletti | Hans Wolff | Frédéric Ris | Jean-Marc Dumonceau | Bernice S Elger

Author(s): Irina CAUNIC | Gabriela PRELIPCEAN
Effects of cocaine-levamisole on amino acid neurotransmitter in NMRI strain mice

Author(s): María Luisa-Di Bernardo Navas | Yasmin Coromoto-Morales Ovalle
Analysis of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine via Thin Layer Chromatography Coupled to Easy Ambient Sonic-Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Bruno D. Sabino | Wanderson Romão | Morena L. Sodré | Deleon N. Correa | Denise B. Rocha Pinto | Fábio O. M. Alonso | Marcos N. Eberlin
Hipokretyny (oreksyny) – rola w uzależnieniach od substancji psychoaktywnych

Author(s): Jolanta B. Zawilska | Kaja Biegańska | Małgorzata Milanowska | Agata Woldan-Tambor
A descriptive survey of types, spread and characteristics of substance abuse treatment centers in Nigeria

Author(s): Onifade Peter | Somoye Edward | Ogunwobi Olorunfemi | Ogunwale Adegboyega | Akinhanmi Akinwande | Adamson Taiwo
Alcohol-related brief intervention in patients treated for opiate or cocaine dependence: a randomized controlled study

Author(s): Feldman Nelson | Chatton Anne | Khan Riaz | Khazaal Yasser | Zullino Daniele
Novel pharmacotherapeutic treatments for cocaine addiction

Author(s): Shorter Daryl | Kosten Thomas
Feasibility and willingness-to-pay for integrated community-based tuberculosis testing

Author(s): Goswami Neela | Hecker Emily | Holland David | Naggie Susanna | Cox Gary | Mosher Ann | Turner Debbie | Torres Yvonne | Vickery Carter | Ahearn Marshall | Blain Michela | Rasmussen Petra | Stout Jason
Indatraline: Synthesis and Effect on the Motor Activity of Wistar Rats

Author(s): Márcia Kameyama | Fernanda A. Siqueira | Miriam Garcia-Mijares | Luiz F. Silva, Jr. | Maria T. A. Silva
Cocaine-Associated Myocardial Infarction: Should They All Be Stented?

Author(s): Sazzli Kasim | Ronan O'Donabhain | Eugene Mcfadden

Author(s): H. R. Jamshidi | M. Rezayat M. R. Zarrindast
Epicardial coronary artery intimal smooth muscle hyperplasia in a Cocaine user

Author(s): Tapan Bhavsar | Tanisha Hayes | John Wurzel
Origin and Development of Drug Addiction in South Asia with Special Reference to Pakistan

Author(s): Abdul Malik, (Corresponding author) | Syeda Farhana Sarfaraz
Neural Changes Developed during the Extinction of Cocaine Self-Administration Behavior

Author(s): Alejandro Higuera-Matas | Miguel Miguens | Nuria del Olmo | Carmen García-Lecumberri | Emilio Ambrosio
Problematic use of prescription-type opioids prior to heroin use among young heroin injectors

Author(s): Pollini RA, Banta-Green CJ | Cuevas-Mota J | Metzner M | Teshale E | Garfein RS
Drug use and nightlife: more than just dance music

Author(s): Van Havere Tina | Vanderplasschen Wouter | Lammertyn Jan | Broekaert Eric | Bellis Mark
Cocaine locomotor activation, sensitization and place preference in six inbred strains of mice

Author(s): Eisener-Dorman Amy | Grabowski-Boase Laura | Tarantino Lisa
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript promotes the differentiation of mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells into neural cells

Author(s): Liu Zhuo | Huang Danqing | Zhang Meijuan | Chen Zhibin | Jin Jiali | Huang Siyuan | Zhang Zhuo | Wang Zhongyuan | Chen Lei | Chen Ling | Xu Yun
Risk factors associated with Hepatitis C among female substance users enrolled in community-based HIV prevention studies

Author(s): Nurutdinova Diana | Abdallah Arbi | Bradford Susan | O'Leary Catina | Cottler Linda
Acute heroin intoxication in a baby chronically exposed to cocaine and heroin: a case report

Author(s): Joya Xavier | Fríguls Bibiana | Simó Marta | Civit Ester | de la Torre Rafael | Palomeque Antonio | Vall Oriol | Pichini Simona | Garcia-Algar Oscar
Toxic effect of cocaine- levamisole in pharmacological models

Author(s): María Luisa Di Bernardo | Yasmin Morales | ONA-OVD | Rosa de Jesús, | Mileyna Gudiño | Andrés Osorio
The prevalence and clinical significance of inhalant withdrawal symptoms among a national sample

Author(s): Perron BE | Glass JE | Ahmedani BK | Vaughn MG | Roberts DE | Wu LT

Author(s): Irina Caunic | Mircea Tulica

Author(s): Kishore Kumar. P | Raju A. B.
Rapid Detection and Identification of Overdose Drugs in Saliva by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Using Fused Gold Colloids

Author(s): Stuart Farquharson | Chetan Shende | Atanu Sengupta | Hermes Huang | Frank Inscore
Is serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor related to craving for or use of alcohol, cocaine, or methamphetamine?

Author(s): Hilburn C | Nejtek VA | Underwood WA | Singh M | Patel G | Gangwani P | Forster MJ
Psychostimulant Drugs and Neuroplasticity

Author(s): Emilio Fernandez-Espejo | Nieves Rodriguez-Espinosa
A Role for Sigma Receptors in Stimulant Self Administration and Addiction

Author(s): Jonathan L. Katz | Tsung-Ping Su | Takato Hiranita | Teruo Hayashi | Gianluigi Tanda | Theresa Kopajtic | Shang-Yi Tsai

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