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Life Span Developmental Approach

Author(s): Ali Eryilmaz
Kognitiivne usundilugu

Author(s): Ilkka Pyysiäinen
Ethnobotany: A new discipline

Author(s): Grubišić Ivana
Preface, MSM 2011

Author(s): Editor, MSM
Desarrollo del modelo matemático de Hodgkin y Huxley en neurociencias.

Author(s): Pedro W. Lamberti | Victor Rodriguez
Social Organization of Crop Genetic Diversity. The G × E × S Interaction Model

Author(s): Christian Leclerc | Geo Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge
Rational choice in field archaelology

Author(s): Cătălin Pavel
Alternative perspectives of quality of prenatal care in Chihuahua, Mexico

Author(s): Lourdes Camarena O | Christine von Glascoe
Health education and treatment adherence in the historical cultural

Author(s): Silvana Maria Coelho Leite Fava | Zigmar Borges Nunes | Marlene Fagundes Carvalho Gonçalves | Maria Suely Nogueira
Reyes, edades y épocas del Perú prehispánico

Author(s): Villarías Robles, Juan J. R.
Postmodern Anthropology: Reflections from Andean Ethnohistory

Author(s): Villarías-Robles, Juan J. R.
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